Liugong Center Bucket Tooth Shank 72A0240

Part No.    72A0240
Weight        19  KG
Replacement Brand      Liugong
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Liugong Center Bucket Tooth Shank 72A0240, Loader Tip Holder Sleeve, Liugong standard bucket center side tooth point tip adapter, Wheel Loader Front Loader Excavator forging & casting middle or corner monoblock bucket teeth seat, Ground Engaging Tools Bolt-on / Weld-on Digging Tooth Adaptor, Liugong GET Wear Spare Parts China Manufacturer Supplier


Liugong Center Bucket Tooth Shank 72A0240 ,   Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts      72A0240     Bucket Tooth Adapter Suitable for Excavators, Loaders, Buy replacement teeth and adapters Liugong genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery.

0.413 m
0.129 m
0.136 m
0.007 m 3
19 kg

The loader working device consists of the following parts: loading arm, loader rocker arm, loading bucket, loader bucket teeth, loader bucket adapter, loading connecting rod and other components Loader accessories applicable model: 835、836、842、862、888、365B、375A、375B、385B、395B、766A、777A、8128H、816C、818C、820C、835H、842H、842III、850H、856E-MAX、856H 、856H、856H-5t、860H、862H、870H、877III、886H、888III、890H、CLG F190、CLG325、CLG328、CLG355A、CLG365A、CLG385A、CLG765A、CLG766、CLG777、CLG812C、CLG812C 、CLG816、CLG816A、CLG816A、 CLG816C、CLG816-I、CLG818C、CLG820、CLG820C、CLG820C-I、CLG820C-I、CLG825C、CLG825C、CLG825C-3、CLG833、CLG833、CLG835、CLG836、CLG836、CLG836-I、CLG836-I、 CLG842、CLG842Ⅲ、 CLG842Ⅲ、CLG853、CLG855、CLG855、CLG855N、CLG855N、CLG855N-3、CLG856、CLG856H、CLG856-LNG、CLG862、CLG862-LNG、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG877Ⅲ、CLG888、CLG888III、CLG888 8-LNG、CLG9045E、CLG925E、CLG939E、 F180、F330、Zl30E、Zl30E、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl40B、Zl50C、Zl50CN、Zl50CN、Zl50CN-3、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN-LNG、Zl50CN、Zl50CN, etc.

