Excavator Digger PC650 Tooth Pin 209-70-54240, 2097054240

Part No.    209-70-54240, 2097054240
Weight  1,3 KG
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand Komatsu



Excavator Digger PC650 Tooth Pin 209-70-54240, 2097054240, Replacement Komatsu Galvanized Steel pin for bucket tooth & adapter, Bulldozer Ripper Locking Pin & Retainers Locking Device, Fastener & Hardware Accessories Spare Parts fits Komatsu Tooth System, Loader & Excavator Bucket Teeth Lock Flex Pin & Construction / Mining Machinery Wear Parts, GET Parts China Supplier

Excavator Digger PC650 Tooth Pin 209-70-54240, 2097054240,  Part No.  209-70-54240, 2097054240 Suitable for Bucket Tooth & Adapter, used in Excavator, Digger, Wheel Loader, Skid Steer, Backhoe Loader, Scraper, Bulldozer China Wholesale Price Buy Bucket teeth pins, Komatsu genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Komatsu.

All Komatsu GET Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our Spare parts.

Compatible equipment models: 209-70-54240:
EXCAVATORS PC600 PC650 PC650SE PC710 PC710SE PC750 PC750SE PC800 PC800SE PC850 PC850SE Komatsu

NBSJ Parts supplies a broad range of replaceable teeth and adapters for most makes and models. NBSJ Parts Direct Replacement Teeth are manufactured using a High Spec Alloy steel and heat-treated to precise specifications. Computer design and analysis are employed in the development stages to ensure proper fitment and optimum strength for every tooth.

Efficient processes and “state of the art” foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts. In-house metallurgical staff and testing, facilities ensure quality and consistency in all of our finished products. The results are quality wear parts that offer value to the customer every time. NBSJ Parts also offers the industry a growing selection of wear parts and castings for a variety of applications.

High quality alloy steels are used to manufacture parts that require wear resistant properties coupled with impact resistance.Choosing NBSJ Parts Castings means choosing competitive castings for a wide variety of applications, even when smaller quantities have made more traditional foundries less than interested.

Ripper Dozer D375 Tooth Pin 195-78-71360  ,  4193223 PLUNGER4193248 PLUG AS4193249 PLUG AS4193260 HOSE AS-FU4193263 MOTOR GP-P4193312 SUPPORT AS4193326 SPRING4193362 HANDRAIL A4193365,    195-78-71360 Komatsu Dozer Ripper Tooth Pins , HANDRAIL A4193368 SHEET AS4193491 PLATE4193508 PLATE4193517 BRACKET4193518   198-78-21410 D375A D475A Komatsu Teeth Lock Pins ,   GUARD AS-F4193524 LEVER AS4193530 TUBE AS4193536 FENDER4193537 FENDER4193541 HANDLE4193545 BELT4193569 PLATE AS4193571 PLATE4193592 LADDER AS4193599 CABLE AS4193602 TANK AS HY4193604 SNUBBER4193611 TUBE AS-O4193614 BASE-VALVE4193619 HARNESS AS4193620 HARNESS AS4193735 SPACER4193875 HOSE AS-FU4193893 COVER AS4193916 PANEL-GAUG4193917 KNUCKLE-ST4193918 SPRING-CHA Komatsu 195-78-71360 Ripper Teeth Pin

All GET products are engineered and designed in the Group’s R&D and Engineering departments, where technical know-how combines with extensive practical experience.  19M-78-11370 D575A Ripper Komatsu Lock Pin

Quality controls conducted by personnel at the facilities of certified manufacturers and upon entry to the Group’s warehouses guarantee a high quality process and product.  Komatsu BULLDOZERS D31 Tooth Pin 113-78-21170  113-78-21170 Komatsu D31 Bulldozer Teeth Pin

The GET line comprises all those components required for manufacturing, reconditioning and servicing blades for bulldozers, buckets for excavators, skid loaders and loaders.  09244-03036 Komatsu Bucket Tooth Pin WA500/600 D455 PC400/450 Bulldozer Ripper D475 Tooth Pin 198-78-21410

The extremely varied mix includes blades, end-bits, profiles, armored bars and wear buttons, sidebar protectors for buckets, heel shrouds, lip shrouds, teeth, adapters and all those components required for excavation or leveling, like rippers or blades for graders.

The GET line offers solutions compatible with a wide range of models, types of machines and customized applications.

Finally, conceived and designed the UNIK line, intended for applications in which high ground penetration, impact resistance, and tool durability are essential.

The complete range of GET can be found online via it’s dedicated e-commerce section.

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