264-2176 CAT style Left hand hammerless adapter K170

Part No.      264-2176  ,  2642176
Weight        76 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



264-2176 CAT style Left hand hammerless adapter K170 90mm, K170 Center Hammerless Vertical Pin Adapter, CAT 2-Strap Center Holder Shank and Corner Guard Adaptor Caterpillar style Two Strap Bolt-on Weld-on Tooth Seat, Digging Bucket Attachment, Casting / Forging Aftermarket OEM Replacement CAT J Series / Advansys Series / K Series Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Factory Supplier


264-2176 CAT style Left hand hammerless adapter K170 90mm,  Buy Bucket Adapter      264-2176  ,  2642176     for EXCAVATOR / LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, OEM new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

2642175 ADAPTER-TIP Caterpillar parts
385B, 385C L, 390D, 390D L

Adapter size: K170
Machine: Loader
Position: Right
Wear-resistant material: Standard option
Attachments: Welded
390D 390D L 385B 385C L

Right hand hammerless adapter K170 for installation of a 90 mm base edge with a bevel angle of 22.5 degrees; limiter angle is five degrees.
Cat Dual-Mount Adapters have a lower profile than a flush-mount adapter, increasing penetration depth and delivering higher productivity.
Recommended application:
Hydraulic excavator bucket.

Adapters                                  Part Number (Base Edge Thickness)
232-0130 2320130 Caterpillar K130 ADAPTER-TIP CENTERLDR Two Strap CNTR264-2135 2642135 K130 Adaptor Two Strap Corner RH232-2114 (51mm)223-8134 (63.5mm)195-7154 (70mm)232-2174 (76mm)
LDR Two Strap RH232-2115 (51mm)223-8135 (63.5mm)195-7155 (70mm)232-2175 (76mm)
LDR Two Strap LH232-2116 (51mm)223-8136 (63.5mm)195-7156 (70mm)232-2176 (76mm)
LDR Two Strap CNTR232-0134 (51mm)232-0154 (63.5mm)232-0174 (70mm)
LDR Two Strap RH195-9156 K150 Corner Hammerless Side Pin Adaptor LH232-0135 (51mm)232-0155 (63.5mm)232-0175 (70mm)
CAT K130 CENTER ADAPTER Hammerless 232-0130LDR Two Strap LH232-2170 CAT K170 K SERIES CENTER ADAPTER232-0136 (51mm)232-0156 (63.5mm)232-0176 (70mm)
LDRTwo StrapLongLife CNTR(ARM)229-7110 (51mm)229-7130 (63.5mm)232-2150 (70mm)233-7174 (76mm)
LDR Two Strap Long Life RH229-7111 (51mm)229-7131 (63.5mm)232-2151 (70mm)233-7175 (76mm)
LDR Two Strap Long Life LH229-7112 (51mm)229-7132 (63.5mm)232-2152 (70mm)233-7176 (76mm)
LDRTwo StrapLongLife CNTR(ARM)232-0132 2320132 K130 EXCAVATOR Left-hand Adapter 70mm232-2134 (51mm)233-7154 (63.5mm)238-3174 (70mm)
Caterpillar 264-2155 K150 Right Corner Side Pin AdaptorLDR Two Strap Long Life RH232-2135 (51mm)233-7155 (63.5mm)238-3175 (70mm)
LDR Two Strap Long Life LH232-2136 (51mm)233-7156 (63.5mm)238-3176 (70mm)
LDR Flushmount CNTR232-2117 (45-51)229-7134 (51-64)232-2154 (64-76)264-2136 2642136 CAT K130 Adaptor Two Strap Corner LH
LDR Bolt-On CNTR232-2110 (50mm)
LDR Bolt-On Corner RH223-8118 (50mm)CAT K170 Center Adapter For Loader 232-2170 2322170232-0131 K130 EXCAVATOR Right-hand Vertical Pin Adapter
LDR Belt-On Corner LH195-9155 K150 Corner Hammerless Side Pin Adapter RH223-8119 (50mm)
Adapter Cover CNTR251-2180232-0152
Adapter Cover Corner251-2461232-0153
LDR Abrasion CNTR232-0138 (63.5mm)232-0158 (70mm)
195-9154 K150 Center Hammerless Side Pin AdapterLDR Abrasion Corner232-2171 K170 K Series Side-pin Adapter RH232-0139 (63.5mm)232-0159 (70mm)Caterpillar 264-2156 K150 Left Corner Dual-Mount Adapter
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