Left Bucket Adapter 72A0238 3G5358 370mm LIUGONG CLG856

Part No.  72A0238 3G5358
Weight      29.5   KG
Replacement Brand      Liugong
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Left Bucket Adapter 72A0238 3G5358 370mm LIUGONG CLG856, Bucket Side Adapter, Loader Tip Holder Sleeve, Liugong standard bucket center side tooth point tip adapter, Wheel Loader Front Loader Excavator forging & casting middle or corner monoblock bucket teeth seat, Ground Engaging Tools Bolt-on / Weld-on Digging Tooth Adaptor, Liugong GET Wear Spare Parts China Manufacturer Supplier


Left Bucket Adapter 72A0238 3G5358 370mm LIUGONG CLG856,   Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts      72A0238 3G5358    Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy replacement teeth and adapters Liugong genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.

Manufacturer number: 72A0238/3G5358
Model: CLG856
Applicability: LIUGONG CLG856

Code 00297000005
Length 0.43 m
Width 0.23 m
Height 0.22 m
Volume 0.022 m 3
Weight 29.48 kg

The loader working device consists of the following parts: loading arm, loader rocker arm, loading bucket, loader bucket teeth, loader bucket adapter, loading connecting rod and other components Loader accessories applicable model: 835、836、842、862、888、365B、375A、375B、385B、395B、766A、777A、8128H、816C、818C、820C、835H、842H、842III、850H、856E-MAX、856H 、856H、856H-5t、860H、862H、870H、877III、886H、888III、890H、CLG F190、CLG325、CLG328、CLG355A、CLG365A、CLG385A、CLG765A、CLG766、CLG777、CLG812C、CLG812C 、CLG816、CLG816A、CLG816A、 CLG816C、CLG816-I、CLG818C、CLG820、CLG820C、CLG820C-I、CLG820C-I、CLG825C、CLG825C、CLG825C-3、CLG833、CLG833、CLG835、CLG836、CLG836、CLG836-I、CLG836-I、 CLG842、CLG842Ⅲ、 CLG842Ⅲ、CLG853、CLG855、CLG855、CLG855N、CLG855N、CLG855N-3、CLG856、CLG856H、CLG856-LNG、CLG862、CLG862-LNG、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG888、CLG888III、CLG888 8-LNG、CLG9045E、CLG925E、CLG939E、 F180、F330、Zl30E、Zl30E、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl50C、Zl50CN、Zl50CN、Zl50CN-3、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN、Zl50CN, etc.

YM124550-55700 Fuel filter YM124550-55700 YM124550-55700
30810016989 Finger 30810016989  72A2168 LiuGong CLG856H Bucket Mid Adapter
30811000530 Cylinder attachment pin to boom 30811000530 Boom cylinder upper pin
30890000012 Finger bucket-thrust 30890000012 Bucket upper pin
30890100020 Articulation finger lower CDM833 lower hinge pin
36201000008S Second Gear Shaft Cover CDM835 Крышка вала второй передачи CDM835
60100011323 CDM6150W Pilot Valve Filter Element
730403000138 Fuel filter 730403000138
LG853.03.01.10 GDP Pump CDM853-855 variable speed pump assembly
LG853.10-007 Joint finger LG853.10-007 hinge pin 510012C
LG853.11.07 Finger LG853.11.07 bucket upper pin
20000054713 CDM936 Bucket Knife accessories do not correspond to system accessories
3289930 Belt 3289930 3289930 Engine belt (6CTAA8.3-C) (spare parts)
4QT532 Fuel pump 4QT532 Fuel injection pump
60100002598 Air conditioner fan condensing fan
60202010012 Automatic transmission suction filter element CDM835N double variable oil filter
60207010007 Joystick left 60207010007 Left pilot control valve PV48K1371 Equivalent Bucket Tooth P400LC, XS342SC
60207010008 Right joystick 60207010008 Right pilot control valve PV48K1372
60304000042 Pressure valve oil supply valve
60980002707 Door handle 60980002707 Door lock
H60Z5207-00AZ Turbine H60Z5207-00AZ
13039785 Heat exchanger 68051011128 Oil cooler
30616100113 Bushing 30616100113 Sleeve
30811000528 Rocker arm attachment pin to boom 30811000528 Rocker arm middle pin
30811014346 Cylinder attachment pin to boom 30811014346 50*140 pin
30890900376 Articulation finger upper CDM833 upper hinge pin
60208000050/ZL30.03.06 CDM855 caliper 30 hand brake
612601080138 Fuel pump WD615 high pressure oil pump
730403000076 Filter dehumidifier 730403000076 Accessories do not correspond to system accessories
LG816.13.09.02/YLX-404-H Hydraulic return filter CDM816D oil return filter element
YN4E-700059 Compressor YN4E-700059
60100002509 Fuel separator filter 60100002509 separator
60100008732 Air prefilter 60100008732 Air prefilter
60100008808 Air filter assembly 60100008808 Filter
60206000180 Belt drive pulley 60206000180 Belt drive pulley
60300008712 Valve 60300008712 Shuttle valve
60300008855 Accumulator 60300008855
60300009700 CDM6490 Handle Cylinder Repair Kit sealed package
60300009703 CDM6490 Bucket Cylinder Repair Kit sealed package
60900006893 Fuel separator filter 60900006893 Separator
60980000059 Finger 60980000059 Pin
37117007220 LG833N radiator water radiator
52323000701 Bearing 31311 Bearing 31311
56176009601 Rocker Arm Attachment Finger Seal 56176009601 Seal
60100002961 Air filter with oil bath CDM6490 filter
60100009300 Fan impeller 60100009300
60200008378 A video supporting CDM6490 supporting wheel
60303000189 Caterpillar tensioner 60303000189 cylinder
60307010027 Oil temperature and oil level sensor 60307010027 Oil level gauge
H010709 CDM1650W Handle Cylinder Repair Kit
ZL60.02-30 Half-axis LG876N
30615112515 Washer 30615112515 Gasket
30811000527 Finger bucket-rod 30811000527 Bucket upper pin welding
4102QBZ-01.03F Oil pump 4102QBZ-01.03F
4110000556070 Gear intermediate oil pump 614070061/4110000556070 Gear intermediate oil pump

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