430203-00022 DOOSAN DX140LC-5 / DX160LC-5 Heavy Duty Adapter

Part No.    430203-00022
Weight    6.4 KGS
Replacement Brand  Daewoo , Doosan



430203-00022 DOOSAN DX140LC-5 / DX160LC-5 Heavy Duty Adapter, Daewoo-Doosan style Standard Bucket Tooth Seat Weld-on Top Pin Vertical Pin horizontal pin adapter, Forging & Casting digger teeth holder two-strap adaptors Fits Wheel Crawler Excavator Loader Attachments, Digging Bucket Bottom Strap Side Pin Adapters, Replacement Daewoo DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

430203-00022 DOOSAN DX140LC-5 / DX160LC-5 Heavy Duty Adapter, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  430203-00022   Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Daewoo-Doosan genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Doosan.

DOOSAN  ADAPTER bucket adapters compatible with excavators, buckets, construction machines are in our stocks. Excavator bucket claws, excavator claws, adapters, segments, pins and circlips, bolts, nuts, blades, ripper bits are available in our stocks for many brands.

We manufacture G.E.T parts and other casting parts according to customers’ requirements and we make bucket teeth with 3 kinds of different material for different earth comditions. So customer can choose the right parts for the right maker.

DX140 H14 230111-00089 430203-00022 2705-1022 2114-1859
DX170/180 H18 230111-00090 430203-00024 2705-1021 2114-1849A
DX225/255 H22 230111-00090 430203-00024 2705-1021 2114-1849A
DX300 H30 230111-00090 430203-00024 2705-1021 2114-1849A
DX340 H38 230111-00092 430203-00036 705-00006 114-00246
DX420 H45 230111-00092 430203-00036 705-00006 114-00246
DX480/520 H52 230111-00093 430203-00037 2705-1034 2114-1931
DX700 H75 230111-00094 430203-00038 K1052231 K1052892

We are professional manufacturer of bucket teeth and adapter. Bucket teeth,bucket tooth,adaptors,bucket adaptor,side cutter,customer designed castings for the machines,mining machines as follows.

The tooth points of the bucket tool are manufactured in a dedicated factory by following the process of wax mold casting. It is one of the most difficult processes in the field of casting that offers impeccable strength and durability.

Part number Measurement Description Weight/kg Model
66NB-31310 R500 Bucket teeth 19.00
66NB-31320 R500 Tooth Adapter DOOSAN HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR Adapter 430203-00036 DX380LC DX420LC DX340LCA
61NB-31320 R450 Tooth Adapter 31.00
61NA-31320 R360 Tooth Adapter 19.00 430203-00030
61N4-31200 R130 Tooth Adapter 5.8
E161-3017-32 R450 R130 R210(HX80) Tooth Adapter 7.65 430203-00036, 713-00033 DX340LC-5 Crawler Excavator Adapter Tooth
61M5-30270 R55,R60 Side Cutter 3
61E3-3534 R290 R280 R130 R210 Side Cutter 430203-00030
61E3-3533 R290 R280 R130 R210 Side Cutter
E161-3027WTL R130 R210(HX80) Bucket teeth 7.5 DOOSAN DX300LCA TOOTH ADAPTER HD 430203-00024
61QA-31310TL R360 Bucket teeth 13
E262-3046TL R290 R280 Bucket teeth 8
E161-3027TL R130 R210(HX80) Bucket teeth 4.9
61N4-31210TL R130 Bucket teeth 4.8  430203-00024 DX300 DX225 DX170 DOOSAN TOOTH SHANK
61E7-0101RC R450 Bucket teeth 9.9
2023046RC R290 R280 Bucket teeth 8
61QA-31310 R360 Bucket teeth 13.8
61N6-DA0020 R130 Bucket teeth 4.5
61Q6-31320 R200 R225 Tooth Adapter
61E7-0100-50 R450 Tooth Adapter 14.5
2713-9037-40 S280 R290 R280 Tooth Adapter 12.20 DH280
E161-3027RC R200,R-130.R210(HX80) Bucket teeth 4.8
161-3027 R200 Bucket teeth 5 240/290
61E3-3034 R130,R210,R290,R280 Side Cutter 10.3
61E3-3033 R130,R210,R290,R280 Side Cutter 10.3
61N8-32310 Bucket teeth 9.5
61N4-31210 R130 Bucket teeth 4.5
61N8-31320 R280 Tooth Adapter 14.4
61Q6-31310RC R225 Bucket teeth
61N6-31320 R200 R225 Tooth Adapter
R420Z-55 Tooth Adapter 17.1 HYUNDAI 420
R420Z-55 Tooth Adapter 17.1 HYUNDAI 420
R420Z-50 Tooth Adapter 17.1 HYUNDAI 420
R420Z-50 Tooth Adapter 16.8 HYUNDAI 420
63E1-3534 Side cutter 9.8 R200,R210,R280
63E1-3533 Side cutter 9.8 R200,R210,R280
61E7-0100-45 Tooth Adapter 14.5
61E7-0101 R360 R450 Bucket teeth 10.7
61Q6-31320-40 R200 Tooth Adapter 9.5
61Q6-31320-35 R200 Tooth Adapter 9
R420 Tooth 9.1 HYUNDAI 420
161-3027RC R200 Tooth 5.4 R200
61N6-31310 R200,R210,R220,R225 Bucket teeth 7.1
E262-3046 R290 R280 Bucket teeth 7.2
61NB-31310 R450 Bucket teeth 20.4 DOOSAN DX490LC-3 Excavator Adapter Tooth 430203-00037
61NA-31310 R360 Bucket teeth 13.4
61Q6-3120-40 Tooth Adapter 9.2
61Q6-3120-35 Tooth Adapter 9
E262-3027-40 R290 R280 Tooth Adapter 11.5
E161-3027 R130 R210(HX80) Bucket teeth 5
E161-3017-35 Tooth Adapter 7
6IQ6-31310RC Tooth 6.4
6IN8-31310RC Tooth 10.1
E262-3046RC R290 R280 Bucket teeth 8.5
61QA-31320 R360 Tooth Adapter 17.5
61Q6-31310TL Tooth 6.6
61Q6-31310 R200,R210,R220,R225 Bucket teeth 6.8
61N8-31310 R280 Bucket teeth 10.8
61N6-31320-35 R200 Tooth Adapter 9.9
2901-00394 Side cutter 33.5
2901-00393 Side cutter 29.5
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