1U3302SYL CAT style J300 Wheel Loader Tips

Part No.  1U3302SYL / 1U-3302SYL
Weight   5 KG
Replacement Brand     Caterpillar / CAT
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


1U3302SYL CAT style J300 Wheel Loader Tips, Aftermarket SYMMETRICAL Tip-Sharp Tooth Shark, Caterpillar style SYL bucket tooth tips for J300 series takes pin sleeved retainer, Flat Penetrator Side Pin Teeth For Digger Loader Backhoe, tooth adapter point system, GET Wear Spare Parts China Supplier

1U3302SYL CAT style J300 Wheel Loader Tips SYMMETRICAL, Casting & Forging Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts J300 Bucket Tooth Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy TOOTH SYL Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.

Make Model: CAT J300: 950, 953B THRU 966, E180, 215, 219, 235, 205 THRU 214, 315, 320, 322
Part Number: 1U3302SYL
Weight: 9.70 lbs
B:3 11/16
D:3 5/8
Style/Model:Excavator Long
Lock Value:8E6259

Wheel-Type Loader
966C 936F 938F 938G 938G II 950 950B 950B/950E 950E 950F 950F II 950G 950G II 950H 950M 960F 962G 962G II 962H

Wheeled Excavator
M313C M315C M316C M317D2 M318C M318C MH M318D M318D MH M320D2 M322C

E140 E180 E200B EL180 EL200B M312 M315 M318 M320 205 205B 206 206B 211B 212 212B 213B 214B 214B FT 215 215B 215C 215D 219 219D 224B 235 235B 235C 235D 245D 311C 311F LRR 312D 312D L 312D2 312D2 GC 312D2 L 312E 312F 312F GC 313D2 313F LGC 314E CR 314E LCR 314F CR 315-A 315-A L 315B 315B FM L 315B L 315C 315D L 315F LCR 316E L 316F L 317 N 317-A 317-A N 317B L 317B LN 318B 318B N 318C 318D L 318D2 L 320 320 GC 320 L 320-A 320-A L 320-A N 320-A S 320B 320B FM LL 320B L 320B LL 320B N 320B S 320C 320D LRR 320D RR 320E 320E L 320E LRR 320E RR 321B 321D LCR 322 L 322 LN 322-A 322-A L 322-A LN 322-A N 322B L 322B LN 322C 322N 323 323F L 324E 324E L 325 L 325 LN 325-A 325-A L 325-A LN 325B L 325B LN 325F 325F LCR 330 L 330-A 330-A L 330-A L 330B L 330B LN

Track-Type Loader
953B 953C 955K 955L 963 963B 963C

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
615 615C 623B 623E 623F 623G
Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth are made of casting alloy steel,and can be used on various models of Caterpillar excavators.They are available in standard types and reinforced types to suit customers demands.By precision casting and using quality raw material,they offer high abrasion resestance and high durability.The Caterpillar excavator bucket tooth is in brownish yellow or khaki color.With stoving varnish and other surface treatment,the bucket teeth surface is smooth and aesthetical.We utilize hardness tester and tension tester to detect the mechanical properties and ensure the long operational life of our Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth. 6Y3222SYL CATERPILLAR J220 Bucket Tip

A professional G.E.T located in China.Main products are Bucket teeth,adapter,cutting edge,bolt&nut,pin&retainer Chocky Bars and bucket wear protection. We provide direct replacement parts can be used for excavator,loader,bulldozers,scarifier,grader and snow plows,both construction sector and minning sector.
suit for most machinery brand like Caterpillar,Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai,Doosan,Volvo,JCB and some for Chinese machinery such as Sany XCMG,Liugong and so on. BUCYRUS BLADES, 1U3252SYL CATERPILLAR J250 Bucket Symmetrical Tip, CAT J300 Tip

J200 1U3209 1U3202SYL 1U3202V 1U3202 1U3202RC 1U3202TL · 9W8209 220-3202 1U3201 1U3202R 1U3202WTL · 135-8208
J220 6Y3222SYL 6Y3222V 6Y3222 6Y3222RC 220-3202 1U3201 1U3202R 1U3202WTL · 135-8208
J250 9J4259 1U3252SYL 1U3252V 1U3252 1U3252RC 1U3252TL · 9W8259 220-3222
J300 9J4309 1U3302SYL 1U3302V · 183-5300 1U3302 1U3302RC 1U3302TL · 9W8309 220-3252 1U3251 1U3252R 1U3252WTL · 135-8258
J350 9J4359 1U3352SYL 1U3352V · 168-1359 1U3352 1U3352RC 1U3352TL · 9W8359 220-3302 1U3301 1U3302R 1U3302WTL · 135-9308
J400 7T3409 7T3402SYL 7T3402V · 168-1409 7T3402 7T3402RC 7T3402TL · 6Y5409 220-3352 1U3351 1U3352R 1U3352WTL · 135-9357
J450 9W8459 9W8452SYL 9W8452V · 159-0459 9W8452 9W8452RC
1U3452RC 9W8452TL · 7T8459 220-3402 7T3401 7T3402R 7T3402WTL · 135-9408
J550 9W8559 9W8552SYL 1U3552V · 159-0559 9W8552 9W8552TL · 9W6559 220-8452 9W8451 9W8452R 9W8452WTL · 138-6458
J600 7I7609 6I6602 6I6602TL · 107-8609 220-8552 9W8551 9W8552R 9W8552WTL · 138-6558
J700 4T4709 4T4702 220-6602 6I6601 6I6602R 6I6602WTL · 135-9608

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