5GAF2 Draghead Flare Tooth Point

Part No.    5GAF2
Weight:      KGS
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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5GAF2 Draghead Flare Tooth Point   Specification

  5G Serial
No.P/No.Length(mm)Width (mm)Weight(Kg)Remark
15GAF2Flare Type
25GAC2Chisel Type
35GAP24013218.5Pick Type


Dredge Cutter Teeth can use on various types of dredging equipment. For example, cutter heads, dredging wheels and drag heads. There are several types and different sizes of dredger teeth. The shape, material and fixation system of dredge cutter teeth, combined with their strength and reliability make a significant contribution to improving production.


Various types of teeth like flare type, chisel type and pick type.

Flare types are used for peat, sand and soft clay.

Narrow chisel types are applied in packed sand and firm clay.

Teeth with pick points are used for rock.

Special mounting geometry.

Increased lifetime, decreased frequency and duration of maintenance.

Can be customized according to your requirements and can provide OEM services.

28DS Serial

128DS13AF2961147.2Flare type  48DS14AP Pick Type Dredge Cutter Point Tooth
228DS13AC296395.2Chisel type
328DS12AP27094.8Pick Point type  28DS13AF Flare Type Dredge Cutter Head Teeth

38DS Serial

138DS14AF31910810.0Flare type
238DS14AC319448.5Chisel type
338DS13AP290137.2Pick type 48DS16AC Chisel Type Dredge Cutter Tip
48848-38DS32024Arm Adapter

48DS Serial

148DS15AF34613813.5Flare type
248DS16AC3785013.5Chisel type
348DS14AP3001310.5Pick type  38DS14AC Chisel Type Dredge Cutter Tooth Point

4G Serial

14GAF239913215.2Flare type
24GAC23936813.2Chisel type
34GAP23682711.8Pick type
48820-4G 640D52D 52D Serial Marine Dredger Wear Tip31836Arm Adapter
5WN4G 38DS13AP2 Pick Type Dredge Cutter Tooth Point15620.2Ring Adapter

5G Serial

5GAP24013218.5Pick type
2642D5G42216336.9Arm Adapter  48DS15AF Flare Type Dredge Cutter Teeth
3WN5G25216827.0Ring Adapter

Dec.: casting tooth used on dredger, dredging wear tips  195-78-71240 KOMATSU D375A Centreline Short Point
Production process: precision casting
Material: High Wear Resistent Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Package: Plywood case
Delivery time: 20-25days
Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P all acceptable  38DS13AP Rock Pick Dredge Cutter Head Tooth
Shipping terms: FOB NINGBO



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