Part No.      DK063.2
Weight:        lbs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand    John Deere / JD / Esco
Processing: Precision Casting / Forged Forging
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Yellow / Grey/ Black/ Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



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JOHN DEERE TOOTH RIPPER MEASUREMENTS DK063.2 ,   Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts    DK063.2  Tooth Suitable for Bulldozers, Loaders, Graders, Excavators Diggers, Backhoe, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, teeth points  John Deere Esco Hensley Caterpillar genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Fanggs John Deere Esco CAT H&L.

Replacement TeethThis literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general information,pictures, and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text may include finance,credit, insurance, product options, and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all regions. PLEASECONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS. John Deere reserves the right to changespecification and design of all products described in this literature without notice. www.JohnDeere.comDKB5022 Litho in U.S.A. (11-06) Put the hammer down 1 1) Slip the TK tooth over thewith the TK-Series 2 adapter nose; 3Exclusive teeth install 2) Slide the Turn Kam detentwith a single wrench pin into the nose; and T35-5R15 35R15 John Deere Esco Ripper Tooth

TK-Series Bucket Teeth combine the tried- 3) Rotate it ½ turn to lock itand-true Fanggs™ design with hammer-free in place.installation. This breakthrough exclusive andpatented design delivers uptime through speedy 3installation with a simple socket wrench. Andsince the TK-Series is available in the trustedFanggs design, you can expect self-cleaningdurability and increased digging speed.So put down that hammer and pick up a socketwrench — that’s all you’re going to need toinstall and remove TK-Series Bucket Teeth.This breakthrough design delivers durabilityand speedy installation.  John Deere T35R16 Esco 35R16 RIPPER TIP

Add TK-Series versatility, speed, and convenienceto your fleet, and watch uptime soar!We are now offering TK teeth with Fanggs or traditionaldesigns in six profiles — from the TK-225 for backhoes,to the TK-250 for four-wheel-drive loaders, all the way tothe TK-700 for an 870G LC Excavator. 2 We’re big on FanggsSince being introduced, Fanggs continue to outperformother tooth designs in general digging applications. It’sthe self-cleaning effect that lets dirt flow between theteeth. Moldboard-shaped sidewalls decrease friction andsoil compaction. All that adds up to 22-percent less diggingeffort to fill the bucket.Two types of Fanggs teeth are offered for digging andloading.

A Fanggs digging tooth slices through material formore productivity and less effort. The Fanggs loading toothcreates a level bucket-wear pattern due to its design.Quality statementJohn Deere is committed to providing high-quality ground-engagement tools that result in lower daily operating costsand increased machine uptime for our customers. To ensurethis requirement, all materials used for John Deere bucketteeth and adapters have been metallurgically tested to verifythey meet industry-leading impact and hardness specifica-tions.

By meeting these requirements, all John Deere bucketteeth and adapters provide superior wear resistance andimpact strength in all applications.Fanggs work harder using less effort! 45 Tooth pocket dimensions Tooth pocket dimensions Measure the tooth pocket width and height, and referenceAt times, part number information is not the dimensions in the list below to isolate the tooth typealways readable on a worn tooth. There are (Caterpillar, H&L, Hensley, etc.) and series. Then look on theseveral ways to identify a design and then a following pages, which include photos and part numbers,specific part number. to establish the tooth needed for the application.Tooth Pocket Width Tooth Pocket Height Replacement Section Series(measured in inches) (measured in inches)

Caterpillar 20 H&L 23113⁄32 127⁄32 H&L —11⁄2 15⁄8 H&L 2419⁄16 111⁄16 Hensley 15619⁄16 21⁄8 Hensley 16015⁄8 15⁄8 Caterpillar 2215⁄8 23⁄8 ESCO® Conical 1813⁄4 211⁄32 Caterpillar 25113⁄16 11⁄2 H&L 25115⁄16 211⁄16 Hensley 22021⁄16 21⁄8 Caterpillar 3021⁄4 21⁄8 ESCO Conical 2523⁄8 31⁄32 Caterpillar 3521⁄2 21⁄8 H&L 27211⁄16 35⁄16 Hensley 29027⁄8 21⁄8 Hensley 31027⁄8 211⁄16 ESCO Conical 303 21⁄8 Caterpillar 403 21⁄4 Hensley 33035⁄32 321⁄32 ESCO Conical 35313⁄32 33⁄16 Hensley 35031⁄2 25⁄8 Caterpillar 4531⁄2 27⁄8 Hensley 400317⁄32 329⁄32 ESCO Conical 404 27⁄8 Caterpillar 554 3 ESCO Conical 4545⁄16 411⁄32 Hensley 47541⁄2 31⁄4 Caterpillar 45 Abrasion (Standard)43⁄4 31⁄2 Caterpillar 7047⁄8 51⁄26 529⁄32 -On Part No. Adapter,

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