John Deere Bucket Tooth Bolt-on Center Adapter U16087

Part No.      U16087
Weight:      9.31  lbs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand    H&L  / John Deere / JD
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



John Deere Bucket Tooth Bolt-on Center Adapter U16087, HL Style Bolt-on Adapter, John Deere Weld-on Bucket Tooth Nail Point Tip Pin-on Bottm Leg Shank Adaptor, Forged and Cast Vertical Pin Teeth Holder for Excavator Skid Steer backhoe loader, Replacement John Deere H&L Digging GET Parts Wear Spare Parts China Supplier


John Deere Bucket Tooth Bolt-on Center Adapter U16087 , Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts    U16087      Weld-on / Bolt On Tooth Adapter Suitable for Backhoe, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Diggers, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, points  JD / John Deere genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original John Deere H&L .
All John Deere H&L GET Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our GET.

9.31 lb
2.8 in
2.9 in
11.8 in

U16087 Bucket Tooth Adapter Deere parts
760, 760A, 762, 762B, TEETH, 762A

H&L-style teeth are designed for backhoes and excavators. They are available in a multitude of shapes offering superb performance and reliability in all digging conditions.
The H&L tooth is attached with a horizontal flex pin. The flex pin consists of two steel pin halves with rubber sandwiched between.
This pin design withstands shock and can take up small amounts of adapter wear in order to provide the tight fit necessary between tooth and adapter.

John Deere Numbers for 23 and 230 Series:
U13929, U42751, T72548, T230SP, T230ST, TT230HD, T230WT, TF23L, T56317, T56524, U43792, U42750, T728X230, T36126, T417X230, U43792, U13928, PMD834-23, PM2300-10, PM2300FL, T128889, U16864
H&L numbers; 23SP, 23HW, 230CSP, 230CST, 230THD, 230TW, 230TF, 230TR3, 230SP-5, 230HD-5, 230T9-5, 230TT7-5, 230CF, 230CHF, 230CHFC230SP, 230ST, 230T9, 230TT7, 230CLAW, 230TTCLAW, 230CTT, 230F, 2740-W-23, 2740-AW-23, 2740-MW-23, 2740-ZW-23, 2740-AFW-23, D-834-23, D-834-Y-23, L-4107-LW-23, L-4031-23, L-4013-23, L-3445-D-23, L-3445-23, 230-110-00

29 Series (continued)
Description Part No.  John Deere Motorgrader Shank Scarifier T9F5124 9F-5124
Penetration Abrasion V29SHV
Abrasion EV29AR
Pin EV29PN
33 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV33SYL
Tiger EV33VY
Twin Tiger EV33TVY
Flare EV33S7F
Point, Super V EV33SDX
Pin EV33PN
39 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV39SYL
Tiger EV39VY
Twin Tiger EV39TVY
Flare EV39S8F
Penetration Abrasion, Centerline V39SHV
Penetration Abrasion, Non-Centerline EV39AD
Abrasion Rock, Non-Centerline EV39AR
Point, Rock EV39SDX  John Deere Motorgrader Shank Scarifier T9F5124 9F-5124
Pin EV39PN
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7712V39
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7711V39R
Adapter, Bolt-On EV7711V39L
43 Series
Description Part No.
Standard, Long EV43SYL
Tiger EV43VY
Twin Tiger EV43TVY
Flare EV43S9F
Point, Rock EV43SDX
Tiger, H-D EV43VYH
Twin Tiger, H-D EV43TVYH
Penetration Abrasion, Centerline V43SHV
Penetration Abrasion, Non-Centerline EV43AD
Standard EV43TYL
Pin EV43PN
Adapter, Horn Style EV129AV43
Adapter, Weld-On Nose EVWNV43
Adapter, Weld-On EV1836V43
Adapter, Weld-On EV1829BV43
51 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV51SYL
Tiger EV51VY
Standard Rock EV51RYL
Twin Tiger EV51TVY
Flare EV51S10F
Tiger, H-D EV51VYH
51 Series (continued)
Description Part No.
Twin Tiger, H-D EV51TVYH
Abrasion Rock Heavy EV51ARH
Abrasion Rock EV51AR
Abrasion Penetration EV51AD
Chisel, H-D EV51SDX
Pin EV51PN
Pin, Hot Slag EV51HPN
59 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV59SYL
Abrasion Penetration EV59AD
Chisel, H-D EV59SDX
Twin Tiger EV59TVY
Tiger EV59VY
Pin EV59PN
Adapter EV3858V59
61 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV61SYL
Impact Abrasion EV61RY
Abrasion Rock Long EV61ARL
Chisel EV61SD
Twin Tiger EV61TVP
Tiger EV61VX
69 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV69SYL
Standard Rock EV69RYL
Adapter EV3858V69
Tiger EV69VX
Abrasion Rock Long EV69ARL
Pin EV69PN
Pin, Hot Slag EV69HPNA
Adapter EV5898V69
71 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV71SYL
Standard Rock EV71RYL
Tiger EV71VX
Chisel EV71SD
Pin EV71PN
81 Series
Description Part No.
Standard EV81SYL
Standard Rock EV81RYL
Tiger EV81VX
Chisel EV81SD
Pin EV81PN

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