713-00054, 71300054 Excavator Bucket Teeth for Doosan DH300, S290LC, S300LC

Part No. 713-00054, 713-00054A, 71300054, K9005351
Weight  7.8 kg
Replacement Brand  Daewoo / Doosan
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008


713-00054, 71300054 Excavator Bucket Teeth for Doosan DH300, S290LC, S300LC, DAEWOO & DOOSAN Excavator Loader Standard Bucket Tooth, Aftermarket OEM Doosan style Casting & Forging Dirt Bucket Teeth Tips, KOMATSU parts SOLAR TOOTH PIONT, Daewoo-Doosan Digger Digging Tooth, Replacement Doosan Attachment Ground Engaging Tools Bucket GET System, Wear Spare Parts China Supplier

713-00054, 71300054 Excavator Bucket Teeth for Doosan DH300, S290LC, S300LC, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  713-00054, 713-00054A, 71300054, K9005351 Bucket Tooth Suitable for EXCAVATOR, LOADER, DOZER, MOTOR GRADER, Buy Tooth Point & Tip Adapter Doosan Deawoo genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Doosan.

application: DH300 DX300LC S300LC-V DX320LC S290LC, S300LC, S470LC, S500LC DL300; DL400; DL500; DX300LC/LL; DX520LC/LCA; DX530LC-3; DX530LC-5

Suitable for: DX300LC, SOLAR 280LC-3, SOLAR 290LC-V, SOLAR 290LL, SOLAR 300LL, SOLAR 330-3, SOLAR 330LC-V

2705-1021 2114-1849 2713-1219-l 2713-1219rc-wl OEM part 713-00054 point tooth for SOLAR 300LC-V excavator
On our website, a TOOTH TIP from the manufacturer DOOSAN (article: 713-00054) is sold at a bargain price. The product weighs: 7700 g. Delivery by sea and railway. We have been supplying since 2001. We have a large warehouse complex (more than 1500 m2), and direct contacts with suppliers. To see the price of a part, click the “Inquiry” button.

S130(W)V 2713-1272
4.20 KG
S200V 2713-1270 5.50 KG
S200V, 963 2713-1217
5.70 KG
S280V, 964 2713-1219
7.00 KG
S300LC-V 713-00054 7.75 KG
S330, 972 2713-1234 8.00 KG
S330V,S360V 713-00032 9.60 KG
S400V,S450V 2713-1236 17.00 KG
S450V 2713-1271 16.70 KG

High quality investment casting bucket teeth produced by clients’ drawings
We provide Bucket teeth and adapters, tips, tooth points, etc.
1. Material Available: Carbon steel, Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)
2. Excavator Part Type: Caterpillar, Komatsu, VoLVo,JCB, Hyundai, Daewoo, Hitachi,ect.
3. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness are up to HRC47-52, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions. Daewoo Dirt Bucket Tooth for Model S130V 2713-1272

Daewoo Series Families

Family Part # Type Pin Retainer
DH220 2713-1217 Standard 2705-1020 2114-9008
2713-1217RC Rock chisel   2713Y1219 DAEWOO DH300 & DOOSAN S300 Excavator Bucket Teeth
2713-1217TL Tiger long
2713-9042 Adapter 40mm
2713-1218 Adapter 35mm Doosan DH220 DH210 Bucket Tooth Points 2713-1269, 2713-1217
DH130 2713-1221RC Rock chisel 2705-9014 2705-9015
2713-1222 Adapter 30mm
DH280 2713-9038TL Tiger long 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-9038RC Rock chisel
2713-9037 Adapter 40mm   2713Y1219, 2713-1219 Bucket Tooth for Daewoo
DH300 2713-1219 Standard 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-1219T Tiger
2713-1219RC Rock chisel
2713-1220 Adapter 40mm   Daewoo style Tooth Standard Long 2713-1219, 2713-1270
DH360 713-0032 Standard 2705-1021 2114-1849
2713-0032RC Rock chisel
713-0033-50 Adapter 50mm  Daewoo Excavator Tooth S290-5 S280 DH280 2713-1219, 2713Y1219
DH420,DH500 2713-1236 Standard 2705-1034 2114-1931
2713-1236RC Rock chisel
2713-1273-50 Adapter 50mm   Doosan S280V Daewoo DH300 Bucket Tooth 2713-1219, 2713-1270
2713-1273-55 Adapter 55mm   2713-1219 Doosan-Daewoo Loader Excavator Bucket Tooth

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