195-7207, 1957207 Cat Style DRS 200 Series Twin Sharp Bucket Teeth

Part No.  195-7207 , 1957207
Weight   1.5 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



195-7207, 1957207 Cat Style DRS 200 Series Twin Sharp Bucket Teeth, CAT DRS200 Caterpillar style DRS twin tiger tip bucket tooth, BACKHOE LOADER 416B Bucket Digging Attachment, Diagonal Retention System Tip Tooth, Casting / Forging  loader side pin tooth tip point, Caterpillar Aftermarket OEM Replacement Parts, CAT style Bucket Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Supplier

195-7207, 1957207 Cat Style DRS 200 Series Twin Sharp Bucket Teeth, Buy Bucket Tip Tooth  195-7207 , 1957207   for BACKHOE LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

SKU:1957207 Condition:NewWidth:6.30 (in)Height:2.70 (in)Depth:2.70 (in)
195-7200 Cat DRS 200 Series Flex Pin
168-1204 Cat DRS 200 Series Adapter (3/4″ Lip)
195-9204 Cat DRS 200 Series Adapter (1″ Lip)
Compatible Models: 416B

The Twin Sharp tip is a special application tip for use where the greatest fracture capability is needed. With a curved shape, the DRS Twin Sharp tip has 17% more wear material than the J200 Twin Sharp tip.
Designed for longer life and easier serviceability, our DRS line of tips and adapters provides a variety of tips for your excavating needs. Choosing genuine Cat® teeth is always the right choice for your hard-working iron.
• Curved shape
• Very good penetration
• Stays sharp
• Hard-to-penetrate fracturable materials
• Designed for backhoe loaders
Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

Part number Measurement Description Weight/kg Model
1U3252WTL J250 Bucket Tooth 3.5 E311,E312,916,939
135-8258 J250  ECH Bucket Adapter 18S 3.5 E311,E312,916,939
9W8309 J300 Bucket Tooth 3.5 E200,E315,944,966C
9J4309 J300 Bucket Tooth 3.6 E200,E315,944,966C
1U3301 J300 Bucket Tooth-Short 3.8 E200,E315,944,966C
1U2209 J200 Corner Adapter-L 3.9 416,438,910
1U2208 J200 Corner Adapter-R 3.9 416,438,910
3G0169 J250 Weld on Adapte 4.0 E311,E312,916,939
9N4252 J250 Bucket Tooth 4.1 E311,E312,916,939
6Y3254 J250 Weld on Adapter 4.1 E311,E312
1U3302 J300 Bucket Tooth 4.2 E200,E315,944,966C
1U3302TL J300  ECH Bucket Adaptor ECH0-3AF 4.3 E200,E315,944,966C
119-3253 J250 Tooth Adapter 4.3 CAT Backhoe Chisel Tooth 208-5232, 2085232
4V3851 Compactor Feet 4.4 815,815B
1U3302SYL J300  0-3TVC ECH style 0-3 Twin Tiger Tooth 4.4 E200,E315,944,966C
1U3252P J250 Bucket Tooth 4.4 Backhoe Long Tip 208-5236 fits CAT DRS230 Series
6Y0309TL R300 Ripper Tooth 4.5 D4,955
9J4302 J300 208-5236 DRS230 General Excavation and Loading Bucket Tip 4.5 E200,E315,944,966C
LC300RC J300 Bucket Tooth 4.5 CAT DRS230 Chisel Tip Flat Bottom 208-5232
1U3302RC J300  208-5236 Cat DRS 230 Series Long Bucket Tooth 4.5 TALLA 30,E200,E315,944,966C
1U3302R J300 Bucket Tooth 4.6 E200,E315,944,966C
5V7396 One bolt corner 4.7 Backhoe Loader DRS230 Long Tip 208-5236, 2085236
5V7395 One bolt corner 4.7 208-5232 Cat DRS 230 Series Chisel Bucket Tooth
7K6908 Compactor Feet 4.8 815F
8J6207 J200 Bucket Tips 4.8 416,438,910
9N4253 J250 Bucket Tooth 4.8 E311,E312,916,939
1U3351 J350 Bucket Tooth 4.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
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