Caterpillar DRS Backhoe Sharp Tooth 195-7209

Part No. 195-7209 ,  1957209
Weight   2 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Caterpillar / CAT



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Caterpillar DRS Backhoe Sharp Tooth 195-7209, Buy Bucket Tip Tooth 195-7209 ,  1957209  for BACKHOE LOADER, Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket excavator dozer grader motorgrader loader backhoe parts with delivery.

Made from through-hardened steel, both the tips and adapters of the Diagonal Retention System (DRS) deliver optimal strength and resistance to abrasive wear. The DRS features a right-hand drive pin slot at a 40° angle from the previous horizontal system.
The DRS Sharp tip is for use in a variety of materials where penetration is more important than wear life. Its rugged, curved tip shape provides added strength, durability and productivity.
Designed for longer life and easier serviceability, our DRS line of tips and adapters provides a variety of tips for your excavating needs. Choosing genuine Cat® teeth is always the right choice for your hard-working iron.

• Curved shape
• Strong and durable

• Densely-compacted materials
• Designed for backhoe loaders

The teeth function as wear parts and can be replaced when worn, they are made of a wear-resistant steel with a hardness of 500 Brinell, have a lifespan 3 times longer than ordinary steel. The teeth have a different shape. for maximum penetration, longer life and excellent productivity in the most demanding applications.

Why choose cup teeth from our designed stock ?
– better performance – better
– more efficient penetration
– self-sharpening
– elite design
– high quality alloy
In addition, with many years of experience, we help you, guide you on the right path and we are available in case of problems!
Our inventory is constantly growing, always maintaining excellent quality!

Caterpillar Motor Graders Components Shank
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
9F5124 (6Y5230) 9F5124 5.20
H920 H920 3.00
5B6251 5B6251 5.00
H31280 H31280 5.70
D-0035 D-0035 6.50
8J5299 (1U3202/1U3209) J200 8J5299 8.00
9J6586 (6Y0309) R300 9J6586 22.20
9J8923 (6Y0359) R350 9J8923 62.00
Shank Guard
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
6J8814 (80mm) R450 6J8814 13.70
8E1848 (R450) R450 8E1848 25.00
R500 6Y9704
9W8365 (R500) R500 9W8365 39.20

Sidebar Protection  208-5239 Cat DRS 230 Series Sharp Bucket Tooth
Model No Series Part No. Weight(KG)
E320-25 112-2489(25M) 15.00
E320-30 J350 112-2489(30mm) 18.50
E320-35 112-2489(36mm) 17.30
E320-40 112-2489(42mm) 16.00
9J9600-35 E345 9J9600 15.60
1U0740-52 1U0740-52 21.50  208-5239, 2085239 Cat Diagonal Retention System DRS230 Tooth
125-0800-70 125-0800-70 59.00

J200-J220 :416 426 428 436 438 910 910E.F 940,920,926,933
J225:E70 307 446 933   Genuine Caterpillar Sharp Bucket Tooth 208-5239
J250:205 206 211 212 213 214 E110 E120B 311 312 IT12 IT14 IT24F IT26 IT28 IT38 916 918F 920 936E.F 938F 939 936,943,950,953,963
J300:215 219 224 E180 E200 EL200 315 320A.B 973,977,944 950 950B 950E.F 960F.G 962G 966 966C
J350:225 229 E240 320A.B 322A 322B 325A.B 980,983,966D.E.F,970F,972G ,980B/C/F
J400:229 322A.B 325A 325B 330A.B 980FG   Caterpillar J350 1U3352 Futura FC350L Tooth
J450-460:231 235 235B 235C E300 330A.B 345B 350 988,988B,988F
J550:245 245B 992C,D 988G,990,992,992B  Diagonal Retention System DRS200 Bucket Tooth 195-7209
J600:375,992D,G    Caterpillar J350 1U3352 Futura FC350L Tooth

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