KMAX Tooth K70RP2 Komatsu Spare Part

Part No.      K70RP2
Weight:          31.3 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand     Hensley / Komatsu (K-max Kmax System)
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



KMAX Tooth K70RP2 Komatsu Spare Part, High-Precision Kmax Standard Rock Penetrator Tooth for shovel excavators loaders, Side Pinned Tooth Pick Point Tip, Komatsu Excavator Backhoe Wheel Loader Bucket Attachments, Kmax Teeth System, DRP Hensley bucket teeth and adapters, Replacement Digging Tooth Point, Heavy GET Parts Wear Spare Parts China Supplier


KMAX Tooth K70RP2 Komatsu Spare Part ,    Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts    K70RP2    Tooth Tip Suitable for Excavators, Diggers, Backhoe, Wheel Loaders, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, points  Komatsu Hensley  genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Hensley KMAX Kprime.
All Hensley Komatsu GET FPS Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our GET.

Designed for virtually every application
From loose dirt and crushed concrete to the most abrasive mining applications, the high quality steel and unique design of the Kmax system minimises downtime and maximises productivity. In any application, the Kmax system improves safety and reduces cost.

The above table is for quick reference only and based on standard applications.
-The recommended Kmax size might vary depending on the application.
-Please contact your local distributor for a detailed matching table for your machine and main application
Extreme Service refers to applications including high impact shock loads, extreme cold conditions, or demolition excavators


