ESCO Cutter Nose Adapter 44-WN, WN-44D, WN44DS

Part No. 44-WN, WN-44D, WN44DS
Weight:    11,3 – 13 KGS
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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ESCO Cutter Nose Adapter 44-WN, WN-44D, WN44DS Quick Details
WEIGHT 11.3kg

Dredge cutter tooth are specially designed for dredging. They are used for loosening hard surface materials like rock or gravel from the sea or river bed. Different types of dredge cutter teeth are used in different situations. Wide chisels are used for peat, sand and soft clay. Narrow chisels are applied in packed sand and firm clay. And tooth with pick points are used for rock.

1. Unique male teeth design and easy locking system.
2. Unique alloy, in which a composite insert is placed to reinforce the working tip of the tooth.
3. Self sharpening of the tooth, better ground penetration, increased production.
4. Increased lifetime, decreased frequency and duration of maintenance.
5. Products can be customized.

1 POINT 24D-75 24D-75 1.5 PICK
2 34D-95 34D-95 4.1 PICK
3 34D-95A 34D-95A 7.0 CHISEL
4 44D14 44D14 10.0 PICK
5 44D14-1 44D14-1 12.5 CHISEL
6 44D14-2 44D14-2 19.1 CHISEL
7 B0571 B0571 9.1 FLORIDA PICK
8 10CBN 10CBN 2.0 PICK
9 20CBN 20CBN 6.2 PICK
10 10CBF 10CBF 3.0 FLARE
11 24D75-2 24D75-2 2.8 FLARE
12 34D-95-3A 34D-95-3A 9.8 FLARE
13 20CBF2-PLUS 20CBF2-PLUS 8.6
14 38DS14 38DS14 7.7 Spherilok Pick
15 38DS15AF 38DS15AF 10.5 Spherilok Pick
16 48DS14 48DS14 11.5 Spherilok Pick
17 20CBF3 20CBF3 8.3 Dracula
18 ADAPTER WN24D WN24D 2.3 Weld on Nose
19 WN 34D WN 34D 6.5 Weld on Nose
20 WN 44D WN 44D 13.0 Weld on Nose
21 1838-44D 1838-44D 23.0
22 10CB-AL 10CB-AL 2.5
23 20CB AL3 20CB AL3 7.0 Dracula
24 20CBA WN2 20CBA WN2 6.3
25 PIN 24D-PN 24D-PN 0.1
26 34D-PN 34D-PN 0.1
27 44D-PN 44D-PN 0.5 Dredger Wide Chisel Cutting Teeth on Cutter Head
28 B0571 B0571 0.2
29 10-LP 10-LP 0.03 21VIP HELILOK SERIES Single Pick Point Bucket Tooth
30 20-LP 20-LP 0.1
31 RUBBER 44D-LK 44D-LK 0.5 44D14 ESCO Type Dredger Cutting Tooth
32 B0571 B0571 0.1
33 34D-LK 34D-LK 0.2 44D14 ESCO Type Dredger Cutting Tooth
34 24D-LK 24D-LK 0.1
35 24D-LK 24D-LK 0.1
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