72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor

Part No.  72A0008
Weight    12.8  KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand    LiuGong / LiuKong
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor, LiuGong Style Tooth Point Corner Adaptor, Bucket Weld-on Tip Adapter System, Replacement Aftermarket LiuGong Series Side Teeth Holder and Adapter, Excavator Backhoe Loader Bucket Blade Teeth Shank System, GET Spare Parts China Supplier


72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor,  Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts     72A0008     Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy replacement teeth and adapters Liugong genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.

Code 00297000100
Length 0.31 m
Width 0.126 m
Height 0.11 m
Volume 0.004 m 3
Weight 12.8 kg

The loader working device consists of the following parts: loading arm, loader rocker arm, loading bucket, loader bucket teeth, loader bucket adapter, loading connecting rod and other components Loader accessories applicable model: 835、836、842、862、888、365B、375A、375B、385B、395B、766A、777A、8128H、816C、818C、820C、835H、842H、842III、850H、856E-MAX、856H 、856H、856H-5t、860H、862H、870H、877III、886H、888III、890H、CLG F190、CLG325、CLG328、CLG355A、CLG365A、CLG385A、CLG765A、CLG766、CLG777、CLG812C、CLG812C 、CLG816、CLG816A、CLG816A、 CLG816C、CLG816-I、CLG818C、CLG820、CLG820C、CLG820C-I、CLG820C-I、CLG825C、CLG825C、CLG825C-3、CLG833、CLG833、CLG835、CLG836、CLG836、CLG836-I、CLG836-I、 CLG842、CLG842Ⅲ、 CLG842Ⅲ、CLG853、CLG855、CLG855、CLG855N、CLG855N、CLG855N-3、CLG856、CLG856H、CLG856-LNG、CLG862、CLG862-LNG、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG888、CLG888III、CLG888 8-LNG、CLG9045E、CLG925E、CLG939E、 F180、F330、Zl30E、Zl30E、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl50C、Zl50CN、Zl50CN、Zl50CN-3、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN、Zl50CN, etc.

