DOOSAN Genuine Parts DX220 Forged Bucket Adapter 2713Y1218

Part No.  3T1218, 2713-1218, 3T-1218, 2713Y1218
Weight    8.5KGS Aperture Scale: 35mm 7.6 / 8.5kg Aperture Scale: 40mm
Replacement Brand  Daewoo , Doosan



DOOSAN Genuine Parts DX220 Forged Bucket Adapter 2713Y1218, Daewoo-Doosan style DH220 SOLAR220 Standard Bucket Tooth Seat Weld-on Top Pin Vertical Pin horizontal pin adapter, Forging & Casting digger teeth holder two-strap adaptors Fits Wheel Crawler Excavator Loader Attachments, Digging Bucket Bottom Strap Side Pin Adapters, Replacement Daewoo DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

DOOSAN Genuine Parts DX220 Forged Bucket Adapter 2713Y1218, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts  3T1218, 2713-1218, 3T-1218, 2713Y1218  Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Daewoo-Doosan genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Doosan.

Family Part # Type Pin Retainer
DH220 2713-1217 Standard 2705-1020 2114-9008
2713-1217RC Rock chisel
2713-1217TL Tiger long
2713-9042 Adapter 40mm
2713-1218 Adapter 35mm
DH130 2713-1221RC Rock chisel 2705-9014 2705-9015
2713-1222 Adapter 30mm
DH280 2713-9038TL Tiger long 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-9038RC Rock chisel
2713-9037 Adapter 40mm
DH300 2713-1219 Standard 2705-9010 2114-1849
2713-1219T Tiger
2713-1219RC Rock chisel
2713-1220 Adapter 40mm
DH360 713-0032 Standard 2705-1021 2114-1849
2713-0032RC Rock chisel
713-0033-50 Adapter 50mm
DH420,DH500 2713-1236 Standard 2705-1034 2114-1931
2713-1236RC Rock chisel
2713-1273-50 Adapter 50mm
2713-1273-55 Adapter 55mm

We manufacture G.E.T parts and other casting parts according to customers’ requirements and we make bucket teeth with 3 kinds of different material for different earth comditions. So customer can choose the right parts for the right maker.

We are professional manufacturer of bucket teeth and adapter. Bucket teeth,bucket tooth,adaptors,bucket adaptor,side cutter,customer designed castings for the machines,mining machines as follows, 2713-1222 Daewoo-Doosan Excavador Bucket Teeth Adapter

Daewoo bucket teeth and adapters

Model Part No. Description
DH130 2713Y1222/2713-1222 Weld on Adapters
DH220 3T1218/2713-1218 Weld on Adapters
DH280 3T1220/2713-1220 Weld on Adapters
2713-9037 Weld on Adapters
DH360 2713-0033/713-00033 Weld on Adapters
DH420 2713-1273/2713-1237 Weld on Adapters

2181-4133D1 ADAPTER
2713Y1218, 2713-1218 Doosan Tip Adapter Shank


2181-1126D33 ADAPTER

2181-1126D131 ADAPTER PFO1/2,M16X1.5


2181-1126D23 ADAPTER

DS2232096 ADAPTER  2713Y1218 Doosan Excavating, Trenching, Loading Bucket Adapter

2181-1126D40 ADAPTER;LONG PFO3/8-PF3/8

2181-1126D108 ADAPTER

2181-1923D2 ADAPTER  Daewoo 2713Y1218 Excavating Bucket Adapter 35mm

2181-1126D80 ADAPTER M16X1.5,PF3/8

2181-1126D38 ADAPTER

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