4F8517, 4F-8517 CAT style Chamber Assmy

Part No.  4F8517, 2S1273, 1S1970, 4F-8517, 2S-1273, 1S-1970
Weight    1.32 KGS
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar , CAT



4F8517, 4F-8517 CAT style Chamber Assmy 55mm, CATERPILLAR OEM 4F8517, 2S1273, 1S1970, Prechamber Cat D311, D315, D318, D318GC Engine Chamber Ass’y, Replacement Caterpillar style Pre-Combustion Chambers, CHAMBER ASSEMBLY PRECOMBUSTION, GASKETS, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

4F8517, 4F-8517 CAT style Chamber Assmy, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts 4F8517, 2S1273, 1S1970, 4F-8517, 2S-1273, 1S-1970  Precombustion Chamber Seal and Gasket Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Engine Chamber Assy CAT genuine, new spare parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Caterpillar.

Prechamber Fits D311, D315, D318, D318G Uses Glow plug 3H2033

During operation, pre-combustion must endure extreme compression forces and temperatures. With time they tend to crack or become loose, causing serious damage to the cylinder head or the block. Pre-combustion chambers are a low-cost component of an engine. We offer a full line of replacement Pre-combustion chambers for Caterpillar applications.

Provide as much information as you can about the parts you require including Pre Combustion Chamber (Part Number: 2P0483 ) and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will promptly answer your request.

Precombustion Chamber
Description:Precombustion chambers are spaces where fuel is ignited and the combustion process begins
Attributes:Cat parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse

Precombustion chambers seals and Gaskets(G.) – CATERPILLAR

1.WAX INJECTION: JCB bucket teeth Wax design of the desired castings are produced by injection molding.These designs are called patterns.
2.ASSEMBLY: The patterns are attached to a central wax stick,called a sprue,to form a casting cluster or assembly. 2P0484, 247-3296, 8S7601 Caterpillar Prechamber Fits D342, D342C
3.SHELL BUILDING: The shell is built by immersing the assembly in a liquid ceramic slurry and then into a bed of extremely fine sand.Up to eight layers may be applied in this manner. CAT Combustion Chamber 2P0483, 2564760, 5H2783, 7S5784, 9M8025, 5M2705
4.DEMAX: Once the ceramic is dry,the wax is melted out,creating a negative impression of the assembly within the shell. PRE-CHAMBER FOR CATERPILLAR OEM 4F8517, 2S1273, 1S1970
5.CONVENTIONAL CASTING: In the conventional process,the shell is filled with molten metal by gravity pouring.As the metal cools, the parts and gates,spure and pouring cup become one solid casting. CATERPILLAR PARTS 2P0483 2P-0483 CHAMBER ASSEMBLY
6.KNOCKOUT: When the metal has cooled and solidified,the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration or knock-out machine.
7.CUT OFF: The parts are cut away from the central spure using a high speed friction saw.  8S7601, 8S-7601 CHAMBER ASSY 2P0484 FITS CATERPILLAR
8.CLEANING AND GRINDING: When the fomred casting parts are finished, they will be cleaned by hand work totally.After that, all the parts will be put in to the grinding machine for spot blasting. After these operations, the metal castings becomes identical to the original wax patterns.
9.HEATTREATMENT: Once the parts for Jcb bucket teeth are finished by cleaning, they will be put in to heattreatment machine , in order to get a good harness and anti-wearness,as well as good impact performance.  Chamber Fits Caterpillar D8H 2P0483, 7S5784, 256-4760, 5H2783
10.PAINTING: Sprat painting method is used to paint the parts with different colors. Then they will be given special time for dry, so that they can be kept as shining and smooth. 2473296, 247-3296 CHAMBER AS-YM 2P0484 FITS CATERPILLAR ENGINE
11.PACKAGE: Man-made wooden carton is used for package,which is no need for fumigation. Caterpillar Engine Chambers Braking 2P0484, 2473296, 8S7601, 2P484
12.SHIPPMENT: When all these work is done, finished products for Jcb bucket teeth is ready to ship to every cornor of the world.

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