Bofors Excavator Adapter System B-Lock size B1 3031434 / 31003

Part No.  3031434 / 31003
Weight      7 kg
Replacement Brand Bofors / Bofor
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008


Bofors Excavator Adapter System B-Lock size B1 3031434 / 31003, Bucket Clamshell Adapter , Bofors B-lock Tooth Point Adaptor, DRP BOFORS Teeth Shank Weld-on Adapters B-Lock Type, Casting Forged Bofors Excavator Wheel Loader Shovels Tip Holder Digging Teeth System Unitooth, Replacement Bofors Attachment Ground Engaging Tools Digger Bucket Tooth Adapters, GET Parts Spare Parts China Supplier

Bofors Excavator Adapter System B-Lock size B1 3031434 / 31003, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  3031434 / 31003 Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for EXCAVATOR, LOADER, DOZER, MOTOR GRADER, Buy Tooth Point & Tip Adapter Bofors genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Bofors.

3031434 / 31003 with 4044336 tooth, 6254675 lock pin

Tooth holder for wheel loader tooth Bofors System B-Lock size B3
Made of highly wear-resistant steel, hardened to approx. 300HB
Can be welded on the inside or outside of cutting knives
suitable for excavator, loader and grapple sleeve teeth

Bofors Teeth & Adapters, Tooth adapter systems for your buckets are available for small utility machines up to large mining shovels. A full selection of tooth adapter type and adapter size will fit all popular applications.
Also in the presence there are teeth crowns from different manufacturers and for various special equipment from excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders.

BOFORS Teeth with weld-on Adapters  B-Lock Type B-Lock Adapter
The drop forged teeth are manufactured in two types; for Excavator and for Loader buckets.
Due to self-sharpening profile, the penetration possibility is maintained throughout their working lite.
The tapered shape of the shank ensures a streightening seating between tooth and adapter so as to perform high fracture resistance.
The teeth are manufactured in different sizes and shapes in arder to suit different buckets and applications.
The range covers most sizes of conventional loaders and excavators.
They are fully hardened and the heat treatment gives high surface hardness ( 500HB ) in combination with a tough core.
They are weld-on and have a smooth countered line so as there is no interference with the flow of materiai when loading or discharging the bucket.
They are provided with a bevel that allows a well-done welding. Bofors Tooth Holder 4046862 (33004)
The adapter contains the entire tooth shank and the tapered matching ensures a perfect seating of the tooth, consequently, high fracture resistance.
They are fully hardened to a surface hardness of 375HB and they have a tough core.  4038223 Replacement BOFORS Side Pin Adaptor
lt consists of two sections of hardened and tempered steel, specially shaped to be vulcanized with rubber together. The device is processed to withstand extreme changes in pressure and temperature and it is held in piace firmly even under the most severe conditions.
Far its replacement, even on the working field, only one hammer and a steel drift are necessary.  4038210 Side Pin Adapter fits Bofors Tooth Point

3031387, 35003 BOFORS LOADER ADAPTER B-LOCK B5   , 4202869 HOSE AS-CO4202887 TUBE AS4202888 TUBE AS4202898 VALVE GP-S4202899 KIT-COIL4202934 HARNESS AS4202936 HARN AS-PL4202938 HARN AS-PL4202940 HARNESS AS4202942 HARNESS AS4202943 CABLE AS-P4202944 CABLE AS4202949 MOUNT4202951 MOTOR4202953 GROMMET4202963 WASHER-FLA4202965 STRAP-DOOR4202966 STRIKER AS4202967 SHIELD-STR4202968 NUT-HEX4202969    3031265 Bofors Clamshell Tip Adapter, BUMPER-RUB4202972 LATCH-CAB4202973 BOLT4202978 ADAPTER-HO4202984 FAN4203013 BRACKET AS4203062 BEARING-SL4203085 SUPPORT4203086 LADDER AS-4203092 TUBE AS4203103 HOSE AS4203104 HOSE AS4203105 HOSE   4044339 TIP ADAPTER BOFORS B-LOCK B5 SIZE   AS4203106 HOSE AS4203107 HOSE AS4203108 HOSE AS4203138 BRACKET AS4203142 4038219 BOFORS Side Pin Adapter

China BOFORS TIP ADAPTER B-LOCK B5 4044339 (34004)   3031112 Bofors Clamshell Adapter HOSE-AIR4203146 GUARD-INDI4203174 NO DESCRIPTION4203195 HARNESS AS4203201 VALVE4203217 CVR-XMS-CL4203218 PLT-CVR-CL4203219 RET-BRG-CL4203220 BRG-BALL-C4203221 BRG-RLR-CL4203223 BRG-BALL-C4203228 WINDOW-ROO4203323 CAGE-BEARI4203324 ADAPTER4203334 BRACKET4203341 GRILL4203343 HOOD AS4203346 HARNESS AS4203359 BUCKET GP-4203363 BUCKET GP-4203382 EDGE AS4203383 EDGE AS4203384 EDGE AS4203386 PLATE-WEAR4203433 HOSE AS4203435 HOSE AS4203445 PLATE AS 3031387, 35003 BOFORS Adapters for Wheel Loader Tooth

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