Hyundai Bucket Tooth

Hyundai Bucket Tooth, Hyundai Tooth System, Replacement Hyundai style Attachments Teeth, Bucket Tips Point For Hydraulic Excavator / Wheel Loaders / Miniexcavators / Skid Steers / Backhoes

Direct replacement aftermarket part Hyundai bucket teeth with extra wear material and longer service life, excellent penetration and auto sharpening for heavy duty applications.

NBSJ customers rely on Hyundai Bucket Tooth for the most demanding mining, forestry, construction and other groundbreaking applications on earth.

Hyundai Vertical Pin Teeth
Machine No Part No. Weight (KG)
XD80 DH80W/DH03/S80W-3 61EE-01300 2.10
Hyundai Teeth .
Machine No Part No. Weight(KG)
XD210 (14539941) 1453-9941 5.80
XD290 R290/320 E262-3046 7.30
XD450 HX4200,R360/420/HX160 61E7-0101 11.00
61N6-DA0020 61N6-DA0020 4.10
Hyundai Teeth
Machine No Part No. Weight(KG)
61N4-31210 61N4-31210 4.40
XD200(XD210) R130/200/210,HX80,210LC-7A-1-2-3 E161-3027 4.50
61N6-31310 61N6-31310 6.40
XD225-9 R220 61Q6-31310 6.80
61N8-31310 290LC-7A-1-2-3 61N8-31310 8.90
61NA-31310 360LC-400LC 61NA-31310 12.90
XD455(R450-7) R450-7 61NB-31310 21.40
XD385 61QA-31310 13.40
66NB-31310 66NB-31310 17.80
R5000 R5000 61EQ-30030 25.90
Hyundai RC Teeth
Machine No Part No. Weight(KG)
XD200RC(XD210) R130/200/210,HX80 E161-3027RC 4.80
XD225RC 61Q6-31310 RC 6.70
XD290C R290/320/235 E262-3046RC 7.30
XD450RC R450 61E7-04610RC 12.30
61NB-31310RC R450-7 61NB-31310 RC 19.00
61QA-31310RC 61QA-31310RC 13.20
66NB-31310RC 66NB-31310RC 24.50
Hyundai RC Teeth 3.60
Machine No Part No. Weight(KG)
XD450RC XD450RC 61E7-0101 12.70
Tiger Teeth
XD200TL (XD210) E161-3027TL 6.10
XD225TL 61Q6-31310 TL 5.70
XD455TL 61NB-31310TL 11.70

Fix them today, with the worlds safest, most trusted, hammerless Bucket Tooth System China Supplier & Factory – NBSJ G.E.T ! Guaranteed longer wear life & no loss of Teeth ! we stock the largest range of Bucket Tips in China, with various fitment styles & systems for all makes & models of Excavators & Loaders.

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Disclaimer: All parts listed on this site are aftermarket replacement parts and are not manufactured by the original machinery manufacturers.

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