Caterpillar J700 Spare Part Bucket Tooth 4T4709

Part No.  4T4709 , 4T-4709
Weight     39 KG
Replacement Brand     Caterpillar / CAT
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Caterpillar J700 Spare Part Bucket Tooth 4T4709, CAT J Series System, Excavator Tip Rock Penetrator, Caterpillar G.E.T Parts rock penetration bucket tooth for J700 W/ pin & retainer, Side Pin Bucket Teeth, Replacement CAT Digger Backhoe Loader tooth adapter point system, Wear Spare Parts China Supplier


Caterpillar J700 Spare Part Bucket Tooth 4T4709, Casting & Forging Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts J700 Bucket Tooth Suitable for Excavators, Backhoe Wheel Loaders, Buy TOOTH Penetration Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery
BRAND OR MANUFACTURER: Caterpillar aftermarket, replacement and not original CAT
4T4709 TIP-PENETRATION Caterpillar parts 375, 385B, 385C, 385C FS, 385C L, 5080, 5130, 992C, 992D, 992G, 994 TIP, CAT Bucket Tooth System 4T4709 J700 Rock Penetration
4T4708 J700 CAT J-Series Pin
4T4707 J700 CAT J-Series Keeper
1711704 CAT 994 – D Spade Nose Rock J700 Weld-On Center Adapter
1711705 CAT 994 – D Spade Nose Rock J700 Weld-On RH Adapter
1711706 CAT 994 – D Spade Nose Rock J700 Weld-On LH Adapter

EXCAVATOR 375 385B 385C 385C FS 385C L
WHEEL LOADER 992C 992D 992G 994 Caterpillar CAT style J700 5130 MINING EXCAVATOR Tooth 4T4709

CYLINDER BUCKET DI JAKARTA UNTUK UNIT CATERPILLAR EXCAVATOR, BULDOZER, WHEEL LOADER, BACHOE LOADER, DUMP TRUCK DLL DENGAN HARGA YG KOMPETITIF 4T4709 TIP 4T4738 CARTRIDGE 4T4749 PLATE 4T4752 RING-WEAR 4T4753 RING 4T4767 SCHEMATIC 4T4769 COVER A 4T4776 CYLINDER A 4T4778 ROD A 4T4782 CYLINDER A 4T4801 PISTON 4T4802 WIPER 4T4803 SEAL 4T4804 SEAL 4T4805 WIPER 4T4806 SEAL 4T4807 SEAL 4T4811 RING 4T4815 RING 4T4825 RING-WEAR 4T4826 PISTON 4T4827 RING-WEAR 4T4834 TUBE 4T4837 COVER A 4T4838 HEAD 4T4839 END 4T4866 SHIM 4T4871 TUBE A 4T4872 TUBE A 4T4873 TUBE A 4T4875 PIN 4T4905 PLATE 4T4929 VALVE G 4T4930 VALVE G 4T4931 VALVE G CONT 4T4932 VALVE G 4T4933 VALVE G 4T4934 VALVE G 4T4935 VALVE G 4T4936 VALVE G 4T4937 STEM-TILT 4T4938 STEM-LIFT 4T4942 SPRING 4T4944 PUMP G 4T4948 WIRE 4T4953 RING 4T4973 BODY 4T4982 VALVE G 4T4983 VALVE G 4T4984 VALVE G 4T4998 RETAINER 4T4999 COVER A   4T4709 Caterpillar Style Tip Penetration 4T5003 GEAR 4T5004 VALVE G 4T5006 VALVE G 4T5007 VALVE GP-BAS 4T5009 VALVE G 4T5012 PUMP G-GEAR 4T5014 VALVE G 4T5015 SEAT-VALVE 4T5028 COVER 4T5030 PUMP G 4T5056 PUMP G 4T5068 VALVE GP 4T5070 RING 4T5071 RING 4T5072 RING 4T5073 RING 4T5074 RING BACK UP 4T5075 RING-BACKUP 4T5076 RING BACK UP 4T5094 VALVE G 4T5096 PLATE 4T5097 STEM 4T5098 STEM 4T5101 CROWN 4T5114 CYLINDER A 4T5133 VALVE G 4T5136 VALVE G 4T5138 VALVE G 4T5140 VALVE G 4T5144 COVER 4T5159 LEVER 4T5172 SEAL 4T5173 SEAL 4T5178 VALVE G 4T5181 RETAINER 4T5207 SPOOL 4T5212 4T5249 BRACKET RH 4T5250 BRACKET LH 4T5255 CAP 4T5273 CUTTING EDGE 4T5274 TOWER A LH 4T5280 BRACKET 4T5282 PIN 4T5298 4T5318 CUTTING EDGE 4T5323 HANDLE 4T5336 GUARD A 4T5338 TUBE A 4T5344 LINK A 4T5383 PLATE 4T5396 YOKE 4T5399 CAP A 4T5407 BIT-END RH 4T5408 BIT-END LH 4T5415 PLATE 4T5422 BAIL A 4T5423 BAIL AS 4T5424 PIVOT RH 4T5425 PIVOT LH 4T5428 SUPPORT A 4T5429 RETAINER 4T5430 PIN 4T5432 SUPPORT-LH 4T5433 SUPPORT-RH 4T5434 PIN A 4T5451 TIP 4T5452 TIP 4T5469 TRUNNION A 4T5490 BRACKET 4T5495 BALLSTUD 4T5498 HOSE A 4T5501 TIP 4T5502 TIP 4T5503 TIP 4T5504 END BIT GP 4T5529 SPRING 4T5534 NUT 4T5538 VALVE GRP 4T5540 WIPER-ROD 4T5541 VALVE G 4T5544 CYL GRP 4T5550 VALVE 4T5561 PLATE 4T5562 PLATE 4T5570 VALVE G 4T5572 VALVE G 4T5574 SEAL KIT 4T5612 HEAD 4T5613 RING 4T5614 PUMP G 4T5620 BEARING 4T5622 CARTRIDGE 4T5624 SEAL 4T5635 ROD AS 4T5638 CYLINDER GP 4T5639 CYLINDER AS 4T5640 SCREW 4T5641 VALVE 4T5642 HOUSING 4T5643 VALVE 4T5645 SPRING 4T5646 SPRING 4T5647 WASHER 4T5650 BOLT 4T5651 SPACER 4T5652 SPACER 4T5653 ROD 4T5655 SPACER 4T5657 PLUG 4T5658 VALVE 4T5663 WIPER 4T5664 SEAL 4T5665 WIPER 4T5688 PLATE 4T5704 SHAFT 4T5708 PLATE 4T5709 PLATE   4T4709 Rock Penetration Type CAT Tooth Point 4T5717 SEAL 4T5718 RING 4T5722 STEM-VALVE 4T5729 SPACER 4T5731 DISCONTINUED 4T5735 CYLINDER G 4T5736 CYLINDER G 4T5737 SHAFT 4T5738 RETAINER 4T5740 SERVICE KIT 4T5741 SECT KIT R 4T5742 SEAL KIT 4T5743 SEAL KIT 4T5788 CYLINDER A 4T5789 ROD 4T5792 PLATE-IDENT 4T5794 PIVOT 4T5795 BEARING 4T5797 PLATE 4T5805 ADAPTER 4T5808 TRUNNION A 4T5815 PLATE 4T5864 BLOCK 4T5875 END 4T5877 EYE 4T5886 BODY 4T5894 HOUSING 4T5895 SEAT 4T5896 VALVE G

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