Daewoo Mini Excavator Adapter 18S, 61M5-31130, 20T-70-72320, 2713-9050

Part No. 18S / 61M5-31130 / 20T-70-72320 / 2713-9050 / 27139050 / 18SA
Weight    1.7-2 Kg
Replacement Brand  Daewoo , Doosan



Daewoo Mini Excavator Adapter 18S, 61M5-31130, 20T-70-72320, 2713-9050, Daewoo-Doosan style Standard Bucket Tooth Seat Weld-on Top Pin Vertical Pin horizontal pin adapter, Forging & Casting digger teeth holder two-strap adaptors Fits Wheel Crawler Excavator Loader Attachments, Digging Bucket Side Pin Adapters, Replacement Daewoo DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

Daewoo Mini Excavator Adapter 18S, 61M5-31130, 20T-70-72320, 2713-9050, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  2713-9050, 27139050, 18SA Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Daewoo-Doosan genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Doosan.

Generic part number:
K1033121A 230104-01765 230104-01771A 230104-01766 704-00283A 950209-04415A DS0501007 110913-00289A 2713-9050 2713-9051A 2705-9005 2705-9006 2713-6051 2713-6050 S0565261 S4012933 S5102901 K1014251

Family Part # Type Pin Retainer
DH220 2713-1217 Standard 2705-1020 2114-9008
2713-1217RC Rock chisel
2713-1217TL Tiger long
2713-9042 Adapter 40mm
2713-1218 Adapter 35mm
DH130 2713-1221RC Rock chisel 2705-9014 2705-9015
2713-1222 Adapter 30mm
DH280 2713-9038TL Tiger long 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-9038RC Rock chisel
2713-9037 Adapter 40mm
DH300 2713-1219 Standard 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-1219T Tiger
2713-1219RC Rock chisel
2713-1220 Adapter 40mm
DH360 713-0032 Standard 2705-1021 2114-1849
2713-0032RC Rock chisel
713-0033-50 Adapter 50mm
DH420,DH500 2713-1236 Standard 2705-1034 2114-1931
2713-1236RC Rock chisel
2713-1273-50 Adapter 50mm
2713-1273-55 Adapter 55mm

Deawoo 2713-9050 DH55-20 Top pin Adapter replacement from NBSJ Casting with High Quality. Good quality and guaranty from NBSJ manufacture. NBSJ has more than 3000 items can replace for all world famous brands for Excavator spare parts.
If you could send us detailed drawings, specifications, quality requirement, and actual samples which would be highly appreciated, we will provide you not only the most satisfactory process service but also very competitive price.
If you have any needs, pls feel free to contact us.

K1007086 PIN
114-00198B SPACER
2123-2225A PIN  64E7-01990 CRAWLER EXCAVATOR R450LC3A Tip Aadapter
596-52-41920 BUSHING
123-00446A PIN
4123-2160 PIN
2123-1617 PIN
K1002865A PIN
04B646-1 BUSHING
2123-2058E PIN
4109-9404 BUSHING
110-00087 BUSHING  Daewoo Weld On Adapter for DH55 2713-9050-20mm
DS7752031 SHIM
110-00010A BUSHING
2123-2295 PIN
2123-1843 PIN
123-00347 PIN
110-00015 BUSHING
2123-2053 PIN
2123-1965 PIN
K1008208 PIN
2123-2486A PIN
K1014303 PIN
110-00174 BUSHING
K1024501 PIN
6341-170-3590 BUSHING
123-00117A PIN
110-00173 BUSHING
K1015762A PIN
110-00106 BUSHING
4123-4088A PIN
2123-2293A PIN
2114-1059D64 SHIM
2123-2337A PIN
2110-1027D29 BUSHING
2123-2178C PIN
K1012383 BUSHING
00B103-0 BUSHING
K1027268 PIN
2123-2153 PIN
4123-2369B PIN
DS7752073 SHIM
4123-2237A PIN
2123-2024 PIN
DS7701429 SHIM
123-00099 PIN
K1008209 PIN
2110-1230 BUSHING
2114-1024D5 SPACER
2123-2009 PIN
4123-2400A PIN
2110-1240A BUSHING
4110-1318 BUSHING
K1008210 PIN
2180-1106AD5 SEAL AS
2123-2245A PIN
2123-1984 PIN
2123-1850 PIN
110-00182 BUSHING
2123-2340B PIN
110-00158 BUSHING
DS7752030 SHIM
4110-4028A BUSHING
2444-1021 BEARING
DS7701439 SHIM
2123-2180E PIN
2123-2192 PIN
2123-1990 PIN
2123-2295B PIN
2123-2011B PIN
4123-4112 PIN
M351-0009 BUSHING
DS7752049 SHIM
K1003911 BUSHING
2123-2027A PIN
2123-2165B PIN
2110-1157A BUSHING
4123-2231A PIN
2110-1401 BUSHING
2123-2261C PIN
4123-2189 PIN
2110-1287 BUSHING
2123-2269B PIN
2123-2211C PIN
2123-2138 PIN
123-00185 PIN
110-00220 BUSHING
K1000743 BUSHING
00U254-0 BUSHING
4114-4077 SHIM
2123-2027B PIN
114-00065 SPACER
2123-2251B PIN
2114-1059D100 SHIM
K1014836 PIN
4123-2068C PIN
2123-4193 PIN
2114-1059D149 SHIM
4123-2370A PIN
K1007838 BUSHING
2123-1713 PIN
2123-2267 PIN
2123-2215B PIN
4110-1337 BUSHING
2110-1125 BUSHING
2110-1352A BUSHING
2114-1059D193 SHIM
123-00138A PIN
2110-1225 BUSHING
2114-1335D11 KOVA SPACER
2123-2225C PIN
123-00130A PIN
2114-1059D186 SHIM
K1023197 BUSHING
2114-1059D238 SHIM
123-00127B PIN
5123-1751A PIN
K1000541 PIN
2123-2223 PIN
K1017109 BUSHING
K1006517A PIN
110-00246 BUSHING
548M350002000000 PIN
2114-1059D134 SHIM
2123-6115 PIN
4114-4076 SHIM
DS7752071 SHIM
2123-2029 PIN
2110-1157 BUSHING
123-00257 PIN
2123-1935B PIN
2123-1404 PIN
2110-1366A BUSHING
2110-1200 BUSHING
4123-2472 PIN
4123-2232A PIN
2180-1106BD14 SEAL DUST
K1014301 PIN
K1008207 PIN
2110-1372A BUSHING
41232238B PIN
2123-1412 PIN
2110-1400 BUSHING
4112-1230 SHAFT AS

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