368-3822 3683822 K170 Cat Advansys Adapter

Part No.    368-3822 , 3683822
Weight   83 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



368-3822 3683822 K170 Cat Advansys Adapter, CAT K170 2-Strap Center and Corner Guard Adaptor Caterpillar style Two Strap Bolt-on Weld-on Tooth Seat, Digging Bucket Attachment, Casting / Forging tooth holder tip point shank, Aftermarket OEM Replacement CAT Advansys Series / K Series Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Factory Supplier


368-3822 3683822 K170 Cat Advansys Adapter ,  Buy Bucket Adapter      368-3822 , 3683822       for EXCAVATOR / LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, OEM new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

• A170 Center Impactless Adapter for mounting a 90mm base edge with a 22.5 degree bevel angle.

Cat Advansys Series adapters are manufactured with unsurpassed precision and are designed to protect machines from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tool Accessories (GET) are specifically designed for Cat equipment and provide continued high equipment protection.
Cat Dual-Mount Adapters have a lower profile than a flush-mount adapter, increasing penetration and improving productivity.
They are made of cast steel, whose properties ensure long-lasting hardness, increasing the versatility of customer equipment.

ADAPTERSHEX TWO STRAP – CTR5 Degree8E-9490220-9084505-41306I-6354220-9094505-4140220-9104505-4150469-4311505-4160275-2759469-4316368-3780113-9604472-0802368-3800222-7700478-2532368-3822
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – RH368-3800 Cat Double Strap Capsure Center Adapter A150232-2085505-41316I-6355232-2095505-4141232-2105505-41518E-4465469-4312505-4161275-2760469-4319368-3781113-9605472-0809368-3801368-3802 Cat Advansys A150 2-Strap Adaptor Corner LH478-2538368-3823
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – LH232-2086505-41326I-6356232-2096505-4142232-2106505-41528E-4466469-4313505-4162275-2760469-4320368-3782113-9606472-0810368-3802478-2539368-3824
HEX TWO STRAP – CTR4 Degree9W-1304220-90843G-8354220-90946I-6404220-9104159-0464469-43116I-6554469-43166I-6604472-0802132-4704478-2532
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – RH7T-3305220-90853G-8355220-90956I-6405220-9105159-0465469-4314478-2532 Cat style Weld-On K170 Two Strap Adapter6I-6555469-43176I-6605472-0803132-4705478-2533
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – LH7T-3306220-90863G-8356220-90966I-5406220-9106159-0466469-43156I-6556469-43186I-6606472-0804132-4706478-2534
HEX TWO STRAP – CTR0 Degree220-9084220-9094220-91043G-9494478-2539 4782539 Cat style K170 Excavator Side Adapter6I-8604
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – RH3G-6305229-7085223-8095232-01058E-24653G-94956I-8605
HEX TWO STRAP CORNER – LH3G-6306229-7086368-3801 Cat Advansys 150 Two Strap Adapter Corner RH223-8096232-0106SE-24663G-94966I-8606478-2538 4782538 Cat style K170 Weld-On Excavator Adapter
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