EX25R12 John Deere Standard Tooth-Ripper

Part No.    EX25R12  ,  25R12
Weight:      10.87  lbs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand    John Deere / JD / Esco
Processing: Precision Casting / Forged Forging
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Yellow / Grey/ Black/ Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



EX25R12 John Deere Standard Tooth-Ripper, Bucket Fabricated Dirt Tooth, Scarifier Tooth, Standard Ripper Teeth Ripping Bucket Tooth Tip Point, Excavator Motor Grader Dozer Wheel Loader John Deere Fanggs Dipper Loading Digging Teeth, JD Casting Forged bucket tooth, Replacement H&L Spare Parts G.E.T wear part China supplier


EX25R12 John Deere Standard Tooth-Ripper ,   Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts      EX25R12  ,  25R12      Tooth Suitable for Bulldozers, Loaders, Graders, Excavators Diggers, Backhoe, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, teeth points  John Deere Hensley Caterpillar genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Fanggs John Deere CAT H&L.

EX25R12 Tooth Deere parts
690B, 755C, 690C, 690D, TEETH, 690, 750J, 690ELC

10.87 lb
3.5 in
3.95 in
12.1 in

17 Series
Description Part No. T1140453 John Deere Standard Ripper Tooth
Standard Tooth EX17TL
21 Series
Description Part No.
Quadrilok EX21LKS
Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5854-21
Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5849-21
Adapter EX5759-21
27 Series
Description Part No.
Standard Tooth EX27SYL
Quadrilok EX27LKS
Plug EX27VPL
Pin EX27VPN  T1140453 John Deere Cat Centerline Long Ripper Tip
Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5827-27
Adapter, Weld-On, Vertalok EX5850-27V
37 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EX37SYL
Tiger, Centerline EX37VX
Quadrilok EX37LKS
Plug EX37VPL
Adapter, Horn-Style, Helilok EX129A-37
Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX5824-37
47 Series  John Deere T1L Tooth
Description Part No.
Quadrilok EX47LKS
Plug EX47VPL
Adapter, Weld-On, Helilok EX1829A-47
Adapter, Weld-On, Vertalok EX5857-47V
57 Series
Description Part No.
Abrasion, Centerline EX57LP
Chisel EX57SD
Rock EX57R
Plug EX57VPL
Pin EX57VPN  John Deere T1L Scarifier Shank Tooth
Pin & Plug Kit 57V/KIT
Adapter, Weld-On, Vertalok EX1856A-57V
61 Series
Description Part No.
67 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EX67RL
Tiger 67VY
Quadrilok Removal Tools
Description Part No.  T1L Crimp-On Scarifier Tooth fit John Deere
Tool, 21–27 Series EX21-27QRT
Tool, 37–47–57 Series EX3-4-57QRT
17 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV17TYL
Pin EV13-17PN
Adapter, Weld-On EV833V17
Adapter, Weld-On EV8841V17
Adapter, Weld-On EV8806V17
Adapter, Weld-On EV8842V17
19 Series
Description Part No.
Standard, Long EV19SYL
Tiger EV19VY
Twin Tiger EV19TVY
Flare EV19TF
Standard EV19TY
Pin EV23PN
Adapter EV5854-V19
Adapter, Flush-Mount EV8806V19
23 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV23SYL
Tiger EV23VY
Twin Tiger EV23TVY
Flare EV23S5F
Pin EV23PN
Adapter EV5849-V23
Adapter, Flush-Mount EV8830V23
29 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV29SYL
Tiger EV29VY
Twin Tiger EV29TVY
Flare EV29S6F
Point, Rock EV29SDX
Tiger, H-D EV29VYH
Twin Tiger, H-D EV29TVYH

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