Komatsu Kprime Tiger Teeth P400T, XS342TV

Part No.          P400T, XS342TV    , PC4000
Weight:       KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand     Hensley / Komatsu
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



Komatsu Kprime Tiger Teeth P400T, XS342TV, Bucket Tooth for shovel excavators loaders, Side Pinned Tooth Pick Point Kprime Equivalent Part Tip, Komatsu PC4000 Excavator Backhoe Wheel Loader Bucket Attachments  Hensley tooth system, DRP Hensley bucket teeth and adapters, Replacement Hensley Digging Tooth Point, Heavy GET Parts Wear Spare Parts China Supplier


Komatsu Kprime Tiger Teeth P400T, XS342TV, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts      P400T, XS342TV        Tooth Tip Suitable for Backhoe, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Diggers, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, points  Komatsu Hensley  genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Hensley Kprime.
All Hensley GET Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our GET.

Construction operations worldwide depend on the safe, cost effective performance of Hensley G.E.T. systems. Our designs are driven to meet your production demands and safety needs. XS is Hensley’s patented hammerless tooth system that delivers extreme strength, durability, performance and productivity. From loose dirt and crushed concrete, to the most abrasive environments, there is a safe and economical XS solution for your excavator application.

Excavator tooth sizes available Adapter part # selector Series Machine Class Part Number
P004 004 P004RC
P005 005 P005RC
P010 010 P010RC
P015 015 P015T P015YT P015PC P015SC P015RC P015F
P020 020 P020T P020YT P020PC P020SC P020RC P020F
P025 025 P025T P025YT P025PC P025SC P025RC P025F
P030 030 P030T P030YT P030PC P030SC P030RC P030F
P040 040 P040T P040YT P040PC P040SC P040RC P040XC P040F
P050 050 P050T P050YT P050PC P050SC P050RC P050XC P050F
P070 070 P070T P070YT P070PC P070SC P070RC P070XC P070F
P085 085 P085T P085YT P085SC P085RC P085XC
P120 120 P120T P120YT P120PC P120SC P120RC
P200 200 P200T P200PC P200LC P200RC
P300 300 P300T P300PC P300LC P300RC P300XC
P400 400 P400T P400PC P400LC P400RC

Features of Hydraulic Shovel Bucket Teeth for Mining Hitachi EX3600 FS
100% fitment, no loss of tooth
Super penetration and wear resistance to ensure higher productivity and shorter downtime
Customization available for extreme working conditions
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21N-62-37921 CLAMP,
51609498 CLAMP PAIR,
30B-15-11110 COIL,
90074840 COLLAR BUSH,
7835-28-3002 CONTROLLER,
6560-61-1911 CONTROLLER,
04050-13022 COTTER PIN, Komatsu BOLT-ON SEGMENT WA7008LNR WA7008CNR WA7008RNR
04050-13025 COTTER PIN,
134-62-63710 COUPLING,
208-54-71412NK COVER,
53400499 COVER PLATE,
417-815-1210 CUTTING EDGE,
11Y-72-12330 CUTTING EDGE,
17A-71-11351 CUTTING EDGE,
175-70-26310 CUTTING EDGE,
12F-70-31281 CUTTING EDGE,
14X-952-1130 CUTTING EDGE,
17M-72-21160 CUTTING EDGE,
232-971-6120 CUTTING EDGE,
195-71-11654. CUTTING EDGE, Komatsu PC4000 Tooth XS342SC
233-971-5120 CUTTING EDGE,
17M-30-54281 CYLINDER,
34B-30-14311 CYLINDER ASS’Y,
3BA-36-51141 CYLINDER ASS’Y,
207-30-71441 CYLINDER ASS’Y,
6745-21-1104. CYLINDER BLOCK,
MY212-8032-00 CYLINDER KIT,
3EA-64-05070 CYLINDER KIT,
3FD-64-05010 CYLINDER KIT,
D39EX-22,, 3977,,
DE00372 DE00372, DECAL KIT,
3EA-15-11173 DISC,  PC4000 Bucket Tooth P400PC, XS342SD, XS342SDX
3EB-10-32320 DISC,
712-82-12710 DISC,
3EB-21-25310 DRUM,
3EB-21-42230 DRUM,
3EB-21-53140 DUST SEAL,
07019-00140 DUST SEAL,
176-63-92240 DUST SEAL,
07016-11400 DUST SEAL,
707-56-18520 DUST SEAL,
199239 DYNATRANS AC 0W20 208L,
425-838-1110 EDGE,
421-70-12122 EDGE,
16404-78225 ELEMENT,
3EF-02-46530 ELEMENT,
3EF-02-46540 ELEMENT,
3EF-66-61310 ELEMENT,
3FE-02-12530 ELEMENT,
207-60-51311 ELEMENT,
600-181-4501 ELEMENT,
561-02-62520 ELEMENT,
600-185-3110 ELEMENT,
YM129051-12530 ELEMENT,
6128-81-7221 ELEMENT,
195-03-43180 ELEMENT,
3EC-01-55110 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
3EB-02-34790 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
6610-51-5050 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
600-181-4300 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
600-182-3200 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
600-181-4401 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
600-182-3100 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
6128-51-5050 ELEMENT ASS’Y,
11G-71-31170 END BIT,
195-928-2150 END BIT,
234-70-32240W END BIT,
195-71-11183 END BIT,
195-71-11173 END BIT,
195-71-11173. END BIT,
195-71-11183. END BIT,
ND447600-4970 EVAPORATOR,
NJ02117-25021 FAN BELT,
42N-04-11750 FILTER,
YM119000-55601 FILTER,
799-609-5180 FILTER,
20Y-970-2700 FILTER,
3ED-66-11311 FILTER ASS’Y,
6745-71-7203 FILTER ASS’Y,
21T-60-31400 FILTER ASS’Y,
306510158 FILTER ASS’Y,
6734-71-6110 FILTER ASS’Y,
21T-60-71170 FILTER ASS’Y,

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