D575A RIPPER SHANKS 19M-79-11113 19M-79-11112 19M-79-11111

Part No.  19M-79-11113 19M-79-11112 19M-79-11111 ,  19M7911113 19M7911112 19M7911111
Weight     KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  Komatsu



D575A RIPPER SHANKS 19M-79-11113 19M-79-11112 19M-79-11111, DRP Komatsu Bulldozer Grader Excavator Attachment, Single / Muitple Shank, Dozer Ripper Arm Shanks Ripper Shaft Teeth, Precision Forging Motorgrader Scarifier Shank Tooth, Komatsu Shantui Aftermarket OEM Replacement Dozer Grader Ripper Protection Parts, Ripper Shank System, OEM GET Spare Parts China Supplier


D575A RIPPER SHANKS 19M-79-11113 19M-79-11112 19M-79-11111, Buy Single / Multi-Shank Scarifier & Ripper Shank    19M-79-11113 19M-79-11112 19M-79-11111 ,  19M7911113 19M7911112 19M7911111       KOMATSU genuine, new aftermarket dozer grader parts with delivery.


Komatsu ripper shanks. The material is China alloyed steel 40CrNi2Ma with a content of chromium, nickel and molybdenum or 30CrMnSi chromium, manganese, and silicon. Steel is not afraid of extremely low and high temperatures, it is efficient up to +400 degree Celsius. Well welded with preheating up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Horn-Style Adapter, Weld-On40 Series ConicalStyle DescriptionA SharpB TigerC Twin TigerD Flare, 7-in. Ratchet Pin Standard Pin Standard Retainer Ratchet Retainer Adapter, Weld-On Adapter, Weld-On Adapter, Weld-On 34 35 Helilok®/Vertalok® 17 Seriesreplacement teeth Style Description Part No.Design A Standard EX17TLHelilok/Vertalok teeth mount on both the Vertalok andHelilok adapters with a quarter turn and “butt” up against 21 Series Description Part No.the adapter nose to take thrust loads head-on. The helical Standard EX21SYLthreads and large stabilizing flats at the end of the nose Style Tiger EX21VIPdeliver maximum resistance to severe breakout forces. A Twin Tiger EX21TVIPRetention B Flare, 5-in.  Komatsu D85 RIPPER BEAM ARM SHANK 154-78-15691 1547815691

EX21S5FTeeth are held on to Helilok adapters by a drive-on, one-piece C Quadrilok EX21LKSQuadrilok™ retainer (reusable). With the Quadrilok, the heli- D Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5854-21cal threads create a locknut force that tightens under load Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5849-21and resists rotation under the most severe impact. Adapter EX5759-21Teeth are securely fastened to Vertalok adapters with adrive-through pin, which provides maximum holding power 27 Series Description Part No.and virtually eliminates tooth loss. The pin is held in place by Standard EX27SYLa spring-loaded plug that fits snugly into a cavity in the side Style Tiger EX27VIPof the adapter nose. Both are reusable. A Twin Tiger EX27TVIP B Flare, 6-in. EX27S6F A BC C Chisel EX27SD D H-D Sharp EX27S D EF E Quadrilok EX27LKS F Plug EX27VPL 36 Pin EX27VPN Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5827-27 Adapter,

Weld-On, Vertalok EX5850-27V Adapter, Pin-On EX119-27V 37 Series Description Part No. Standard EX37SYL Style Tiger, Non-Centerline EX37VIP A Twin Tiger EX37TVIP B Flare, 7-in. EX37S7F C Chisel EX37SD D H-D Sharp EX37SH E Abrasion EX37ARL F Tiger, Centerline EX37VX Quadrilok EX37LKS Plug EX37VPL Pin EX37VPN Pin & Plug Kit 37V/KIT Adapter, Horn-Style, Helilok EX129A-37 Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5824-37 37 D575A RIPPER SHANKS Helilok/Vertalokreplacement teeth47 Series Description Part No. 61 Series Description Part No. Standard EX47SYL Style Plug EX61VPLAStyle Tiger EX47VIP Pin EX61VPNAA Twin Tiger EX47TVIPB Flare, 9-in. EX47S9F 67 Series Description Part No.C Chisel EX47SD Style Standard EX67RLD H-D Sharp EX47SH A Tiger 67VYE Abrasion EX47ARL Plug EX67VPLF Quadrilok EX47LKS Pin EX67VPN Plug EX47VPL Pin EX47VPN

Quadrilok Removal Tools Part No. Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX1829A-47 EX21-27QRT Adapter, Weld-On, Vertalok EX5857-47V Style Description EX3-4-57QRT Tool, 21–27 Series Part No.57 Series EX57SYL Tool, 37–47–57 SeriesStyle EX57VIPA Description EX57TVIPB Standard EX57ARLC Tiger EX57LP Twin Tiger EX57SDE Abrasion, Non-Centerline EX57R Abrasion, Centerline EX57VPL Chisel EX57LKS Rock EX57VPN Plug 57V/KIT Quadrilok EX1856A-57V Pin Pin & Plug Kit Adapter, Weld-On, Vertalok 38 39 Super V® replacement teeth 19 Series Description Part No. Standard, Long EV19SYLDesign Style Tiger EV19VYThe Super V tooth design provides a slimmer profile for A Twin Tiger EV19TVYincreased penetration, better loading,

reduced fuel con- B Flare EV19TFsumption, and lower maintenance requirements. Broad C Standard EV19TYstabilizing flats and a large load-bearing area reduce the D Pin EV23PNchance for breakage and tooth loss. The tooth twists a Adapter EV5854-V19quarter turn onto the adapter and “butts up” against the Adapter, Flush-Mount EV8806V19adapter nose to match breakout forces more closely.D575A RIPPER SHANKS Retention 23 Series Description Part No.A vertical one-piece pin provides a quick and safe tooth Standard EV23SYLchange-out. The unique pin design delivers a positive and Style Tiger EV23VYsecure lock,

yet is easily installed or removed. The pin locks A Twin Tiger EV23TVYto the point ear independent of the nose and is fully covered B Flare EV23S5Fby the point ear for reduced wear. C Pin EV23PN D Adapter EV5849-V23 CB Adapter, Flush-Mount EV8830V23 DA 29 Series Description Part No. Standard EV29SYL Style Tiger EV29VY A Twin Tiger EV29TVY B Flare EV29S6F C Point, Rock EV29SDX D Tiger, H-D EV29VYH Twin Tiger, H-D EV29TVYH Penetration Abrasion V29SHV Abrasion EV29AR Pin EV29PN Adapter154-78-15691 Komatsu D85EX D85E D85A Ripper Shank

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