Hydraulic Hammer Chisel Points

Chisel & Tool Feature:
1. Material: 40Cr or 42CrMo
2. Dimension: Specification of NBSJ
3. Chisel Type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, Wedge, Conical
4. CNC machine to make it more accuracy
5. Full controlled Capacity for whole process of heat treatment
6. All QC data was recorded and kept more than 3 years, to make it tracking easily
7. ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and CE certification
8. Special process to ensure the hardness of the whole chisel, which is well proportioned. (Integral, quenching, segmented tempering)
9. Generally paint spraying two or three layers, instead of just ignoring this process directly or just spraying one layer
10. Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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Hydraulic Hammer Chisel Points , Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts Breaker & Demolition Tools genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original.
All Brands Breaker tools are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life from our tools.

We select high-quality 42CrMo and 40CrNiMo alloy steel materials, use CNC automatic equipment processing to ensure product accuracy and appearance requirements, select imported quenching fluid and special heat treatment processing technology, and greatly improve the service life and stability of chisels.
Our company insist on “do stronger , do bigger , do better , do longer” as the goal , will always provide good products and satisfactory service to our new and old customers with the spirit of “unite hearts , first-class , customer first”and policy of good quality , efficiency management , customer first , keep better ” The special heat-treated tool is directly applied to break rocks . It is used as Moil Point , Chisel and Blunt tool according to application (Optional).

Types of Hydraulic Breaker Chisels: There are several types of hydraulic breaker chisels available, each with its unique design and application. Some common types of hydraulic breaker chisels include:

Moil Point: This type of chisel has a pointed tip and is suitable for breaking rocks, hard materials, and concrete.

Flat Chisel: This type of chisel has a flat tip and is suitable for breaking concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials.

Blunt Chisel: This type of chisel has a blunt tip and is suitable for breaking rocks, frozen ground, and other tough materials.  Hydraulic Rock Breaker Chisel

Pyramid Chisel: This type of chisel has a pyramid-shaped tip with multiple cutting edges, which provides efficient material removal and is suitable for breaking hard rocks and concrete.

Tamping Pad: This type of chisel has a flat or slightly concave tip and is suitable for compacting soil, backfilling trenches, and other compaction applications.

Frost Wedge: This type of chisel has a sharp edge and a narrow profile, making it suitable for breaking frozen ground, hard soil, and other tough materials.

Asphalt Cutter: This type of chisel has a wide, flat tip with serrated edges and is designed specifically for cutting through asphalt and other road surfaces.

These are just some of the common types of hydraulic breaker chisels available in the market. The choice of the right type of chisel depends on the specific application, material being broken, and the desired result.  Hydraulic Breaker Chisels Spare Parts

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