Forging Liugong Loader Bucket Tooth ZL50C 72A0339

Part No.      72A0339 , LG50CRC, LG40B
Weight     4.9  kg
Replacement Brand       LIUGONG
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008


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Forging Liugong Loader Bucket Tooth ZL50C 72A0339 , Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts    72A0339  , LG50CRC      Bucket Tooth Suitable for EXCAVATOR, LOADER, DOZER, MOTOR GRADER, Buy China Tooth Point & Tip Adapter SDLG,  LIUGONG  genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Liugong.

Different Models of LIUGONG Loader Bucket Teeth

LIUGONG40  bucket toothLG-40BStandard bucket teeth with lateral pin
LIUGONG40 bucket toothLG50C
LIUGONG40 pointed typeLG-40TPointed bucket teeth with lateral pin
LIUGONG40 adapterLUM40Standard adapter with lateral pin
LIUGONG40 side cutterLUB40L/RStandard side cutter with lateral pin
LIUGONG50 bucket toothLG50-BStandard loader bucket teeth
LIUGONG 3-in-1 bucket attachment setLU50Standard 3-in-1 bucket attachment set
LIUGONG 3-in-1 bucket attachment setLU50H

Wheel Loader


Applicable industries Building Material Stores, Machinery Repair Stores, Manufacturing Plant, Construction Works, Energy & Mining
Showroom Location None
Video inspection output Provided
Machine Test Report Provided
Type of Marketing Common product
Hometown China
Guarantee 3 months
Circumstance new
Part name Loader bucket teeth
Application loader
service Support for OEM&ODM
Part number LIUGONG 850H 72A1681 72A1679 72A0005
Manufacturing Technology Forging/casting
Materials Alloy Steel
Quality High-Quality
Usage Use of construction machinery
certification ISO9001
Function Construction machinery bucket teeth

6501001 Working arm welding parts Working arm welding parts
6501002 Positioning axis Positioning axis LG40B LG50C Liugong Penetration Tooth 72A0339
6501003 Spring fixed sleeve Ⅱ Fixed sheath 2
6501004 Compression spring I Compression spring 1
6501005 Spring fixed sleeve Ⅰ Fixed sheath 1
6501006 Connecting shaft Connecting shaft
6501007 Hanger spring mounting rod drive shaft
6501008 handle platform connecting pin connecting shaft
6501009 Back-up ring 12 Washer12
6501010 Handle 1, 2
6501011 Elastic pin 10×40 Elastic pin 10×40
6501012 Hanger joint assembly, pin 2 joint part
6501013 Pin 2 pieces Flat Washer 10
6501014 Flat washer 10 Spring washer 10
6501015 Spring shock absorber 10 bolt M10×25
6501016 Bolt M10×25 hanger weldment
6501017 Pin 3-piece Pin 3
Joint 6501018 Pin II joint Pin II joint
6501019 Pin VII pin VII joint part assembly
6501020 Pin I joint pin I joint part
6501021 Bush

6502001 Frame welding parts Frame welding parts
6502002 Smoke exhaust cover, smoke exhaust hood
6502003 Hinge Axis
6502004 Countersunk head screw M6×15 Stud M6×15
6502005 Fish scale cover scale cover
6502006 Flat Washer 6
6502007 Spring Washer 6
6502008 Bolt M6×16 Bolt M6×16
6502009 Adjustment washer Adjustment washer
6502010 Flat washer 16 Flat washer 16
6502011 Flat washer 10 Flat washer 10 6502012
Spring washer 10 Spring washer 10 6502013
Bolt M10×30 Bolt M10×30
650 2014 cab rear fixed plate cab rear fixed cover
6502015 Cab mounting pin Cab fixing pin
6502016 Cotter pin 3.2×30 Cotter pin 3.2×30
6502017 Bolt M8×20 Bolt M8×20
6502018 Spring Washer8
6502019 Solenoid valve mounting plate 3 Solenoid valve fixing plate 3
6502020 Three-way valve mounting plate Three-way valve fixing plate
6502021 Bolt M12×40 Bolt M12×40
6502022 Damping block Damping block
6502023 Bolt M16 Nut M 16
6502024 Spring Washer 16
6502025 Oil pump support assembly Oil pump support block assembly

6502026 Bolt M14×25 Bolt M14×25
6502027 Spring shock absorber 14 Spring washer 14
6502028 Flat washer 14 Flat washer 14
6502029 Lifting block support shaft 2 Damping block support shaft 2 6502030 Shock absorption
Support shaft 1 Damping block support shaft 1
6502031 elastic ring elastic ring
6502032 Oil pump support rod assembly Oil pump support rod assembly
6502033 Oil pump shock absorber seat assembly Oil pump shock absorber seat assembly
6502034 Multi-way valve support plate Multi-way valve support frame
6502035 Multi-way valve support plate Multi-way valve support frame
6502036 Frame front lower guard Chassis front guard
6502037 Flat Washer 8
6502038 Bolt M10×20 Nut M10×20
6502039 Frame front guard Chassis front guard
6502040 Bolt M10 Nut M10
6502041 Bolt M12 Nut M12
6502042 Foot pad 12 Spring washer 12
6502043 Flat Washer 12
6502044 Gas spring support plate Gas spring support plate
6502045 O-ring 103×3.55 O-RING 103×3.55
6502046 Fuel tank flange Fuel tank flange
6502047 Hydraulic oil filter base Hydraulic oil filter joint
6502048 Cab support shaft Cab support shaft

6502049 Fuel tank cover transition plate Fuel tank cover transition plate
6502050 filter element filter element
6502051 Bolt M4×12 Bolt M4×12
6502052 Fuel tank cap Fuel tank cap
6502053 Rear tail cover connecting pin Rear cover connecting pin
6502054 Cotter pin 3.2×30 Cotter pin 3.2× 30
6502055 Bolt M8×25 Bolt M8×25
6502056 Bracket bracket assembly Radiator bracket assembly
6502057 Bolt M8 Nut M8
6502058 Frame rear lower plate guard Frame rear guard
6502059 O-ring 103×3.55 O-RING 103×3.55
6502060 fuel tank flange fuel tank flange
6502061 Large oil filter bracket welding parts Large filter bracket welding parts
6502062 Bolt M10×25 Bolt M10×25
6502063 Oil dipstick A20 (steel) Oil dipstick A20 (steel)
6502064 Small vertical board Small vertical board

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