Liugong Loading Tip 72A3930 Clg850H Clg856H

Part No.      72A3930
Weight        15.7    kg
Replacement Brand       LIUGONG
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008


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Liugong Loading Tip 72A3930 Clg850H Clg856H, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts      72A3930     Bucket Tooth Suitable for EXCAVATOR, LOADER, DOZER, MOTOR GRADER, Buy China Tooth Point & Tip Adapter SDLG,  LIUGONG  genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Liugong.

0.392 m
0.193 m
0.085 m
0.006 m 3
15.7 kg

Wheel Loader


RF11-91A000002A0 Marked on the right side
293B1008-D0 back cover  72A3638 LiuGong 835H Bucket Middle Teeth
RD01-05A130000A0 Condenser outlet pipe
RG11-81A010001A0 Front lower glass
PJ126 card holder 18S(02)
RB11-52A000002A0 Liquid Level Thermometer⊕
1CG-26-08_JIS side straight connector⊕
RN32-51A320000A0 hose
RH11-53A650000A0 hose⊕
CAM31-S-DC12V-C wiper relay
1CG-18-04-L60 connector⊕
RL11-61A040000A0 Throttle Motor⊕
JA9C1031 JESUNG planetary carrier assembly
RB11-05A020000A0 Drying bottle assembly⊕
RH02-510000-02 hose
RF11-61A070000A03G battery pressure plate (European black)
RH22-91D000002A0 Dust filter cleaning mark
RL11-81A016003A0 Back lock flexible shaft cable ZL30 F300 LiuGong Bucket Middle Tip 72A3638
RL11-82A031000A03G left walking pedal
55B341-0 Boom cylinder hard pipe (large cavity)⊕
119802-55700 YANMAR oil-water separator
B102-1182810 Adjustment pad with ears 92X140X1⊕
3284170 Oil cooler cover
RN32-56A000001A0 hose-A-8X430
RN31-54B060000A0 hose⊕
JB(L)1 plate welding
RD01-61A000002A0 Power resistor⊕
00RBP8 KPM0 type sealing ring
RL11-61C010006A0 negative cable
ST0002-00A control block
RF11-26A000003A0 track nut ZL30 F300 LiuGong Bucket Tips
RH22-71A009900A0DQ boom assembly
RL11-04A020000A0 Gas pump⊕
RN21-01A000010A0 Oil return pipe⊕
1878127762 Cylinder liner assembly level 3 (four sets)
RH22-71A070000A03L left boom cylinder
5259499 Rear oil seal
RJ04-51A040000A0 hose ⊕
527-3704 Traveling motor transmission bearing (KYB)
RJ03-71A040000A03D steel pipe (matte Lovol yellow)⊕
RL11-71A130000A03A steel pipe (high-gloss Lovol yellow)
1154158522 Fuel injection pipe
1233355280 Bracket
RF21-610100-02 Cab main wiring harness
129457-77511 YANMAR generator connector
RJ04-76A050000A0 steel pipe
IB18-8021 TOSHIBA main valve  LIUGONG MOTOR GRADE TIP 72A0417
1C01064010 Generator
K3V112DT-9NC9-7V 210 main pump Kawasaki-equipped with Cummins⊕
RN21-05A000001A0 return pipe⊕
DB90A-2FPG-01 piping
RL11-53A150000A0 hose assembly⊕
RH01-511500-00 hose
RN32-53A220000A0 hose
RJ04-51A200000A0 hose ⊕
3R04-9100-01-0 body wiring harness
2902440-1669A KPM gear pump
RJ04-61A010007A0 battery series cable⊕
5825500300 ISUZU relay
RD01-53A440000A0 hose
R910985471 REXROTH Bushing
RD01-54A110000A0 hose⊕
RH22-53A440000A0 hose 72A0417 Ripper Tip for Liugong Clg414 Clg418
RE41-71A150000A0 hose⊕
3R02-5318-00-0 Hose⊕
JW-1038-3 filter element
RH22-51A010000A0 Oil suction assembly⊕
R916463509 REXROTH floating oil seal
FS-16 flange⊕
RL11-05A030000A0 Drying bottle assembly⊕
RF11-810181-01 right window
RH22-01A000019A0 Air intake pipe 2⊕
RF11-81A012006A0 Lock sheath ⊕
RH11-71A030000A03D steel pipe (matte Lovol yellow)⊕
1CB-26-08WD connector⊕
RJ04-81A014001A0 front window glass
RG11-51A120000A0 hose 72A0417 Liugong Ripper Teeth for CLG425 CLG418
BZB0170 cable clamp 3R02-9320-00-0
RF11-85A070000A0 hood lock⊕
119225-52102 YANMAR oil transfer fuel pump
PVD8PC5020A 130 foot valve-Kawasaki⊕
RF11-54A030000A0 hose⊕
RF11-05A030000A0 Condenser outlet pipe⊕
RH31-05A000003A0 belt
JA0C1003 JESUNG seal assembly
XLB-RN1B0-B01303 boom cylinder repair kit
RF11-05B000007A0 engine water outlet pipe⊕

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