Manufacturing Process

Our factory devotes itself to produce out high-strength bucket teeth and adapters for excavators, loaders, backhoes, graders, and dozers. All the bucket teeth and adapters made in our foundry are used advanced lost wax investment casting process. The main process for excavator bucket teeth includes:

Tooling – – Wax Pattern Injection – – Wax Fixing – – Pattern Assembly – – Shell Making – – DeWax – – Shell Roasting – – Material Chemical composition inspection – – Pouring – – Shell removing – – Sand Cleaning – – Gas Cutting – – Polishing – – Heat Treating – – Shot Blasting – – Final Inspection-Painting – – Packing – – Delivery 

By using the finest material and following a strict manufacturing process, we produce out durable, good performance and good surface finish bucket teeth and adapters to our customers.

We know stable and excellent quality is very important to our customers to keep and expand their market. We trust that customers’ consistent success in business will lead to our success in business.

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