China Hydraulic Breaker Chisel Point

Chisel & Tool Feature:
1. Material: 40Cr or 42CrMo
2. Dimension: Specification of NBSJ
3. Chisel Type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, Wedge, Conical
4. CNC machine to make it more accuracy
5. Full controlled Capacity for whole process of heat treatment
6. All QC data was recorded and kept more than 3 years, to make it tracking easily
7. ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and CE certification
8. Special process to ensure the hardness of the whole chisel, which is well proportioned. (Integral, quenching, segmented tempering)
9. Generally paint spraying two or three layers, instead of just ignoring this process directly or just spraying one layer
10. Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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China Hydraulic Breaker Chisel Point Rod , Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts Breaker & Demolition Tools genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original.
All Brands Breaker tools are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life from our tools.

Our online selection of Breaker Chisel Bits allows you to work with masonry and other dense materials easily. They are an ideal tool for demolition, specifically with materials including brick and concrete. The flat end allows for heightened control and equally, gives you the ability to shape stone surfaces as needed. Here you’ll discover a wide range of masonry dressing chisels and breaker chisel bits to suit every budget and the project at hand.Shop online here for our selection of breaker chisel bits. You’ll find cranked bits that are best for dressing hard surfaces and removing unwanted chunks during construction. Alongside these, we stock gouging bits for cutting narrow channels into concrete at variable widths, pointed bits designed specifically to help with demolition and flat bits in a multitude of widths to suit any job. We stock leading brands like Blue Spot, Heller and Faithfull who produce tools to professional-grade standards. This way, you can work confidently without worrying about the strength of your tools or having to put a stop to production while trying to find a solution. No matter the project or the specific requirements at hand, you’ll discover a solution right here. NBSJ is comprised of a team of passionate and highly experienced individuals. We’re here to provide guidance when it comes to choosing the right tool. If you cannot find the product you’re looking for, have a question or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact today.

Applications Of Excavator Breaker Chisels
Excavator breaker chisels, also known as hydraulic breakers or rock breakers, have a wide range of applications in various industries. These powerful tools are designed to break through hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, and rocks with ease. Let’s take a look at some of the common applications where excavator breaker chisels prove invaluable.Hydraulic Hammer Chisel Points

Construction: In the construction industry, these chisels are used for demolition work, whether it’s breaking down old structures or removing concrete foundations. They can also be utilized for excavation tasks like digging trenches and breaking up compacted soil.
Mining: Excavator breaker chisels play a crucial role in mining operations by helping to extract minerals from underground deposits. They can effectively break through tough rock formations and facilitate easy extraction.
Road maintenance: When it comes to road repairs and maintenance, excavator breaker chisels are essential tools. They make quick work of removing damaged pavement sections, cutting through asphalt layers, and breaking up stubborn concrete patches.  Steel Hydraulic Rock Breaker Chisels
Quarrying: Quarries rely on excavators equipped with breaker chisels to extract stones from large blocks or boulders safely and efficiently. The precise control provided by these tools ensures minimal waste during stone extraction processes.
Landscaping: Whether it’s creating ponds or shaping terrain features in landscaping projects, excavator breaker chisels offer precision and power required for earthmoving tasks without damaging surrounding areas.
Infrastructure development: From demolishing old bridges and tunnels to breaking down reinforced structures during new infrastructure development projects like railways or highways the excavator breaker chisel plays an important role here too!  Demolition Tool Rock Breaker Chisel Pins

SB20Φ45*50040Cr or 42CrMo
SB30Φ53*58040Cr or 42CrMo
SB40Φ68*70040Cr or 42CrMo
GB2TΦ70*70040Cr or 42CrMo
SB43Φ75*75040Cr or 42CrMo
SB45Φ85*85040Cr or 42CrMo
SB50Φ100*100040Cr or 42CrMo
SB81N/GB8ATΦ135*130040Cr or 42CrMo
SB81Φ140*130040Cr or 42CrMo
SB100Φ150*150040Cr or 42CrMo
SB121Φ155*150040Cr or 42CrMo
SB131Φ165*160040Cr or 42CrMo
SB151Φ175*170040Cr or 42CrMo
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