113-78-21130 1137821130 Ripper Tooth fits Komatsu

Part No.    113-78-21130 , 1137821130  ,  113-782-1130
Weight     16 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Komatsu



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113-78-21130 1137821130 Ripper Tooth fits Komatsu , Buy Single / Multi-Shank Scarifier & Ripper Shank    113-78-21130 , 1137821130  ,  113-782-1130   KOMATSU genuine, new aftermarket dozer grader parts with delivery.

Product Attributes:
Part Number: 113-78-21130
Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 3 in
Compatible Brand: Komatsu
Description: Ripper Tooth Shank
Fits (Model): model information to come later (serial number breaks may apply)
Specs: This tooth has two holes: 1.7 inch diameter and 1.0 inch diameter.
Other Information: This ripper tooth, compatible with Komatsu part number 113-78-21130, is a new old stock (NOS) part number. This ripper tooth shank has a surface imprint where it was stored by another part.

113-78-21130 SHANK KOMATSU parts
D31E, D31EX, D31S, D37A, D37EX, D39EX, DRT031, DRT037

Komatsu ripper shanks. The material is China alloyed steel 40CrNi2Ma with a content of chromium, nickel and molybdenum or 30CrMnSi chromium, manganese, and silicon. Steel is not afraid of extremely low and high temperatures, it is efficient up to +400 degree Celsius. Well welded with preheating up to 250 degrees Celsius.

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Shehwa Dozer Relief Valve 0T12044 0T12056 0T12142   Komatsu Scarifier Arm Grader Shank 238-785-1321, 23B-785-X120
SHEHWA SD7 DOZER HOSE 0T08172 0T12008 0T13267 0T31078 0T31079 0T66008
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Shehwa Dozer Flywheel Housing 0T42302 0T42300 0T42305 0t01330 0t01352
Komatsu D375 Dozer Fan Pump 708-1W-00670
TY165 TSY165 sd7 dozer Universal Joint 0L56000 0Z14000 1B38172 1C03002 0T03400 0T03406 0T03600
Shehwa Dozer Hydraulic Gear Pump 0T12302 0T12304 0T13344 0T13365 0T12082
SD7 SD7N SD7K SD7LGP dozer lift cylinder 0T13336 0T13341 0T13325 0T13345 0T41000 0T41014 0T41015 0T64002
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Pin Assy Cat D10/D11 (#3G0500)
Pin Assy Cat D8/D9 Bottom Protector Pin (#6J8811)
Pin Assy Cat D8/D9 Top Protector Pin (#4T2479BC)
Pin Assy Komatsu D375 (#195-78-71360)
Pin Cat D10/D11 (#6Y3909)
Pin Cat D4/D5 (#9W2668)
Pin Cat D8/D9 (#6Y3394)

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