8E6464 Caterpillar Two Strap Adapter J450 CAT235 1590464 6I6464

Part No.    6I6464 , 8E6464 , 1590464 , 6I-6464 , 8E-6464 , 159-0464
Weight   19.6 / 20.3 / 22kg KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


8E6464 Caterpillar Two Strap Adapter J450 CAT235 1590464 6I6464, J450 J460 Weld-on Excavator Bucket Tip Adaptors, J Series Central Twin Strap Side-Pin Adapter fits Caterpillar Digging Tooth, Aftermarket Replacement Wheel Loader Excavator Bucket Blade Teeth Holder Shank System, Purchase Spare G.E.T Parts China Supplier

8E6464 Caterpillar Two Strap Adapter J450 CAT235 1590464 6I6464, Buy ADAPTER (centre, welded) 8E6464 1590464 6I6464, Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

8E6464 6I6464 WELD-ON ADAPTER J450 caterpillar
Factory part number: 8E6464 / 6I6464
Pin: 8E0468
Retaoner: 8E8469
Weight: 19.6 / 20.3 / 22kg
Open Size: 52mm / 57mm
Family: J550
Machine: E330 E345
For part number 8E6464 ADAPTER, following cross-number options are available: 6I6464, 1590464.
Product characteristics: weight (lbs) 1. For these conditions shipping in the United States is thirty-one dollars, one cents.
Spare part 8E6464 ADAPTER belongs to the category: Ground engaging, Fuel injection, Adapters, Strap.

Caterpillar style weld on, center excavator adapter for a J450 series with a 2″ lip thickness; Use Item # 6I6464. Quality aftermarket G.E.T. (bucket teeth) for Caterpillar (CAT), JCB, Bobcat, Takeuchi, John Deere, Case, Komatsu, Kubota and many others including manufacturers such as ESCO, Hensley, H&L for all your backhoe, loader, skid steer, grader, scraper and excavator bucket tooth (teeth) needs.

Casting is a manufacturing process by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. The solidified part is also known as a casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the process. We use the precision casting /lost wax casting to product our bucket teeth. Caterpillar Style Teeth And Adapters Family, 159-0464, 8E6464, 6I6464 Caterpillar Adapter System For J460 Excavator, 159-0464, 1590464 Caterpillar Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter System, 3G6304HD Cat style J300 Heavy Duty Bucket Two Strap Adapter

Equip your loader, excavator or bulldozer with durable range of bucket teeth and adaptors. We offer a full range of Cat J Series bucket adaptors and teeth, as well as fitting hardware such as pins and retainers. 6I6554, 6I-6554 Cat style J550 Twin Strap Excavator Adapter

Anyone in the business knows that efficiency, productivity and durability aren’t just words – they reflect real dollar values for your project. Matching your ground-engaging tools with the terrain and application also means genuine savings, boosting the profitability of your project.

Our  Factory has many  excavator bucket teeth and adapter, side cutter molds :
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