10-CB-Al IHC Dredge Teeth Adaptor

Part No.  10-CB-AL, HDCBAL01
Weight:    2.6 KGS
Replace Brand: IHC, VOSTA
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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10-CB-Al IHC Dredge Teeth Adaptor, HDCBAL01 feature:
Main Technical Parameters
Tensile strength≥1580MPa
Yield strength≥1280MPa
Impact: AKv≥18J
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Alloy steel
Remark: Ring Wing AL Adapter

P/No. Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Remark
10-CB-AL 204 2.6 AL Adapter

Dredger Spare Parts Adapter HDCBACR01(10-CB-ACR)
Processing: Lost Wax Casting
Application: Casting Adapter Used on Dredger, Dredging Wear Tips
Material: Wear Resisting Alloy Steel
Painting Color: All Colors Are Available
Logo: As Customer’s Request
MOQ: 1 Ton

Perfomance for hard rock dredging
NBSJ develops and manufactures cutter teeth in high wear resistance cast alloys (including composites) capable to resist the highly abrasive seabed material.
As dredgers are being built with more powerful cutters, Magotteaux increased the resistance of its cutter teeth in order to excavate harder rock without blasting.
NBSJ developed a specific teeth design and manufactures it in its unique composite material.
Design: self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production
Increased lifetime (x 3) -> decreased frequency and duration of maintenance stops, more m3 dredged per day…
Less power on winches for same m³
Reduced mechanical stress on the ladder
Reduced CO2 emission per m³ dredged
Higher dredger availability

10CB Serial

10-CB-F198902.9F type
10-CB-N198202.2N type
10-CB-P193122.0P type
10-CB-AL204/2.6AL Adapter
10-CB-ACR200/3.0ACR Adapter

30CB Serial

30-CB-F232014212.7F type
30-CB-N320489.7N type
30-CB-P325189.0P type
30-CB-ACR296/17.8ACR Adapter
30-CB-AWN2192/10.0Ring Adapter
30-CB-AE156/3.4Wear Plate

20CB Serial

20-CB-F22951188.4F type
20-CB-F32951188.4Rake Tooth
20-CB-N295326.2N type
20-CB-P300126.9P type
20-CB-AL2296/7.9AL2 Adapter
20-CB-AE107/1.2Wear Plate
20-CB-ACR268/8.2ACR Adapter
20-CB-AWN2165/6.3Ring Adapter
20-CB-AWN3165/6.0Rake Adapter

175-61-13630 PIN
175-819-2290 PIN
135-98-09160 MASTER BUSHING
202-70-33180 BUSHING  10-CB-ACR IHC Dredging Equipment ARC Adaptor
198-50-43190 BUSHING
424-70-11410 PIN
421-70-41920 PIN
144-920-1751 BUSHING
202-70-61180 PIN
423-70-21810 BUSHING
201-70-21181 BUSHING   20-CB-ACR IHC Dredging ARC Adapter
42C-70-11233 PIN
6000-06221 BUSHING
385-10095222 BUSHING
21K-70-71640 SHIM
130-32-11146 REGULAR BUSHING
421-70-11331 SHIM
209-72-51171 PIN
206-70-71351 PIN
427-853-1140 PIN
23B-27-31560 STUD BALL   20-CB-ACR Precision Casting IHC Dredger Cutter Adapter
209-72-51250 BUSHING
205-98-09011 REGULAR PIN
20Y-70-K1280 PIN
421-70-11480 SHIM
41H-879-1221 PIN
130-09-12760 SEAL DUST
569-15-12860 ORING
21D-32-11130 BUSHING   Alloy Steel IHC Dredge Teeth Adapter HDCBACR02 (20-CB-ACR)
208-70-71580 PIN
415-70-11931 PIN
707-76-18040 BEARING
09244-02496 PIN Wear Tooth Adapter
144-50-61220 PIN
385-11099561 BUSHING
154-78-14191 PIN
363-70-31810 PIN
6127-61-3820 BUSHING
154-98-09031 REGULAR PIN   30-CB-ACR IHC Teeth Adapter
6127-31-2410 PISTON PIN
707-76-99040 BUSHING
175-79-57110 PIN
417-T80-2560 PIN
21K-70-11430 PIN
196-70-11170 BUSHING
707-76-91050 BUSHING
208-72-24130 BUSHING
381-879678 BUSHING
385-11204851 PIN Wear Tooth Adapter
421-09-11310 SEAL AS
21D-09-33120 BUSHING
232-27-51230 SPACER
EF4305 PIN  Hard Surfaces Breaker Chisel Bits
124-Z46-1260 PIN
42T-46-23040 PIN
09253-80205 PIN
6127-29-2230 SHIM
145-30-41190 PIN
07177-03525 BUSHING

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