John Deere STEEL RETAINER Washer T3G9559

Part No.  T3G9559 , 3G9559
Weight      0.15 lbs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand  John Deere , JD, CAT



John Deere STEEL RETAINER Washer T3G9559, John Deere Round Hole Split Washer, Alloy Steel Straight Pin, Spring Roll Pin Bucket Teeth Pin, John Deere lock pin Steel Locking Pin & Retainers Locking Device, Fastener & Hardware Spare & Replacement Parts CAT Tooth System, Loader & Excavator Bucket Teeth Lock Flex Pin, Wear Parts GET Parts China Supplier


John Deere STEEL RETAINER Washer T3G9559,   Buy Pin and Retainer, Part No.      T3G9559 , 3G9559     Suitable for Bucket Tooth & Adapter, used in Excavator, Digger, Wheel Loader, Skid Steer, Backhoe Loader, Scraper, Bulldozer China Wholesale Price Buy Bucket teeth pins, John Deere JD genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original John Deere CAT.

0.15 lb
1.9 in
0.3 in

John Deere pins and fastening parts are designed and manufactured specifically for your machine and the applications you operate in.
Designed to the exact specifications your machine needs to ensure quality and performance

Our quality end bits and cutting edges that have been on the market for more than 10 years, which suitable for construction machinery such as bulldozers, loaders motor graders from Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobelco, Kato and Daewoo.

Features of End Bit and Cutting Edge

1. Good Performance

We use boron or carbon steel to produce our end bits and cutting edges, both of which are durable and wear-resistant metals.

2. 10 Year’s Popularity

We are one of the first group of manufacturers that developed this kind of bulldozer undercarriage parts in China. Our end bits and cutting edges have been on the market for more than 10 years and are widely popular.  John Deere T4T0001 Lock Washer

3. Concise Manufacturing Process

Normally it takes a number of time-consuming steps to manufacture these undercarriage parts, but with our advanced equipment, we have condensed it into a simple three-step process.

4. Advanced Processing Technologies

Our processing technologies include gas cutting and blanking, one-time moulding, heat treatment, and paint spraying.

Parameter of End Bit and Cutting Edge

1. Material:35MNB, 16MN or Carbon Steel

2. Surface finish: in accordance with Chinese standards

3. Color: The standard color is yellow, other colors are customizable.  John Deere T8E6209 Lock Retainer Fastener

4. Surface Hardness: Carbon HRC280-320HB, Boron HRC440-520HB

5. Yielding Point: Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 , Boron 1440N/mm2

6. Tensile Strength; 1030 RM-N/mm2,1674 RM-N/mm2.

7. Guarantee Period:2000 working hours,it varies in different working conditions.

8. Minimum order Qty:100pcs

9. Delivery time:the date of delivery is within 3 working days after payment.if we have that parts in stock. But finial date determined by the order Quantities and the stocks.  T8E6209 John Deere Tooth Retainer Lock

Models Applicable to Bulldozer/ Road Roller

Model of cutting Edge
Applicable to Bulldozer
Model of End Bit Applicable to BulldozerModels of Cutting Edge Applicable to Motor Grader
Parts No.Cutting EdgeParts No.End BitParts No.
4T6230 John Deere J450 J460 STANDARD RETAINER T7T3409D3C6Y5839D3C4T223  John Deere Hardware Retainer T3G9549
4T2982D4E5J6941D4D4T2236 John Deere STEEL RETAINER
4T2985D6H3G8297/6J0895D6D5D9557  T3G9549 John Deere Parts & Accessories Teeth Retainer
T8E6259 John Deere RETAINER CAT GET9W8874D6H5D9559
T7T3409 RETAINER ASSY John Deere GET J4009W8875D6H5D9561 John Deere STEEL RETAINER
Spare Part T8E6259 Retainer for John Deere8E4194D8N7D4508  John Deere Tip Retainer Washer T8E8469
Parts No.Cutting EdgeParts No.End BitParts no.Weld-on Edge
101-71-12370 John Deere STEEL RETAINERD2012F-929-2170D201359395  T3G9549 John Deere Bucket Teeth Retainer226
12F-70-31261 T3G9559 John Deere CAT 55 Series Retainer WasherD31144-70-11170D50/D651U1464930
144-70-11131D65175-71-22272D1551V3917 STANDARD RETAINER950
144-920-1120 T8E8409 BACKHOE 40 SERIES RETAINER ASSYD65175-70-21126D1553G6395 T8E6359 John Deere Original Equipment Retainer966
154-72-11151D8517M-71-21940D2751052345 T8E8409 BACKHOE 40 SERIES RETAINER ASSY938F
175-70-26310 STANDARD RETAINERD155195-71-11173D3751406823970F
T3G9549 RETAINER 35 SERIES fits John Deere198-71-31250D4754168151210WA100
T3G9559 John Deere CAT 55 Series Retainer Washer198-71-31260D47511045808  Heavy Equipment Parts John Deere Locking Retainer T8E6359L120
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