6Y-5230 T6Y5230 Scarifier Tip Fits JD & Cat Motor Graders

Part No.    T6Y5230 , 6Y5230
Weight:       2.83  lbs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand    John Deere / JD / CAT
Processing: Precision Casting / Forged Forging
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Yellow / Grey/ Black/ Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



6Y-5230 T6Y5230 Scarifier Tip Fits JD & Cat Motor Graders, Bucket Fabricated Dirt Tooth, Scarifier Tooth, Standard Ripper Teeth Ripping Bucket Tooth Tip Point, Excavator Motor Grader Dozer Wheel Loader John Deere Fanggs Dipper Loading Digging Teeth, JD Casting Forged bucket tooth, Replacement H&L Spare Parts G.E.T wear part China supplier


6Y-5230 T6Y5230 Scarifier Tip Fits JD & Cat Motor Graders ,   Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts   T6Y5230 , 6Y5230    Tooth Suitable for Bulldozers, Loaders, Graders, Excavators Diggers, Backhoe, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, teeth points  John Deere Hensley Caterpillar genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Fanggs John Deere CAT H&L.

T6Y5230 Tooth Deere parts
670D, 672G, 670G, 770C, 870D, 870G, 770D, 670B, 770G, 670C, 872G, 772G

2.83 lb
1.3 in
1.8 in
7.2 in

Caterpillar and Deere motorgrader scarifier tooth. Known as 6Y5230, 2D5572, T6Y5230, T2D5572. Fits 140G, 140H, 672, 770 graders, plus more. These teeth have a strip of Tungsten Carbide which normally extends the wear life significantly.

Description Part No.
Ripper Tooth U15517
Scarifier Tooth T6Y5230  Bucket Teeth Adapter Lock TK6L
Shank T66192
Lock U17204
Leaf Spring U40130
Ripper Shank T211749
Scarifier Shank T114792
Scarifier Tooth T034
Pin, Groove U15522
Adapter, Bolt-On for Scraper Edge U16087
Description Part No.
Standard T6Y5230
Long T1U3202
Long T6Y0359
Retainer T8E6209  TK6L John Deere JD Bucket Tooth Lock
Retainer T8E6259
Penetration T9J4259
Penetration PM4T5452
Long/Penetration T6Y0309
Intermediate T9W2452
Short T9W2451
Pin T9W2668
Pin T8E6258
Pin T8E6358
Pin T8E6208
Pin PM4T2479
Pin PM3G0500
Washer T8E6359
Shank Guard T8E1848
Shank Tip T8E8418  John Deere Tooth Lock Device TK6L
CAT (continued)
Description Part No.
Scarifier Shank T9F5124
Penetration T9J8920
Standard T1140453
H&L 18, 20, 21, 22, and 23 Series
Description Part No.
Standard, Crimp-On T1L
Standard T260
Standard Pin T25P
Description Part No.
Side Cutter T1156A
Side Cutter T1157A
Grapple Tooth T151947
ESCO 22, 25, 35, and 39 Series
Description Part No.  JD style Ripper Tooth U15517
Standard EX25R12
Bushing EX25RBG
Ripper T356R15
Ripper Tooth T35-5R15
Ripper Shroud T35-5RSLB
Ripper Tooth T35R14
Ripper Tooth T35R16
Retainer, Bushing T35RBS
Spacer, Ring T35RLKSR
Shank Guard T356RSL U15517 Ripper Tooth 15 Series for John Deere
Shank Tip T356RWNS
Ripper Nose, Weld-On T35RNSEF
Ripper Nose, Weld-On T35RNSPF
29 Series (continued)
Description Part No.
Penetration Abrasion V29SHV
Abrasion EV29AR
Pin EV29PN
33 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV33SYL
Tiger EV33VY  John Deere T6Y5230 Bucket Scarifier Tooth
Twin Tiger EV33TVY
Flare EV33S7F
Point, Super V EV33SDX
Pin EV33PN
39 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV39SYL
Tiger EV39VY
Twin Tiger EV39TVY
Flare EV39S8F
Penetration Abrasion, Centerline V39SHV
Penetration Abrasion, Non-Centerline EV39AD
Abrasion Rock, Non-Centerline EV39AR
Point, Rock EV39SDX
Pin EV39PN
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7712V39
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7711V39R
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7711V39L
43 Series
Description Part No.
Standard, Long EV43SYL
Tiger EV43VY
Twin Tiger EV43TVY
Flare EV43S9F
Point, Rock EV43SDX
Tiger, H-D EV43VYH
Twin Tiger, H-D EV43TVYH
Penetration Abrasion, Centerline V43SHV
Penetration Abrasion, Non-Centerline EV43AD
Standard EV43TYL
Pin EV43PN
Adapter, Horn Style EV129AV43
Adapter, Weld-On Nose EVWNV43
Adapter, Weld-On EV1836V43
Adapter, Weld-On EV1829BV43
51 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV51SYL
Tiger EV51VY
Standard Rock EV51RYL
Twin Tiger EV51TVY
Flare EV51S10F
Tiger, H-D EV51VYH
51 Series (continued)
Description Part No.
Twin Tiger, H-D EV51TVYH
Abrasion Rock Heavy EV51ARH
Abrasion Rock EV51AR
Abrasion Penetration EV51AD
Chisel, H-D EV51SDX
Pin EV51PN
Pin, Hot Slag EV51HPN
59 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV59SYL
Abrasion Penetration EV59AD
Chisel, H-D EV59SDX
Twin Tiger EV59TVY
Tiger EV59VY
Pin EV59PN
Adapter EV3858V59
61 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV61SYL
Impact Abrasion EV61RY
Abrasion Rock Long EV61ARL
Chisel EV61SD
Twin Tiger EV61TVP
Tiger EV61VX
69 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV69SYL
Standard Rock EV69RYL
Adapter EV3858V69
Tiger EV69VX
Abrasion Rock Long EV69ARL
Pin EV69PN
Pin, Hot Slag EV69HPNA
Adapter EV5898V69
71 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV71SYL
Standard Rock EV71RYL
Tiger EV71VX
Chisel EV71SD
Pin EV71PN
81 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV81SYL
Standard Rock EV81RYL
Tiger EV81VX
Chisel EV81SD
Pin EV81PN

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