RH22-57A000001A03C driving wheel
RL11-57A000001A0 driving wheel
RD01-81A010001A0 front lower glass Left Bucket Adapter 72A0238 3G5358 370mm LIUGONG CLG856
RF11-81A015001A0 front windshield upper glass
RD01-81A015001A0 front windshield
RL11-81A014000A0 front window assembly
RL11-81A014003A0 front window lock
RF11-81A015001A0 front window glass72A0239
129407-01340 cylinder head gasket
RD01-85A070000A0 gas spring 350 1500N
RB11-85A050000A0 gas spring
RD01-82A027000A0 gas spring 72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor
RF11-85A050000A0 gas spring
RB11-82A063000A0 gas spring
8970444180 Start key switch 72A0239
8972515361 Start relay
JD136 start composite relay
RL11-81A010019A0 balancer
RJ01-810100-24 touch ball 72A0239
pq003 Touch the ball
RL11-85A013000A0 bumper ball
RF11-61A000013A0 basin electric horn
129640-53001 Fuel injector
129906-53000 fuel injector
8972633951 Fuel injection pump
RH01-852200-02 torsion bar spring
RB11-81A018101A0 interior panel
RF11-22A000004A0 sealing ring
BZA0165 bolt 72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor
BZA0250 bolt
BZA0583 bolt M22*120
JA0F1006 screw plug
BZA0324 nut M12  72A0238 LIUGONG CLG856 Bucket Holder Adaptor
4MN-22WD connector
RF21-26S0100-01 track pin
RL11-26A010001A0 track pin
135MD-00026 Track bolts
135MD-00042 Track pin
135MD-00340 track shoes
RD01-52A040000A0 oil filter
LG85 chain rail section set
RH22-26A11000A0 chain rail section
RF11-01A010000A0 coupling
RH22-01A140000A0 coupling 72A0008 Liugong Loader Tooth Corner Adaptor
RJ04-01A100000A0 coupling
RD01-02A000001A0 connection plate
129150-23600 Connecting rod tile
129900-23601 Connecting rod tile
RF11-72A03000A03A connecting rod
KFT01J-011 condenser
62000153 Refrigerant
RJ04-05A070000A0 control panel
KYC06J-108 control panel
KA30A-3 air pre-filter  72A0239 3G5359 LIUGONG CORNER ADAPTOR Right Side
AF25270 Air Core Cummins Engine
114215-2240-N1 air filter element
114215-2250-N1 air filter element
119808-12520 air filter element
129906-12520-N1 air filter element
129051-12530-N1 air filter element
119910-12601 air filter element
914215-1351-N1 air filter element
119005-12571-N1 air core
129906-12520-N1 Air outer core
PAF1-0.02-0.75-10L air filter
SAF-50A-10/L=135 air filter
PC033-0000 air filter
920-00047 Air conditioning box assembly
RL11-05A100000A0 air conditioning panel
549-00044 Air conditioning switch
RD01-050600-00 air conditioning pipe
RJ04-73A012000A0 bayonet pin
RD01-010700-00 bracket LIUGONG SIDE ADAPTOR Right Hand 72A0239
RJ01-730300-00 fastening retaining ring
1137700700 Thermostat
8943928170 Thermostat
1CH9-18-60G-JIS connector
1CH9-30-120G-JIS connector
LV-12-45T one-way valve
RD01-01A170000A0 shock absorbing pad
RJ04-01A030000A0 shock absorbing pad
RD01-61A010003A0 Cab main wiring harness
3R02-9220-00-1 relay adapter board
CMA31-S-DC12V-A relay
9827200690 Oil pressure switch
114250-39450 Oil pressure sensor
113240-2322 oil filter element
62000010 Diesel engine oil 4*18L
62000009 Diesel engine oil 3*4L
22252-000300 Piston pin snap ring
1122110332 Piston pin
129005-22500 piston ring
129006-22050 piston ring
129007-22050 piston ring
129906-22080 Piston with ring
RH21-52A000003A0 oil return filter element
RJ04-52A030000A0 oil return filter element
NLX-160X10 oil return filter element
RF11-92A000002A0 Grease gun
860-0102400 Butter valve
124411-01780 Rear oil seal
129120-01780 Rear oil seal
RJ04-81A017202A0 rear interior guard panel
RJ04-81A017201A0 rear interior
RL11-85A170000A0 rear hood gas spring
RJ03-610100-20L Excessive wiring harness
RJ04-82A000001A0 silicone oil shock absorber
39790100 Skeleton oil seal
RF11-61A000012A0 work light
100120200 High pressure hose
RL11-05A030000A0 Drying bottle assembly
1132120921 cover
RF11-52A020000A0 cover
RF11-03A100000A0 auxiliary water tank
129900-21600 Flywheel ring gear
RJ04-22A020000A0 anti-jump frame
BZA0093 dust ring 40*50*3.2
RF11-72A000007A0 dust ring
RD01-72A000011A0 dust ring
RF11-72A030002A0 dust ring
RL11-72A000007A0 dust ring
RL11-71A000008A0 dust ring
RF11-52A000004A0 transmitter
129423-77200 Generator
W210DG stick cylinder hard pipe
RH22-71A080000A0 stick cylinder
RL11-72A010000A0 stick
RH21-51A030000A0 boom cylinder hard pipe
RD01-71A070000A0 boom cylinder
RE41-71A010000A0 boom
RD01-81A016001A0 Headlining
RJ04-81A017001A0 headliner
29080408-7274-N1 regulator
RJ04-61A050005A0 battery relay
RF11-61A000013A0 electric speaker
RF11-93A120035A0 light bulb
RL01-930000-01 light bulb
RL11-61A110002A0 light switch
RF11-23A010000A0 guide wheel
RL11-23A010000A0 guide wheel
RL11-22A050000A0 fender
RH22-03A070001A03G baffle FR210-7
RF21-540000-05 single hydraulic lock
RJ01-230200-07 one-way valve
RF11-51A000009A0 one-way valve
RD01-81A012002A0 door lower glass
RJ04-81A012001A0 door lower glass
RL11-81A012001A0 door lower glass
RD01-81A014000A0 door lock assembly
RJ01-81A0150-00 door lock
RD01-81A012001A0 door glass
RF11-81A017000A0 door positioning lock
RD01-81A014000A0 door positioning lock
RJ03-71A060000A0 bucket right steel pipe
3R03-7220-00-0 bucket cylinder assembly
113240-2310 Diesel pre-filter
129004-55611 Diesel filter bracket
113240-0792-N1 Diesel filter element
129907-55801-N1 Diesel filter element
897172-5491-N1 Diesel filter element
FS1280-N2 diesel filter element
FF5052-N2 diesel filter element
NBS311 side door lock
RJ04-61A030001A0 acquisition controller
129935-51740 Pump head
RB11-82A040000A0 safety joystick assembly
RD01-820250-00-0 Safety joystick assembly
RL11-72A000005A0 O-ring 86*12
RJ04-72A000007A0 O-ring 110*12
8972633951 ISU fuel injection pump
8972234280 ISUZU turbocharger
9831514320 ISUZU water temperature sensor
RF11-61A000001A0 GPS monitoring terminal
A753-020 air filter element
A10V063LA8DS_53R 60B main pump (Rexroth)
1CG4-14-040GJS 45 degree adjustable joint
KC-ESS-20T00L 36T setter
K3V112DT-9ND9-10V 20T main pump
113240-0792-N1 Diesel filter
113240-2310-N1 diesel filter element
113240-2322-N1 machine filter
RH21-52A000004A0 oil filter
RL11-53A040000A0 hose assembly
RL11-53B270000A0 hose
VAY-65*75*4 dust ring
RH11-51A030000A03D Left pump oil outlet steel pipe
39790100 Skeleton oil seal
RD01-72A000006A0 Pin 1
114215-2240-N1 air filter element
114215-2250-N1 air filter element
RD01-81A015001A0 front window glass
RJ04-81A012001A0 door lower glass
RL11-81A018000A0 wiper motor assembly
RL11-72A050000A03A bucket cylinder (high-gloss Lovol yellow)
RJ04-23A020000A0 tensioning device

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