6I6602RC Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Tooth

Part No. 6I6602RC , 6I-6602RC
Interchange number: 1359608, 6I6602RC, 7Y0602, 6I6602RP2, 1590600, 6I6602WT, T6I6602
Weight   39-42 kg
Replacement Brand     Caterpillar / CAT
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


6I6602RC Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Tooth, 6I-6602RC, Original CAT Style J600 Rock Long Tip Tooth, CAT365 E375 Side Pin Rock Chisel Tip, Digger Teeth Adapter System Fit Excavator Loader Shovel Spade Forklift, GET Wear Spare Parts Made In China Supplier


6I6602RC Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Tooth, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts J600 Bucket Rock Tooth Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy TOOTH ROCK CHISEL Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.
6I6608 J600 CAT J-Series Pin
6I6609 J600 CAT J-Series Keeper
6I6605 CAT Style Weld On Corner Adapter
6I6606 CAT Style Weld On Corner Adapter
1198605 CAT Style Weld On Corner Adapter
1198606 CAT Style Weld On Corner Adapter

6I6602 TIP-LONG Caterpillar parts 345C, 345C L, 365B, 365B II, 365B L, 365C, 365C L, 374D L, 375, 375 L, 385B, 385C, 385C L, 390D, 5080, 5110B, 992G TIP CATERPILLAR TIP-LONG J600 STANDARD BUCKET DIGGING TEETH 6I6602, 6I6602RC CATERPILLAR TOOTH ROCK CHISEL
Excavator Teeth, one stop solution of high quality ground engaging tools, mining equipment, tooth, adaptors, shrouds,bulldozer blades, cutting edges, fasteners, ripper shanks, bucket protection for cat, john deer,hyundai,komatsu, daewoo,volvo, Esko jcb and all other brands.

Part Number Description Weight (Kgs) Suit for Machine
135-9356 Side pin  Adapter 972G II,966G II,966G,972M,972G,966H,966M,966F II
135-9355 Side pin  Adapter 972G II,966G II,972G,966G,972M,966H,966M,966F II
135-9354 Side pin  Adapter 12.76 966G,972G II,966G II,972G,972M,966M,966H,966F II
6Y0469 Unitooth 23.5 966D,980F
3G8356 Weld on Adapter 8.7 E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8355 Weld on Adapter 8.7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1350 Weld on Adapter 9.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
8J4310 Weld on Adapter 9 E320,E322
8J3350 Bucket Tooth 8.2 E320,E322,966D,980F
135-9357 Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352WTL Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352TL Bucket Tooth 5.3 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352RCL Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352R Bucket Tooth 7.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
1359357 Bucket Tooth 7 E320,E322,966D,980F
9W2359 Bucket Tooth 5.3 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353R Bucket Tooth 9
1681359 Bucket Tooth 7.1
LC350RC Bucket Tooth 6.9  Caterpillar J600 Rock Tooth 6I6602RC, 6I-6602RC
1U3352RH Bucket Tooth 11
1U3352RL Bucket Tooth
1U3352RP Bucket Tooth 10.4 E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8354 Weld on Adapter 9.7 E320,E322
1U3352C Bucket Tooth 6.7
1441358 Bucket Tooth 10.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352K Bucket Tooth 7.2
1U3352SYL Bucket Tooth 6.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352P Bucket Tooth 5.4
1U3352WT Bucket Tooth 6.7
1U1889 Bold on Bucket teeth 29.5 966D,980F
1U1888 Bold on Bucket teeth 38 966D,980F
1U1359 Teeth Adapter 23.4
1U1358 Teeth Adapter 23.4
1U1357 Bold on Adaptor 18.5 966D,980F
9J4359 Bucket Tooth 4.9 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353 Bucket Tooth 10.2 E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4352 Bucket Tooth 8.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3351 Bucket Tooth 4.8 E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352T Bucket Tooth 6.3
4T2353 Bucket Tooth 10.3
3G5359 Corner adapter 23.9 966D,980F
3G5358 Corner adapter 23.8 966D,980F
3G3357 Bold on adaper 16.7 966D,980F
8E5359 Corner adapter 17 966D,980F
8E5358 Corner adapter 17 966D,980F
096-4748 Side cutter 12 E320,E322
096-4747 Side cutter 12 E320,E322
1U3352PT Bucket Tooth 12.5 TALLA 35
1U3352RC Bucket Tooth 6.9 TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6356 Weld on Adapter 9.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6355 Weld on Adapter 9.6 E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6354 Weld on Adapter 9.7 E320,E322
1U3352 Bucket tooth 6.2 TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1354 Teeth Adapter 14.9 966D,980F
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