Kobelco Bucket Side Blade fits SK200-4 SK200-5

Part No.  SK200-4 / SK200-5 / SK200 / SK200L/SK200R ( 2412N298D11 / 2412N298D21)
Weight   12.4 KGS
Replacement Brand    Kobelco
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Kobelco Bucket Side Blade fits SK200-4 SK200-5, 4 Holes Bucket Side Cutters For Kobelco SK200 Excavator, Replacement Kobelco Digging Bucket Cutting Blade, Casting & Forged Bolt-on Bucket Sidecutter For Backhoe Loader & Excavator Digger, GET Spare Wear Parts China Supplier

Kobelco Bucket Side Blade fits SK200-4 SK200-5 SK200L / SK200R China Wholesale Price SK2oo / SK200-5 / SK200-4 / 2412N298D11 / 2412N298D21  , Buy SIDE CUTTER Kobelco style genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
SK260 Bucket Side Cutter For Kobelco SK200 Excavator
Features and Advantages
Model SK200
Material Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc,
Machine type Excavator
Heat treatment Quenching and tempering treatment
Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=18J
Adapters : HRC38-42 ,Impact value >=20J
Work condition
with excellent elongation and tensile strength,
suitable for many different hard working conditions.

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2412N278D11 Kobelco
2412N278D11 BLADE

2412N278D21 BLADE

2412N289D11 BLADE

2412N289D21 BLADE

2412J351D1 BLADE

Kobelco -10 Excavators, Spare Parts Bucket Side Cutter for Kobelco SK200
Kobelco SK210-10
Kobelco SR, SR-1, SR-2 Excavators
Kobelco SK70SR YT01-00101 Isuzu A-4JB1PYA-03 YT10V00003F1
Kobelco SK70SR-1E YT02-04001 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA YT10V00001F2
Kobelco SK70SR-1E YT03-05432 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA YT10V00001F2
Kobelco SK70SR-1ES YT04-07001 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA-01 YT10V00008F1
Kobelco SK70SR-2 YT06-18001 Isuzu AU-4LE2X YT10V00008F1
Kobelco SK80MSR LF01-00501 Isuzu A-4JB1PYA-03 YT10V00002F1
Kobelco SK80MSR-1E LF02-01001 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA YT10V00002F2
Kobelco SK80MSR-1E LF03-01280 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA YT10V00002F2
Kobelco SK80MSR-1ES LF04-02001 Isuzu CC-4JG1PYA-01 YT10V00009F1
Kobelco SK115SR YV01-00101 Isuzu A-4BG1PY-01 YV10V00001F1
Kobelco SK115SR-1E YV02-01701 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY-01 YV10V00001F2
Kobelco SK115SR-1ES YV04-03001 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY-01 YV10V00001F4
Kobelco SK135SR YY01-00101 Isuzu A-4BG1TPY-01 YY10V00001F1
Kobelco SK135SRL LK01-01001 Isuzu A-4BG1TPY-01 YY10V00001F1
Kobelco SK135SRLC YH01-00101 Isuzu A-4BG1TPY-02 YY10V00001F1
Kobelco SK135SR-1E YY02-03001 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY YY10V00001F2
Kobelco SK135SRL-1E LK02-01101 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY YY10V00001F2
Kobelco SK135SRLC-1E YH02-01301 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY YY10V00001F2
Kobelco SK135SR-1ES YY04-06001 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY YY10V00001F4
Kobelco SK135SRLC-1ES YH04-03001 Isuzu BB-4BG1TRY YY10V00001F4
Kobelco SK135SRLC-2 YH05-07001 Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA YY10V00009F1
Kobelco SK140SRLC YH05-07001 Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA YY10V00009F1
Kobelco SK140SRLC YH06-08001 Mitsubishi D04EG-TAA YY10V00009F4
Kobelco SK200SR YB01-01001 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F1
Kobelco SK200SRLC LA01-01001 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F1
Kobelco SK200SR YB02-01601 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F2
Kobelco SK200SRLC LA02-01201 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F2
Kobelco SK200SR YB03-02050 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F3
Kobelco SK200SRLC LA03-01237 Isuzu AA-4BG1TC YB10V00001F3

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