Komatsu PC60TL Tiger Teeth for PC60 PC60U PW60 Excavators

Part No. PC60TL , 201-70-24140TL , 201-70-14140TL , 20X-70-23160TL, 20X-70-14160TL
Weight:   1.7  – 2 KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand Komatsu
Processing: Precision Casting
Material: Wear Alloy Steel
Advantages: Perfect Fitting, Excellent Wear Life
Color: Grey/Black/Red etc.
Trade Mark: As Customer’s Request



Komatsu PC60TL Tiger Teeth for PC60 PC60U PW60 Excavators 201-70-24140TL, Tiger  Type Bucket Tooth for mini excavators, Side Pinned Tooth Pick Point Tip, Backhoe Loader Bucket Attachments PC60TL tooth system, Komatsu DRP bucket teeth and adapters, Replacement Digging Tooth Point, Heavy GET Parts Wear Spare Parts China Supplier

Komatsu PC60TL Tiger Teeth for PC60 PC60U PW60 Excavators, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts PC60TL , 201-70-24140TL , 201-70-14140TL , 20X-70-23160TL, 20X-70-14160TL   Tiger Tooth Tip Suitable for Backhoe, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Diggers, Buy Bucket tips & adaptors, points  Komatsu genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Komatsu.
All Komatsu GET Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our GET.

Compatible equipment models: 201-702-4140:
WHEEL LOADERS 512 WA100 WA100SS WA100SSS WA120 WA120L WA150 WA150L WR11 WR11SS Komatsu

Compatible equipment models:
1) Item: Komatsu Bucket tooth point
2) Material: Alloy carbon steel
3) Hardness: 46-52HRC
4) Impact: ≥16J
5) Process: lost wax investment casting
6) Used in KOMATSU excavator

“Komatsu Teeth and Adapters for Excavator”
Part Number Type Unit Weight (KG) Model
PC60 20X-70-14160 Standard bucket teeth 2 PC60
20X-70-23161 Standard bucket teeth 2.3 PC100
205-70-19570 Standard bucket teeth 4.4 PC200
207-70-14151 Standard bucket teeth 6.9 PC300
208-70-14152 Standard bucket teeth 9.7 PC400
PC500 Standard bucket teeth 20 PC500  PC60RC Komatsu Mini Excavator Backhoe Rock Chisel Tooth
209-70-54720 Standard bucket teeth PC650
209-70-54210 Standard bucket teeth 33.5 PC650  Komatsu Bucket Rock Teeth PC60RC 2017014140RC
21N-72-14290 Standard bucket teeth 44 PC1000
21T-72-74310 Standard bucket teeth PC1600
PC60RC Rock Chisel bucket teeth 2 PC60
PC100RC Rock Chisel bucket teeth 2.5 PC100  Komatsu PC60RC Forging Excavator Tooth Long Rock
205-70-19570RC Rock Chisel bucket teeth 6.2 PC200
207-70-14151RC Rock Chisel bucket teeth 8.7 PC300

417-70-13250 TOOTH
WA100, WA100SS, WA100SSS, WA120, WA150, WA150L, WR11, WR11SS

417-70-13271 TOOTH,R.H.
WA100, WA100SS, WA100SSS, WA120, WA150, WA150L, WR11, WR11SS

417-70-13261 TOOTH,L.H.
WA100, WA100SS, WA100SSS, WA120, WA150, WA150L, WR11, WR11SS

201-931-1320 TOOTH   ESCO style Uni-Lok Ripper Tip 25R12, 25-R12
PC60, PC60U

201-931-1321 TOOTH
PC60, PC60U, PC80, PW60

205-70-19570 KOMATSU
205-70-19570 TOOTH
HB205, HB215, PC130, PC138, PC138US, PC160, PC200, PC228, PC228US, WINDOW

201-70-24140 TOOTH

512, PC60, PC60U, PW60, WA100, WA100SS, WA100SSS, WA120, WA120L, WA150, WA150L, WR11, WR11SS

20X-70-14160 KOMATSU
20X-70-14160 TOOTH
518, BOOM,, CARRIER, PC100N, PC60, PC60L, PC60U, PC70, PC70FR, PC75UD, PC75US, PC75UU, PC78MR, PC78US, PC78UU, PC88MR

21T-70-34190 TOOTH

419-70-H2660 TOOTH
WA320, WA380, WF450   ESCO Replacement Ripper Tip 25R10, 25-R10

385-11037392 TOOTH
510, 515

MZCS071-11112 TOOTH
PC120SC, PC200SC, PC300SC

155-70-14111 TOOTH

PC75, PC75R, PC95, PC95R, PW75, PW75R, PW95, PW95R

701 491 C91 TOOTH AND PINS

135-70-00210 TOOTH ASS’Y

MS.B-44113 TOOTH

419-70-13172 TOOTH,R.H.

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