Hanwoo Hydraulic Breaker Chisel for Rock Hammer

Chisel & Tool Feature:
1. Material: 40Cr or 42CrMo
2. Dimension: Specification of NBSJ
3. Chisel Type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, Wedge, Conical
4. CNC machine to make it more accuracy
5. Full controlled Capacity for whole process of heat treatment
6. All QC data was recorded and kept more than 3 years, to make it tracking easily
7. ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and CE certification
8. Special process to ensure the hardness of the whole chisel, which is well proportioned. (Integral, quenching, segmented tempering)
9. Generally paint spraying two or three layers, instead of just ignoring this process directly or just spraying one layer
10. Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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Hanwoo Hydraulic Breaker Chisel for Rock Hammer , Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts Breaker & Demolition Tools genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original.
All Brands Breaker tools are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life from our tools.

Our hydraulic breaker chisels adopt international advanced production technology standards. In order to maintain the high quality and strength of the chisels, both in material inspection and production technology, we use super heat treatment technology, special alloy steel materials, and the products reach the international advanced level, reasonable price will be your ideal choice.

Specialized in Hydraulic Breaker/ Hammer Repair Parts. Hammer Parts Suitable for Atlas Copco, Alpha, Bretec, BTI, CATEEEEEEEE, CP, Daemo DMB Alicon, D&A, Doosan, EDT, Epiroc, Everdigm, Fine, Furukawa, General GB, Hammeroc HR, Hyundai HDB, Indeco HP MES, JCB, Kent, KCB, Komac, Komatsu JTHB, JKHB, Korota, Krupp, Kwanglim, Konan, Montabert, MSB, MTB, Noah, NPK, Okada, OKB, Omal, Poqutec, Powerking, Promove, Rammer, RB Hammer, RBI, Rhino, , Soosan, Stanley, Teisaku, T&H, Toku, Toku, Toyo, UBTECH, EC, etc.

Spare Parts for Atlas-copco Hydraulic Hammers:
S700, S900, S1300, S1800, S2200-II, S2300, S2500, S5000, DMB10, DMB20, DMB30, DMB40, D&A Hydraulic Breaker Chisels Tools
DMB50, DMB70, DMB90, DMB140, DMB180, DMB210, DMB230, DMB250, DMB450, DMB800,
ALICON-B180, ALICON-B210, ALICON-B230, ALICON-B250, ALICON-B450, ALICON-B600, ALICON-B800, S3000, S3600, DMB300, DMB360, ALICON-B300, ALICON-B360
K20, K25, K30, K50, K80, K120, DNB30, DNB50, DNB55, DNB60, DNB70, DNB90, DNB110, DNB130, DNB160
G10, G20, G30, G40, G50, G70, G80, G110, G120
DHB75, DHB165, DHB305, DHB405, DHB805, DHB1305, DHB1605, DHB2305, DHB130S, DHB160S,
DHB230S, DHB150S, DHB200S, 300S, DHB350S, DHB400S, DHB1000S, DHB1500S, DHB2000S,
DHB2200S, DHB3600S, DHB4200S

HB2500 3363094600 Percussion Piston HB2500 3363115941 Plastic Parts Kit
HB2500 3363085499 Thread Insert HB2500 3363093879 Elastic Pad
HB2500 3363094605 Seal Kit HB2500 3363115363 Guide Plate
HB2500 3363094613 Moil Point HB2500 3363115362 Guide Plate
HB2500 3363094614 Moil Point HB2500 3361356925 Shock Absorber
HB2500 3363094616 Chisel HB2500 3363093877 Plate
HB2500 3363094617 Chisel HB2500 3362261647 Diaphragm
HB2500 3363094619 Chisel HB2500 3363097721 Impact Ring
HB2500 3363094620 Chisel HB2500 3363097723 Wear Bush
HB2500 3363094611 Blunt Tool HB2500 3363097727 Wear Bush
HB2500 3363097743 Blunt Tool HB2500 3361854363 Locking Bush
HB2500 3363094919 Moil Point HB2500 3361854347 Bolt
HB2500 3363094918 Moil Point HB2500 3362262925 Plug
HB2500 3363097763 Blunt Tool HB2500 3360981927 Retainer Bar
HB2200 3363094883 Plastic Parts Kit HB2500 3363094604 Tensioning Bolt
HB2200 3361849805 Elastic Pad HB2500 3363093651 Washer
Everdigm EHB01, EHB02, EHB03, EHB04, EHB05, EHB06, EHB10, EHB13, EHB17, EHB20, EH23, EHB25, EHB30,
EHB23, EHB40, EHB50
Furukawa HB10G, HB20G, HB30G, HB40G, F20, F22, F22A, F22(A+B1+C), F22(A+B1+B2+C+D+E), F30, F35,
F45, HB1G, HB2G, HB3G, HB5G, HB8G, HB10G, HB15G, HB18G, HB50G, HB200, HB300, HB400, HB700,
HB1200, HB1500, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F9, F11, F12, F17, F19, F22B2, F22C, F22D, F22E, FS22, FS6, FS12,
FS27, F27, FS37, FS47, F70, F100, FXJ275, FXJ375, FXJ475
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