Aftermarket Part Replacement Kubota Bucket Tooth S55-18

Part No.  18S , S55-18
Weight     Kg
Replacement Brand Kubota



Aftermarket Part Replacement Kubota Bucket Tooth S55-18, Kubota style U15 U20 U30 Standard Bucket Top-Pin Tooth, Forging & Casting digger teeth Pick Point Tiger  Teeth Replacement Kubota HEAVY DUTY LONG TOOTH POINT, Digging Bucket Tips, Replaced Kubota DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

Aftermarket Part Replacement Kubota Bucket Tooth S55-18, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  18S , S55-18  Bucket Tooth Tip Point Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Kubota genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Kubota .

Compatible models: Kubota U15 20 30

Aftermarket Esco Style Tooth, Pin and Lock Set
18S/16TL Teeth, Pins and Locks Key Features:
✔Compatible with most Esco Style Conical Adapters on mini and standard excavator buckets with the proper adapter installed.
✔Longer, forged teeth to increase durability during digging
✔Teeth made to fit OEM buckets and attachments
✔Set includes bucket teeth with pins and locks

18S/18TL Tooth & Pin Dimensions:
✔Tooth Dimensions: 4-3/4″ Long, 2.50″ Wide, 2.00″ Tall, 1.7″ Inside Pocket Horizontal, 1.4″ Inside Pocket Vertical
✔Pin Dimensions: 2.1″ Long, 0.2″ Wide, 0.5″ Tall
✔Lock Dimensions: 1.3″ Long, 0.4″ Wide, 0.4″ Tall

Part No. 18Stl
Production process Lost wax casting
Material High spec low carbon steel
Logo NBSJ logo, no logo or others as required
Hardness HRC46-52
Material High-quality alloy steel
MOQ Total 1000kgs for one order
Delivery 30-40 days
Certification ISO9001:2008 certificated

HITACHI EX40/50 4245518/4339864 ADAPTER 2
HITACHI EX40/50 4080730/4339865 TIP 1.1
HITACHI EX40/50 4080731/4339868 LOCK PIN 0.1
HITACHI EX40/50 4080731 RUBBER LOCK 0.1
HITACHI EX60/75 4135495/4364685 ADAPTER 3.4
HITACHI EX60/75 4135496/4364686 TIP 1.5
HITACHI EX60/75 4135497/4364687 LOCK PIN 0.1
HITACHI EX60/75 4135498/4364688 RUBBER LOCK 0.1  U20 U30 Kubota Top Pin Rock Bucket Tooth
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 4188013/4339520 ADAPTER 6.9
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 Z963228 TIP 2.8
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 Z963229/4506257 LOCK PIN 0.1
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 Z963227 RUBBER LOCK 0.1   61N6-DA0020RC, 61N6DA0020RC RD220 Rock Side Pin Tooth
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 2015428 SIDE CUTTER LH 9.8
HITACHI EX100/120/130/150 2015429 SIDE CUTTER RH 9.8
HITACHI EX200 4187940/4326641 ADAPTER 7
HITACHI EX200/ZX230 4501629/4326640 TIP 4.7  18S U15 Kubota Miniexcavator Bucket Tooth
HITACHI EX200 4501627/4326643 LOCK PIN 0.11
HITACHI EX200 4501625/4326642 RUBBER LOCK 0.02

DOOSAN S130-5 (OLD) 2713-1221 SIDE PINNED TIP 4.4   256-6682RC Forging Kubota Mini Excavator Tooth
DOOSAN S140-5 (NEW) 713-00057/C SIDE PINNED TIP 4.1
DOOSAN S140-5 (NEW) K9005347 SIDE PINNED TIP 3.85   Mini Excavator Bucket for Kubota U15 17 20 LOVOL 18 XCMG 15 17
DOOSAN S170/220-3 2713-9041 SIDE PINNED TIP 6.4
DOOSAN S170/220-5/S225LC-V (NEW) K1000344 SIDE PINNED TIP 6.2
DOOSAN S170/220-5/S225LC-V (NEW) 2713-1217 SIDE PINNED TIP 5.7  RE256-6682RC Mini Excavator Rock Tooth for Kubota U15 20 30
DOOSAN S170/220-5/S225LC-V (NEW) K9005769 SIDE PINNED TIP 6
DOOSAN S170/220-5/S225LC-V (NEW) K1038006A SIDE PINNED TIP 6
DOOSAN S170/220-5/S225LC-V (NEW) K9005349 SIDE PINNED TIP 6
DOOSAN S280/320/330-3 2713-9038 SIDE PINNED TIP 7.4   General Purpose Heavy-Duty Excavator Buckets
DOOSAN S290/S300/330-5 (NEW) 713-00054A SIDE PINNED TIP 8.1
DOOSAN S290/S300/330-5 (NEW) GT-S300RC SIDE PINNED TIP 8.1
DOOSAN S360/370-5 (S330-5) 713-00032/2713-1234 SIDE PINNED TIP 10.2  RE256-6682 Miniexcavator Standard Tooth for Kubota U15 20 30

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