H401367H ZX230-5 Excavator Bucket Tips for Hitachi

Part No.    ZAX230 , EX240 , ZAX240 , EX230 , H401367H
Weight   8. KGS
Brand Name    OEM AVAIABLE
Replacement Brand     Tata Hitachi /  Fiat Hitachi
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


H401367H ZX230-5 Excavator Bucket Tips for Hitachi, EX240 Mini Excavator Standard Dirt Tip Point, Hitachi style Bolt-on Side Hole Pinned Digging Teeth, Replacement Tata Hitachi Fiat Backhoe Loader Bucket Blade Teeth System, GET Spare Parts China Supplier


H401367H ZX230-5 Excavator Bucket Tips for Hitachi, Heavy Machinery Digger Dirt Tooth, buy  FIAT – Hitachi genuine, new aftermarket excavator loader tractor parts with delivery

We are specialized in the design and manufacture of all kinds of casting parts, such as excavator Teeth, Tips, adaptors and side cutters. Main products are all kinds of high-manganese steel, wear-resistant steel and alloy steel parts. We have more than one thousand kinds of products widely used in construction machinery field,such as Caterpillar,Komatsu,Esco,Doosan,Volvo,Hyundai,Hitachi,Kobelco,JCB,CASE,etc.

Most of Hitachi excavator bucket teeth are designed with vertical pins to assist in reducing the force required for excavating and extending the service life of excavator buckets.As their name suggest,the bucket teeth is mainly designed for Hitachi excavators of different models.Meanwhile.to suit soil excavating and rock digging demands,we have designed different types of bucket teeth for customers in quarries and construction industry to choose from.To ensure lifespan and reliable performance,Hitachi excavator bucket teeth should be kept in dry and ventilated places,and should be kept away from high temperature heat source.They offer good low temperature resestance,so they are ideal for working in extreme cold environments.Avoiding dipping the bucket teeth in water.

Ripper teeth 9W2452 18.93 Heat Treat HRC50 3 $3.06
9J4259 2.46 Heat Treat HRC47 9 $9.18 H401564TL Wear-resistant Tiger Style EX250 Bucket Tooth
Bucket teeth 9J4309 3.85 Heat Treat HRC47 18 $18.36
Bucket teeth 9J4359 5.45 Heat Treat HRC47 2 $2.04
Adapter 8J6207 3.60 Heat Treat HRC43 10 $10.20
Adapter 8J7525 1.45 Heat Treat HRC43 23 $23.46
Side Cutter 9J8929 6.80 Heat Treat HRC44 13 $13.26
Bolt-On Unitooth Tips 8J4691 6.40 Heat Treat HRC44 17 $17.34
Bolt-On Unitooth Tips 8J2936 22.00 Heat Treat HRC44 1 $1.02
4J8665 23.00 Heat Treat HRC50 1 $1.02
9J6586 22.50 Heat Treat HRC50 2 $2.04
9J4459 11.55 6Y3222TL HRC47 38 $38.76
7T3402 9.50 Heat Treat HRC47 174 $177.48
7T3402TL 9.85 Heat Treat 6Y3222TL 20,  Hitachi EX70 CAT E307 6Y3222TL Siger Tiger Teeth Point
4T4709 46.50 Heat Treat HRC47 13 $13.26
7T3402RC 10.00 Heat Treat HRC47 2 $2.04
4T2203 1.55 Heat Treat HRC47 43 $43.86
4T2253 4.00 Heat Treat HRC47 34 $34.68
4T2353 6.50 Heat Treat HRC47 9 $9.18
4T4703 50.00 Heat Treat HRC47 8 $8.16
7T3403 13.70 Heat Treat HRC47 1 $1.02
4T2253RP 5.11 Heat Treat HRC47 1 $1.02
4T2353RP 10.35 Heat Treat HRC47 105 $107.10
4T4702TL 40.00 Heat Treat HRC47 1 $1.02
4T4307 13.30 Heat Treat HRC47 1 $1.02
7T3401 8.60 Heat Treat HRC47 2 $2.04
4T5501 24.00 Heat Treat HRC47 8 $8.16
4T4502 30.00 Heat Treat HRC47 13 $13.26
3G4258 10.20 Heat Treat HRC43 1 $1.02
Adapter 3G8309 16.00 Heat Treat HRC43 5 $5.10
Adapter 3G8356L 9.30 Heat Treat HRC43 5 $5.10
Adapter 3G8355R 9.30 Heat Treat HRC43 14 $14.28
Bucket teeth 27SYL 4.60 Heat Treat HRC47 3 $3.06
Bucket teeth 6I6602 36.20 Heat Treat HRC47 19 $19.38
Bucket teeth 6I6603 62.50 Heat Treat HRC43 27 $27.54

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