61L6-00800GG HL760 HL770 Hyundai LOADER TOOTH

Part No.   61L6-00800GG ,  61L600800GG
Weight    7 Kg
Replacement Brand  Hyundai



61L6-00800GG HL760 HL770 Hyundai LOADER TOOTH, Sand Casting Hyundai HCE style HL760 HL770 Standard Long Bucket Unitooth Center Tooth, Forging & Casting digger dirt teeth Pick Point STD Side Pin Teeth Fits Wheel Crawler Excavator Loader Attachments, Digging Bucket Tips, Replacement Hyundai DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

61L6-00800GG HL760 HL770 Hyundai LOADER TOOTH, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  61L6-00800GG ,  61L600800GG   Bucket Tooth Tip Point Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Hyundai genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Hyundai .

Compatible models:
9-SERIES WHEEL LOADER HL760-9 HL760-9A HL760-9S HL770-9 HL770-9A HL770-9S HL780-9 HL780-9A HL780-9S

High quality investment casting bucket teeth produced by clients’ drawings
We provide Bucket teeth and adapters, tips, tooth points, etc.
1. Material Available: Carbon steel, Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)
2. Excavator Part Type: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Vo o,JCB, Hyundai, Daewoo, Hitachi,ect.
3. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness are up to HRC47-52, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions.
1. Over 20 years experience in casting industry
2. High quality control, Competitive price, Fast delivery
3. Small quantity acceptable  E161-3027TL Bucket Tiger Teeth For HYUNDAI R210 R215 Excavator
4. Sample available.  Hyundai E262-3046, E2623046 Standard Teeth Points
5. OEM workable .   HYUNDAI Pick Tooth Point E161-3027TL, E1613027TL

Bucket teeth for Hyundai excavators, including tooth point/tooth tip, adapters, locking pins and washers/retainers are available here.

Family Part # Type Pin Retainer Machine Model
E161 E161-3027 Standard E161-3035  61E5-11150 R200
E161-3027TL Tiger long
E161-3027RC Rock chisel
E161-3017 Adapter 35mm
R225-9 61QA-31310RC Rock chisel R225-9
61N6-31310 Standard
E262 E262-3046 Standard E262-5004/P235 61E5-11150 R290
E262-3046RC Rock chisel
E262-3027 Adapter 40mm
R455-9 61NB-31310 Rock chisel 61E7-04620 61E7-04630 R455-9
61Q6-31310RC Rock chisel
 61Q6-31320 Adapter
R450 61E7-0101RC Rock chisel 61E7-04620 61E7-04630 R450

Small Excavator Bucket Tooth
I. Notes
(1) Steel plate should not be too wide, usually 50 mm.  E262-3046WT
(2) The steel plate must be welded at the front of the bucket teeth so that the undisturbed soil is not easily disturbed.  61N4-31210GG Hyundai Style Bucket Tooth
(3) The steel plate must be welded flat and not inclined.  E161-3027T  61Q6-31310GG Hyundai HCE R220 R210 HX220L HX235L HW210 POINT
(4) Excavator operators must be skilled.   High Wear Resistent Material Excavators Bucket Teeth E262-3046RC for R290/320/235
2. Specific implementation methods. 61N6-31310GG Hyundai HCE R170 R180 HX160L HX180L POINT-TOOTH
1. Construction Technology of Earthwork Excavation  61N8-31310GG Hyundai Style OEM TOOTH POINT
(1) Technicians measure the wiring.  E262-3046RC HYUNDAI XD290RC R290RC Rock Tips
(2) Large excavators dig up the upper soil, and technicians measure the elevation to ensure that the 200-300 mm thick soil layer at the bottom of the pit does not move.  E262-3046T  HYUNDAI 61N4-31210GG, 61N431210GG TOOTH POINT
(3) The technicians put the side line of the foundation pit again, and at the same time, the welders began to refit the bucket teeth of the small excavator.
(4) Mini excavators dig, technicians measure elevation, 2 or 3 workers cooperate with digging. E161-3027WT Hyundai Twin Tiger Tip
(5) Inspection and acceptance.  E262-3046TL  HYUNDAI 61NA-31310GG HX260L HX300L HX330L BUCKET TOOTH

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