Excavator Bucket Tips Teeth 1U3352RC, 1U-3352RC

Part No.  1U3352RC N2, 1U-3352RC N2, 1U3352RC, 1U-3352RC, 1U3352RCK, 1U3352RCX
Weight  6.3 / 6.8 / 7 / 7.5 KG
Replacement Brand     Caterpillar / CAT
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Excavator Bucket Tips Teeth 1U3352RC, 1U-3352RC, Caterpillar style rock chisel bucket tooth for J350, Replacement E320 CAT320 Heavy Duty Long Digger Side Pin Tip Teeth For CAT, Hydraulic excavator wheel loader bucket tooth points, GET Wear Spare Parts Made In China


Excavator Bucket Tips Teeth 1U3352RC, 1U-3352RC, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts J350 Bucket Rock Tooth Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy TOOTH ROCK CHISEL Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.
Pin location: Side pin
Original manufacturer: CAT
Style: Rock Chisel
Series: J360
Machine type: Excavator
Common names: Rock Tip, Rock Penetration, Heavy Duty, Long, Penetration

CAT J350
EXCAVATOR 213B 214B 215B 224B 225 229 245 318B 318C 320 L 320B 320C 320D 320D L 320D LRR 320D RR 320D2 320E 320E RR 321D LCR 322 322B L 322B LN 322C 323D L 324D 324D L 325 325B 325B L 325C 330 330B L E200B E240 E240C EL240B
TRACK LOADER 963B 963C 973 973C
WHEEL LOADER 950B 950F 950F II 950G 950G II 960F 962G 962G II 966D 966F 966F II 966G 966G II 966H 966K 970F 972G 972G II 972H 980C 980F
WHEEL SCRAPER 633E,  1U3352RC E320, CAT320 Rock Chisel Bucket Point Tip

Different type
Excavator bucket tooth
Loader bucket tooth
Ripper bucket tooth
Tractor bucket tooth
Bucket Teeth Systems
Bolt-on bucket teeth
Weld-on bucket teeth, Tooth Bucket J350 Rock Chisel CAT Style – 1U3352RC-N2
Side-pin bucket teeth
Spirally Vertical-pin bucket teeth
One-piece bucket teeth systems
Electrical shovel bucket tooth

Superior designs
Excellent wear-resistant materials
Different kinds of teeth system for selection, 1U3352RC CAT Style J350 Rock Chisel Tooth
Fit for all applications, including earth,sands,limestone,gold mines and hot slag
Best choice for value

Cast Teeth (Continued) Forged Teeth Forged teeth are used on backhoes, loaders, excavators and motor graders. Chrome-moly alloy steel along with the continuous fibre structure and grain flow of the steel provide increased strength while maintaining hardness. Forged teeth have a high tensile strength while maintaining excellent ductility. After cooling, the teeth are run through a shakeout to remove the mold and cores. Castings go through an additional cleaning operation to remove all sand. Using acetylene torches, excess material is removed from the teeth which then go through a finishing grind to remove all excess metal. All CAT cast teeth are differentially heat-treated to provide the hardness, wear resistance, and toughness for the longest, most productive life.

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