Kmax Series


Part Number


Pin Assembly



Overall ToothTooth Pocket





















1081-04411/14263 Track roller EC360 Komatsu Rock Penetrator Tooth
KSA0671 Track roller JS330  Komatsu Rock Penetration Bucket Teeth K25RP2 K25RP1
207-30-00150kn Track roller PC300-5
208-30-00210kn Track roller PC400-5/6/7 K50RP1
E181-2002CF Track roller R210LC-7/R250LC-7
81E5-2002 Track roller R290LC-7/R320LC-7
24100J6400F2 Track roller SK200 K50RP2
9247454 Track roller ZX330-3 Komatsu Rock Penetrator Tooth
14263401 Track roller EC 360/460
1210827kn Double support roller D6N/D5H/D6M
7T1253 Double-flange support roller 7T1253 D9
1210824 Single-sided support roller D6N/D5H/D6M
1210824kn Single-sided support roller D6N/D5H/D6M
7T1258 Single-sided support roller 7T1258 D9
14528559kn Support roller (EC210/240) 14520149
9105750kn Support roller (EX300-1)
9099140kn Support roller (EX400-3)  K30RP1 Hensley Komatsu Kmax System Teeth
207-30-00140kn Support roller (PC300-3/5/6)
207-30-00630 Support roller (PC330-7) 207-30-00630
175-30-00516kn Support roller 175-30-00516 D155-A
C0105100M00 Support roller C0105100M00 5604451 9S3570 S239440 PR-722
6Y5323kn Support roller CAT 325/330
11Y-30-00031 Support roller D31PX21 K70RP2
195-30-00106kn Support roller D355A-3 K50RP1
134-30-00110 Support roller D61 K40RP2
14527126PE Support roller EC290 K40RP1
1081-01820/14520 Support roller EC360
JSA0049 Support roller JCB 330
20Y-30-00022 Support roller PC200-3/5
20Y-30-00022kn Support roller PC200-3/5
22U-30-00021 Komatsu Rock Penetrator Tooth roller PC200-7
22U-30-00021AT Support roller PC200-7
207-30-00430 Support roller PC300-7
UH096K2B Support roller PC400-6  K30RP2 Replacement Komatsu Hensley Kmax RP Tip
81E5-2003 Support roller R290LC-7/R320LC-7 K40RP1
2270-1005 Support roller S225LC-V
KNA0592 Sumitomo supporting roller
3K7962CF Support roller, 3K7962 CAT D4.5
9115208kn Guide wheel (EX300-3)
1617549AT Guide wheel 1617549 CAT D6N defective
207-30-00160kn Guide wheel 207-30-00160 (PC300-5/PC300-6)
208-30-00200CF Guide wheel 208-30-00200 (PC400-5/PC400-6)
1028152AT Guide wheel 330 K50RP2
160-9753AT Guide wheel 6T2614 (D4H)
1609753AT Guide wheel 6T2614 (D4H) K70RP2
160-9754AT Guide wheel D5N  K40RP1 Tooth Rock Penetrator fits Komatsu Hensley
2024304CF Guide wheel D6R K40RP2
UX095C5F Guide wheel D6R 202-4304
P01060C0N00 Guide wheel P01060C0N00 5800068 5000440 PR-722
2024296 Guide wheel P01060R0M00 D6R/D6H
20Y-30-00030kn Guide wheel PC200
2270-1064 Guide wheel S225LC-V
24100N5948F2AT Guide wheel SK200SR serial # YB01-01500
9145269 Guide wheel ZX200
203-32-21210+NUTTBN Shoe fastener bolt + nut M14 203-32-21210+01803-01420
1182-00760 Shoe fastening bolt + nut M18 Volvo EC160
6V1792+1S1860 Shoe Fastener Bolt + Nut Shoe Bolt 6V1792 (3/4 X 60.4)
9W3619+9W3361kn Shoe fastener bolt + nut M20x1.5×55
204-32-11210+14X-32-11220 Shoe fastening bolt + nut M20x1.5×61 PC200
20X65 Shoe Fastener CAT320/Volvo M20X1.5X21  High-performance Komatsu Rock Penetrator Tooth K40RP2
7H3597+1M1408 Shoe fastener bolt 5/8″ K40RP1
9G3110+1M1408 Shoe fastener bolt+nut (5/8X53) D4H
3083299+3081344 Shoe fastening bolt+nut PC300/EX300 M22X1.5X56
6V0937+7H3607 Sprocket fastening bolt 6V0937 + nut 7H3607
4F3656+4K0367kn Knife fastener (5/8 – 63.5) 4F3656 + nut 4K0367 (bolts only)
5J4771+2J3506TBN CAT/Komatsu bulldozer blade fasteners (bolt+nut)
4J9208+2J3507 Knife fastening bolt + nut 1″ PB944,
7T1248+7H3609 Segment fastener bolt + nut D9 7/8”X76 mm
M24X80kn Segment fastener D155 M24X1.5X79
155-27-12181+01803-12430 Fasteners for segment D65PX/EX-12/15 М22х1,5х60
D01060T0N35 Master bolt D01060T0N35, SBE 12.9 170
6I9527ITR Chain assembly 37 stars. LUB D4H Komatsu Rock Penetrator Tooth
UL215C6L40 Chain assembly 40 sp. CAT D7R pitch 215.9
124-32-00040 Chain assembly 41 links. D40/D5N
207-32-00300Skn Chain assembly 45 links PC300-6
9092517-CF46R Chain assembly 46 sp. EX200  K40RP2 Komatsu GET Parts RP Type Bucket Teeth
6Y5414 Chain assembly 46 links D5H K50RP2
YN62D00005F1AT Chain assembly 46 links JS220/SK200
208-32-00300Skn Chain assembly 46 links PC400-6 K70RP2
206-32-00103Skn Chain assembly 47 links PC220-5 M20
LQ60D00021F1 Chain assembly 48 stars. SK250
6Y0853CF Chain assembly 48 links CAT325L
UL228K0P49 Chain assembly 49 links UL228K0P49 PC400
E15698B1M00049 Chain assembly 49 stars. PC200-5
1182-00671-CF50S Chain assembly 50 sp. EC 360
6Y0853-CF50R Chain assembly 50 sp. 325L
1182-00131CF51S Chain assembly 51 links Volvo 240 BLC
2 UL215H2P52 Chain assembly 52 links
8T4167 Washer CAT 320 K50RP1
5P8250 Washer 1″ K40RP2
U14228 Washer U14228, 5P8250  K50RP1 Komatsu Kmax Tooth Rock Penetrator STD
8T4243 Carrier Roller Washer D5G 8T4243

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