230111-00021, 23011100021TL DOOSAN S500 SINGLE TIGER TOOTH

Part No.  DH500TL, 230111-00021, DX500TL,  230111-00021TL
Weight   17 kg
Replacement Brand  Daewoo / Doosan
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008


230111-00021, 23011100021TL DOOSAN S500 SINGLE TIGER TOOTH, DAEWOO & DOOSAN S500LC-V Excavator Loader Tiger Bucket Vertical Pin Tooth, Aftermarket OEM Doosan style Casting & Forging Single Tiger Pick Bucket Teeth Tips, KOMATSU parts SOLAR TOOTH PIONT, Daewoo-Doosan Digger Digging Rock Tooth, Replacement Parts Attachment Ground Engaging Tools Bucket GET System, Wear Spare Parts China Supplier

230111-00021, 23011100021TL DOOSAN S500 SINGLE TIGER TOOTH, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts DH500TL, 230111-00021, DX500TL,  230111-00021TL Bucket Tooth Suitable for EXCAVATOR, LOADER, DOZER, MOTOR GRADER, Buy Tooth Point & Tip Adapter Doosan Deawoo genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Doosan.

Product Specification No.
Part No.  230111-00021, 23011100021TL
Product name Doosan bucket teeth, Doosan excavator tip
Process Lost Wax Casting / Investment Casting
Material High specification alloy steel
Color yellow, green or as your required
Logo NBSJ logoor as your required
Hardness HRC46-52
Impact ≥20J
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
MOQ Total 1000kgs is available
Delivery time 30-40 days for a 20ft container
Pricing conditions FOB Ningboor Shanghai, or CIF, C GG & F, EXW
Payment terms T/T, L/C at sight or others
samples Please contact us for sample details.
Popular Bucket Teeth Personalize or original part number (1U3302,1U3252.1U3352, 9W8452, 6i6602, 9W8552, 7T3402, 4T5501, 6Y0309, 9W2451, 9W2452, 2713Y1217, E161-3027, E262-3046, 53103205, 5310, 53 , 8E6464, 6I6554, 1U1304, 114-0464, 3G8354, 3G6304…)
product range Bucket teeth and adapters, side cutter, shank guard, bucket guard, ripper teeth, ripper shank, half arrow, heel covers, cutting edges, bit, bolts and nuts, pins and retainers, chocky bars, snap buttons wear etc

J550 (2705-1034+2114-1931) Solar 400, 420, 450, 470, 500 (Doosan(Daewoo))  230111-00094 DH700 Bucket Tooth Dirt Digging Tip   (RC-TYPE, 713-00028, S500 ASE, 230111-00093, 230111-00106) [China] 230111-00094RC DAEWOO DH700 Rock Tooth Tip

Daewoo bucket tooth and adapter

Model part no. Description
DH130 2713-1221 tooth bucket
2713-1221RC tooth bucket
2713-1221TL tooth bucket
2713-1222 bucket adapter
DH220 2713-1217  230111-00124 DX255LC Excavator Parts SK Bucket Tooth 2713-1236RC, 27131236RC
2713-9041 tooth bucket
2713-1217RC tooth bucket
2713-1217TL  2713Y1236RC
3T1218/2713-1218 bucket adapter
2713-9042 tooth bucket
DH280 2713Y1219/2713-1219 tooth bucket
2713-9038   2713Y1236RC  Doosan Excavator Standard Tip 230111-00090, 71300054, 2713-1219
2713-1219RC tooth bucket
2713-9038RC tooth bucket
2713-1219TL  2713-9044RC, 2713Y9044RC
3T1220/2713-1220 bucket adapter
2713-9037 bucket adapter
DH360 2713-00032/713-00032 2713-9041RC
2713-00032RC / 713-00032RC  Doosan Excavator Rock Tooth 230111-00090 / 2713-1219RC
713-00032TL tooth bucket
2713-0033/713-00033 bucket adapter

DOOSAN 230111-00093 Bucket Tooth fits DX480LCA / DX500LCA / DX520LCA  , 3524213 ENGINEAR-3566060 ENGINEAR-3623140 ENGINEAR-3629382 ENGINEAR-3629384 ENGINEAR-3633213 ENGINEAR-3677294 ENGINEAR-3395276 EXCHANGER3568234 EXHAUSTAS3552240 EXHAUSTOU3651931 EXTENSION-3653809 EXTENSION-2953147 EYEBOLT3253795 FANAS3196064 FANAS-BLO3319899,  DX480 DX520 Bucket Teeth Doosan 23011-00093, 713-00052 FANAS-SPI3411841 FENDERAS2767931 FENDERAS-2767957 FENDERAS-3448465 FENDERGP-3448466 FENDERGP-1606817 FILM1606820 FILM1606829 FILM2878552 FILM2994836 FILM2994837 FILM2994838 FILM2998066 FILM3070298 FILM3296429 FILM3337896 FILM 230111-00106 RC DX340 DH420 Doosan Construction Tooth

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