7T8202, 1U3201 Caterpillar Short Dirt Bucket Tooth

Part No.    7T8202, 1U3201, 7T-8202, 1U-3201
Weight     1.4 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



7T8202, 1U3201 Caterpillar Short Dirt Bucket Tooth, Standard Dirt Tooth Point, Caterpillar Excavator Backhoe / Wheel Loader Bucket Attachment, Double Tiger Tip Twin Pointed Side Pinned Tooth, Casting / Forging  Twin Sharp Bucket Tip Point Tooth, Caterpillar Aftermarket OEM Replacement Parts, CAT J200 Style Bucket Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Supplier

7T8202, 1U3201 Caterpillar Short Dirt Bucket Tooth, Buy Standard Dirt Tooth Tips    7T8202, 1U3201, 7T-8202, 1U-3201    Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

Caterpillar style standard, short dirt bucket tooth for a J200 series; takes a 9W7112 pin and an 8E6209 sleeved retainer; Use Item # 1U3201.

J-200/J200 series Value-Cast teeth meets or exceeds the OEM standards. All Value-Cast teeth. H&L part numbers are CX-1U-3202, CX-1U-3202T, CX-1U-3202WT and CX-1U-3202TR3.
Other part number references; 1U3202, 1U3202T, 4T2203, 135-8208, 1U3202WT and 1U3202TR3.

This tooth is a direct fit for the CAT J350 Tooth Series. The twin tiger tooth is good for hard and compact surfaces requiring point penetration. Lasts longer than the tiger but requires more breakout force. Twin Tiger Teeth are typically used in conjuction with the single point tiger teeth. Twin tigers on the outer sides of the bucket to break up the earth to clear the sides of the bucket, and with the single point tigers in the middle sections of the bucket for penetration.

Caterpillar style scarifier bucket tooth Advantage:
1. Aggressive leading edge design
2. Variety of approved tooth systems
3. More Side cutters / Wear shroud options
4. Reduced weight by the use of high abrasion resistant materials
5. More usable wear metal for longer point life
6. Slimmer profile for better penetration
7. Greater nose strength and fatigue life
8. Alloys provide longer wear life and greater impact resistance

1U3302TR3, 1U-3302TR3 Caterpillar J-300 Cast Trident Teeth  , VO13990599 SEAL O-RINGVO990599 SEAL O-RING13955542 CAP SCREW50A0626UP CAP SCREWVO13955542 CAP SCREWVO50A0626UP CAP SCREWVO955542 CAP SCREWF6301-33180 SEAL O-RINGF630133180 SEAL O-RINGF6803-71230 SEAL O-RINGF680371230 SEAL O-RINGSX9511-22115 SEAL O-RINGSX951122115 SEAL O-RINGYM24321001150 SEAL O-RINGYM24325001150 SEAL O-RING02010-00683 CAP SCREW02010-30683 CAP SCREW02010-70683 CAP SCREW0201000683 CAP SCREW0201020683 CAP SCREW0201030683 CAP SCREW0201070683 CAP SCREWCUS-163 CAP SCREWCUS163 CAP SCREWS-163 CAP SCREWS163 CAP SCREWVOCH50A-0626UP CAP SCREWVOCH50A0626UP CAP SCREWCH50A-0626UP CAP SCREW  135-8228, 6Y3222WTL J225 Caterpillar Double Pick Tooth

1U3452WT, 1U-3452WT Caterpillar J450 Short Double Pick Tip    CH50A0626UP CAP SCREWVOE955542 CAP SCREWE955542 CAP SCREWYM24321-001150 SEAL O-RINGYM24325-001150 SEAL O-RING24321-001150 SEAL O-RING24325-001150 SEAL O-RINGVOP955542 CAP SCREWVOE990599 SEAL O-RINGP955542 CAP SCREWE990599 SEAL O-RING0700012115 SEAL O-RING175-15-42880 SPRING209-38-12480 O-RING01010-E0840 BOLTCA0028370 NEEDLE BEARI707-35-91411 RING01010-E1016 BOLT6151-71-3150 SEAL6151-11-3121 XNOZZLE07012-10120 OIL SEAL6130-41-4131 INTAKE VALVE6209-51-1700 OIL PUMP600-311-8321 CARTRIDGE,FU6212-31-2170 PISTON112-32-11452 SHOE1871511 RING-INTMED2157172 SEGMENTS 5-PCS 953C2094154 BEARING  1U3302TR3 Cat style J300 Triple Pick Bucket Tooth

1U3452WT Caterpillar J450 Double Tiger Short Bucket Tooth    , 1857280 ROLLER AS TR2543053 PIN2750121 PIN AS.2502487 SEAL KIT3690804 ADDITIVE3368178 TUBE FUEL-IN1S7984 BEARING3T4008 GEAR3B8998 FITTING2U2395 SCREW HEX H0L0765 STUD2S1731 PLUG 7M33831T0610 BEARING3G4704 BEARING1N4211 BRG-MAIN2H4010 CAPSCREW2H7829 CLIP2K5073 BUSHING2S1362 RING2J8172 RING3S6758 GASKET2P3225 GASKET2A1420 CAPSCREW5A3340 NUT4W7731 HOSE4W9491 RING KIT6P6926 SCREW-THUMB4J1253 SEAL O RING6F5953 BEARING4S7606 UNION4F8127 SEAL5M7555 FITTING4J4082 BEARING5K2323 BEARING5P1477 TERMINAL6N0977 BEARING5T0731 LINK5M3388 SHAFT6L1596 SCREW6T0840 RING4N4122 PLUG6F0011 SPIDER A   1U3302TR3, 1U-3302TR3 Caterpillar J-300 Cast Trident Teeth

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