232-0114 2320114 Cat K110 Center Impactless Adapter

Part No.  3091114 (232-0114) , 309-1114 (2320114)
Weight           KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



232-0114 2320114 Cat K110 Center Impactless Adapter, K110 Center Hammerless Vertical Pin Adapter, CAT 2-Strap Center Holder Shank and Corner Guard Adaptor Caterpillar style Two Strap Bolt-on Weld-on Tooth Seat, Digging Bucket Attachment, Casting / Forging Aftermarket OEM Replacement CAT J Series / Advansys Series / K Series Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Factory Supplier


232-0114 2320114 Cat K110 Center Impactless Adapter ,  Buy Bucket Adapter      3091114 (232-0114) , 309-1114 (2320114)        for EXCAVATOR / LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, OEM new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

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Adapter size: K110
Machine: Excavator
Position: Central
Wear-resistant material: Standard option
Attachments: Welded
K110 Center Impactless Adapter is used to install 60mm main edge with 22.5 degree bevel angle, 5 degree stop angle.
Cat Dual-Mount Adapters have a lower profile than a flush-mount adapter, increasing penetration depth and delivering higher productivity.
Recommended application:
Hydraulic excavator bucket.

Cat J Series Adapters feature unsurpassed precision manufacturing and are designed to protect machine buckets from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tool Accessories (GET) are specifically designed for Cat equipment and provide continued high protection.
Cat Dual-Mount Adapters have a lower profile than a flush-mount adapter, increasing penetration depth and improving productivity.
They are cast from steel whose properties ensure long-lasting hardness, increasing the versatility of customer equipment.

 Description Tips                       Part Number
6I-6406 6I6406 Weld on Double Strapped Adapter LeftK110K130K150K170
Extra Duty232-2111264-2131264-2151264-2171
Penetration Plus220-9113220-9133229-7153232-0173
Double Spike220-9118220-9138229-7158232-0178
General Duty220-9119220-9139229-7159232-0179
Heavy Penetration 7T3305 CAT J300 Excavator Double-sided Adapter Right232-2112264-2132264-2152264-2172
Heavy Abrasion223-8112223-8132229-7156232-2178
Extra Duty Long Life (ARM)232-0110232-2130232-0150233-7170
Penetration Long Life (ARM)232-0111232-2131232-0151233-7171
 Adapters                                  Part Number (Base Edge Thickness) 3091114 309-1114 Caterpillar K Series Bucket Tooth Adapter
     HEX Two Strap CNTR232-0114 (60mm)232-0130 (70mm)195-9154 (80mm)232-2170 (90mm)
HEX Two Strap Corner RH232-0115 (60mm)232-0131 (70mm)195-9155 (80mm)232-2171 (90mm)
HEX Two Strap Corner LH232-0116 (60mm)232-0132 (70mm)195-9156 (80mm)232-2172 (90mm)
* HEX Two Strap Corner RH264-2115 (60mm)264-2135 (70mm)264-2155 (80mm)264-2175 (90mm)
7T3306 CAT J300 Excavator Weld-on Tooth Adapter Left* HEX Two Strap Corner LH264-2116 (60mm)264-2136 (70mm)264-2156 (80mm)264-2176 (90mm)
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