195-7210 Backhoe Wide Tip fits CAT DRS200 Series

Part No.  195-7210 ,  1957210
Weight   1 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



195-7210 Backhoe Wide Tip fits CAT DRS200 Series, Cat DRS 200 Series Wide Bucket Tooth, Caterpillar style DRS Flare tip bucket tooth, Backhoe Loader Bucket Digging Attachment, Diagonal Retention System Tip Tooth, Casting / Forging  loader side pin tooth tip point, Caterpillar Aftermarket OEM Replacement Parts, CAT style Bucket Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Supplier

195-7210 Backhoe Wide Tip fits CAT DRS200 Series, Buy Bucket Tip Tooth 195-7210 ,  1957210 for BACKHOE LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

Condition:NewWidth:6.00 (in)Height:2.80 (in)Depth:2.80 (in)
195-7200 Cat DRS 200 Series Flex Pin
168-1204 Cat DRS 200 Series Adapter (3/4″ Lip)
195-9204 Cat DRS 200 Series Adapter (1″ Lip)

DRS230 Wide Tip
Made from through-hardened DH-2 steel, both the tips and adapters of the Diagonal Retention System (DRS) deliver optimal strength and resistance to abrasive wear. The DRS features a right-hand drive pin slot at a 40° angle from the previous horizontal system.
The flat bottom design of the Wide tip increases bucket capacity with less spillage. This is used in cohesive materials where penetration is not a concern.
Designed for longer life and easier serviceability, our DRS line of tips and adapters provides a variety of tips for your excavating needs. Choosing genuine Cat® teeth is always the right choice for your hard-working iron.
• Flat bottom design
• Reduced spillage
• Increased bucket capacity situations
• Cohesive materials with minimal penetration needs

Caterpillar Motor Graders Components Shank
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
9F5124 (6Y5230) 9F5124 5.20
H920 H920 3.00
5B6251 5B6251 5.00
H31280 H31280 5.70
D-0035 D-0035 6.50
8J5299 (1U3202/1U3209) J200 8J5299 8.00
9J6586 (6Y0309) R300 9J6586 22.20
9J8923 (6Y0359) R350 9J8923 62.00
Shank Guard
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
6J8814 (80mm) R450 6J8814 13.70
8E1848 (R450) R450 8E1848 25.00
R500 6Y9704
9W8365 (R500) R500 9W8365 39.20

Sidebar Protection  208-5239 Cat DRS 230 Series Sharp Bucket Tooth
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
E320-25 112-2489(25M) 15.00
E320-30 J350 112-2489(30mm) 18.50  195-7209, 1957209 Caterpillar Sharp Point for Backhoe
E320-35 112-2489(36mm) 17.30
E320-40 112-2489(42mm) 16.00
9J9600-35 E345 9J9600 15.60
1U0740-52 1U0740-52 21.50  208-5239, 2085239 Cat Diagonal Retention System DRS230 Tooth
125-0800-70 125-0800-70 59.00

4J8665 4J8665 25.20
4T6694 4T6694 11.00
4T6695 4T6695 15.00  Caterpillar DRS Backhoe Sharp Tooth 195-7209
4T6699 4T6699 21.90
Caterpillar Tamping Feet Compactor
8K9189 (Tamper foot) 815,815B 8K9189 3.40
2V7053 (Tamper foot) 815F 2V7053 3.30   208-5240 Cat DRS 230 Series Flare Bucket Tooth
4V3851 (Rock foot) 815,815B 815F 4V3851 4.40
4V0668 Rock foot) 825 ,835 4V0668 7.20
2V6628 (Tamper foot) 825 ,835 2V6628 5.40
8K9171 (Tamper foot) 825 ,835 8K9171 6.00   208-5240, 2085240 Cat style DRS230 Flare Tip
7K2939 (Tamper foot) 825 ,835 7K2939 6.70
CAT424(6Y6335 ) 424 227-8665 5.5
CAT 424 424 227-8664 5.5  Backhoe Wide Tip Flare Bucket Tooth 208-5240
Diagonal Retention System (DRS200 & DRS 230)
EYL45-20 CAT416E/drs230 201-1234 1.7
EYL45 208-5235 1.3

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