1922 Bolt M24x65 Bolt GB/T5783  72A0007 CLG862 ZL50C Liugong Loader Adapter
56145061005 O-ring 56145061005 O-ring GB/T3452.1
60905000048 Balancer sleeve 60905000048 Subframe pin sleeve
60980003637 Windshield 60980003637 UPPER GLASS, FRONT WINDOW YZ.W-W-042
614150004 Laying of the crankcase pallet WD10 oil pan gasket
67450000004 Cardan crosspiece 67450000004 Universal joint
30616007417 Bucket Trapezoid Finger CDM6490
30616007418 Bucket cylinder Pin CDM6490 pin assembly
60100008790 CDM6490 Generator Belt pulley
60206000306 CDM6490 Air Conditioner belt pulley
60402020010 Light sensor 60402020010 Sensor
60900005805 Tooth crown 60900005805 Liugong Bucket Shank
60900010300 Lower door glass 60900010300 glass
60900010303 Cab glass left 60900010303 Rear glass
60900010304 Cab rear glass 60900010304 Cab rear glass
60900010305 Cab glass right 60900010305 Rear side glass
1000518372 Sprayer 1000518372 Распылитель fuel injector nozzle
30616007421 Bucket Trapezoid Finger front CDM6490 rocker shaft
30617009214 Finger 30617009214 PIN
30811015743 Finger rocker-bucket CDM863 pin d=75 L=260
56186001101 Oil seal of the steering cylinder sleeve 56186001101 Dust ring 40×50×4
60100009344 Pressure sensor 60100009344 Pressure sensor 090G6011 (0.5-4.5V)
60206000132 Oil seal 60206000132 Seal ring
60900001619 Windshield 60900001619 Front glass
60905000041 Steering cylinder Pin CDM833 steering pin
LG855.13.09.03 Hydraulic return filter CDM853-855 Return oil filter CDM860
36400100023+36402100400 Bolt+wheel nut 36400100023+36402100400 Rim bolt nut set
4100QBZL-01-005A Cylinder block gasket 4100QBZL-01-005A cylinder head gasket
51451520107 Locking rings under the SHS of the lifting cylinder 51451520107 Retaining rings for holes75
60100002856 Engine airbag front 60100002856 Shock absorber
60100002857 Engine cushion rear 60100002857 Shock absorber
60100008339 Fuel filter 60100008339 Fuel fine filter element 8-98312918-0
60100011326 CDM6150W Bucket Tooth Lonking excavator bucket tooth
60208000141 Brake caliper CDM835 type 2 caliper disc brake (right) CDM835 вид 2
60900005841 CDM6490 Air boost temperature sensor sensor
YN33CRD-140018 Water pump YN33CRD-140018 Liugong Bucket Shank
304020002307 Handle cylinder finger 304020002307 Handle cylinder finger 304020002307
30616110398 Bucket Trapezoid Sleeve CDM6490 Steel Sleeve
30616110401 Bucket Trapezoid Front sleeve CDM6490 steel sleeve
30616110402 Bucket Cylinder Sleeve CDM6490 steel Liugong Bucket Shank
56145025001 O-ring hydraulic tank 56145025001 O-ring
56900023704 O-ring of the hydraulic tank cover 56900023704 O-ring
60900009515 Oil seal 100*120*9.5 CDM6490 dust ring
60900009517 Oil seal 110*130*9.5 CDM6490 dust ring
60900010297 Glass of the cabin hatch 60900010297 Skylight glass
750004000194 Air conditioner belt 750004000194 Ремень кондиционера 750004000194
20000044855 CDM835 Bucket Knife Ножковша CDM835
30617007312 Bucket finger internal CDM6490 pin
30617007313 Bucket outer finger CDM6490 pin
36400100022+36400100023+513090 CDM853 wheel bolt+Nut rim nut
51207131318 Cardan shaft mounting bolt CDM863 Болт крепления карданного вала CDM863
60308800001 Hydraulic return filter 60308800001 Hydraulic return filter
60980005638 Tensioner Repair Kit 60980005638 Idler cushion repairing kit ZJOC-H6LK-05
61500030077 Connecting rod bushing 60200000334 Connecting rod bushing
QDJ2658 Starter QDJ2658 starter 24V 11 teeth 4.5KW
XFL-A201*20H, 60100001561 Oil filter element of transmission and torque converter Lonking filter element
1001740614 Oil filter 1001740614 (Weichai) Oil filter element
30616110405 Trapezoid Bushing CDM6490 Steel Bushing
30617109964 Washer 30617109964 CDM6490 Adjustment pad
60100002228+60100002229 Air filter AF26614+AF26613 air filter outer filter element
60100008676 Fuel tank filter CDM6490 filter element
60200008377 Roller support CDM6490 roller
60300009940 Bucket Tooth Adapter CDM6396 Adapter
60900009516 Oil seal 120*136*9.5 CDM6490 dust ring
60980000191 Washer of the lower joint finger 60980000191 Adjustment washer
Z20140023 Fuel filter Z20140023 Liugong Bucket Shank
17502302001 Roller support 17502302001 roller
20000018174 Bolt M12x1,25-40 (cardan) 1/55406-21 Bolt M12x1,25-40 (карданный) 1/55406-21
30616100050 Finger 30616100050 PIN CDM606.16-04
30871114782 Bucket crown LG855N.22.50-002 Gear set (new variety)
51203172018+51307001720+51421170115 Bolt+nut+washer for fixing the side cutter M24x70 LG876
56145201805 CDM6490 Bucket Finger O-ring O-ring
60100002510 Fuel filter-separator 60100002510 Oil-water separator filter element FS20019
60101100837 Air filter element 60101100837 Air filter inner filter element
60308000019/LG30F.13.09.02 Hydraulic return filter CDM833 oil suction flange
60980003265 Fuel tank filter 60980003265 Fuel tank filter filter element
30627800004 Fuel filter 30627800004 Diesel filter element
60600008270 Bucket Tooth Finger CDM6490 Палец зуба ковша CDM6490
60600008272 Bucket Tooth Finger Ring CDM6490 Кольцо пальца зуба ковша CDM6490
60906000052 Bucket tooth central CDM853/CDM856 Bucket tooth CDM853/CDM856
60980003256 Hydraulic filter 60980003256 Original filter element
YN33-03-014C Valve cover gasket YN33-03-014C cylinder head cover gasket HA03018
1000129014 Valve Tappet guide 1000129014 Push rod bushing 1000129014
1000208083 Piston 1000208083 Piston 1000208083
12152378 Piston pin 60101100155 Piston pin
12189888 Crankshaft oil seal rear 60101100191 radial seal
12187856 Fuel injection pump oil tube 12187856 Lubricating oil tube 12187856
13020438 Fuel injection pump oil tube 13020438 Fuel injection pump lubrication oil tube
13037828+001 Valve rocker arm WP6G/TD226 rocker arm assembly 13037828+001
13068736 + 13068737 Connecting rod insert 60101100222/60101100547 Connecting rod assembly 13069456

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