25R-12, 25R12 Esco Ripper Point

Part No.    25R12 , 25-R12 ,  25R-12
Weight:   5  KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand Esco
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



25R-12, 25R12 Esco Ripper Point, Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab Bucket Tooth, China Rotary Drilling Tip, Bucket Tip, Esco Ripper Tooth Point, Motor Grader Dozer RIPPER TIP Rock Dipper Teeth, Helilok Vertalok 25 Series Tooth Point, Esco Style Bulldozer Ripper Teeth System, Casting Forged SBIC ripper bucket tooth for 22 series, Replacement Spare Parts Bauer wear part China supplier

25R-12, 25R12 Esco Ripper Point for Diaphragm Wall Trench Cutter, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  25R12 , 25-R12 ,  25R-12 Ripper Tooth Suitable for Bulldozers, Loaders, Graders, Excavators Diggers, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, teeth points  Esco genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Esco .

direct replacement ripper & scarifier parts are manufactured using our High-Spec Alloy steel and heat-treated to precise specifications. Computer design and analysis is employed in the development stages to ensure proper fitment and optimum strength for every part. Efficient processes and state-of-the-art foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts. In-house metallurgical staff and testing facilities ensure quality and consistency in all of our finished products. The results are quality wear parts that offer value to our customers, every time.

Ripper Teeth
Scarifier Tips
Scarifier Shanks
Shank Protectors
Replacement Nose
Quarter Shanks

• Durable and resilient for use in many applications
• Use with dirt and light gravel work.
• Attach quickly with a pin and rubber lock system

18M-16 18M-16 1.40
18S-20 (WS55) Esco style 22R10 22R-10 Ripper Tooth 1.70
35S-40mm 7.20
40S-40MM Wear Parts Excavator Ripper Teeth Esco 22R-10 13.00
ESCO 25R12 RIPPER TIP Verti Lock
25T 25T adapter 3.20
Esco Style Ripper Tooth 25R12
5KC3SB 5KC3SB 0.80
5KC3STT 5KC3STT 1.00
AD5KC3S AD5KC3S 0.80
AD5KC3  (18mm) AD5KC3 1.40
Komatsu Bulldozer Blade 14X-952-5180, 14X9525180
03TL 03TL 0.65
03TT 03TT 0.50
03AD 03AD 1.10
36TL 36TL 0.90
36TT 36TT 1.30
36AD 22R10, 22-R10, 22R-10 Ripper Tip for Hammer Pile Driver 36AD 1.70
24D75(E20D) 24D75 2.10
24DWN (E20RN) 24DWN 2.10
14X-952-5180 Komatsu style Bulldozer Cutting Edge 22R SERIES 22R10 Esco RIPPER TOOTH
Drilling Teeth & Adapter
Model no  Machine No Part NO. Weight(KG)
25- RC12 ) 25- RC12 6.8
25-RC10 25-RC10 4.5
3861-25RC 3861-25RC 13
Esco Ripper Tip 22R10, 22-R10, 22R-10 35R14A 11.8
35R-12 12

155-98-09071 REGULAR BUSHING
141-32-33122 SHAFT AS
175-21-32120 GEAR-BEVEL
198-928-2230 PIN
363-70-31930 PIN
20E-70-K2430 PIN
112-32-11143 BUSHING
09242-35130 PIN
140-30-16220 O-RING
385-10098081 PIN
21N-70-11190 BUSHING
385-11016331 PIN
707-52-11630 BUSHING
101-98-09070 TRACK PIN
195-98-00015 TRACK MASTER PIN
500211014 BUSHING
424-15-11270 PIN
195-98-09660 REGULAR PIN
154-98-09130 REGULAR BUSHING
198-32-33140 BUSHING
101-Z54-1680 BUSHING
205-98-09061 TRACK MASTER PIN
418-63-32210 PIN
175-27-31343 SHAFT AS
707-76-55170 BEARING
203-70-44380 PIN
418-46-12150 BUSHING
09241-50165 PIN
ED9690 PIN
07177-16096 BUSHING
424-70-11610 LINK PIN
22B-70-23650 BUSHING
144-871-5140 WASHER
707-52-10606 BUSHING
14X-32-11140 BUSHING
427-70-11824 BUSHING
19M-50-11330 BUSHING
421-09-11320 SEAL AS
428-46-12170 BUSHING
21K-70-11481 BUSHING
12F-954-1260 PIN
154-83-02210 O-RING
234-27-11270 PIN
177-71-11580 PIN
07144-11110 BUSHING
206-70-K1721 PIN
21K-70-23191 PIN
362-70-13220 PIN
385-11203991 PIN
203-70-11220 SHIM
234-15-12761 PIN
425-70-11920 PIN
114-0761 BEARING
425-70-11950 PIN
21J-70-21310 BUSHING
426-46-12330 PIN
202-70-52120 PIN
416-70-11220 PIN
195-79-22130 PIN
6114-31-2410 PIN

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