LS2001350JL Hensley WA600 Lip Shroud PAT 5713145 LH

Part No.        LS2001350JL  /  LS200-1350JL
Weight        26.8 kgs
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand      Komatsu /  HENSLEY
Material High spec alloy steel
Color  Yellow, black, red, green or as your required
Process Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting / forged / forging
Packing Normal plywood case about 2tons per case
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Shock ≥20J
Hardness 48-52HRC
Certification ISO9001:2008
Samples Offer sample with free of charge, but freight collect.
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


LS2001350JL Hensley WA600 Lip Shroud PAT 5713145 LH, Bucket Guard Segment, Wear Cap, Wing Shroud, KOMATSU PC1250 LOWER VERTICAL SHROUD, Replacement Komatsu Wear Protector System, Wrap around shroud, Bucket Armour, Loader Excavator Mining Tooth System and shovel lip shroud, Bucket Protection Part Systems, HENSLEY Shrouds Bucket Wear Attachments, Heavy GET Spare Parts China Supplier


LS2001350JL Hensley WA600 Lip Shroud PAT 5713145 LH ,  Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts        LS2001350JL  /  LS200-1350JL     Suitable for Dozers, Loaders, Excavators, Diggers, Buy Bucket adapters, guards & sidebars, Komatsu genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Komatsu HENSLEY.
All Brand GET Parts are produced to the highest industry standard to ensure our customers receive optimum life form our GET.

Hensley J-Bolt lip shrouds offer a quick and effective solution to add wear protection to large loader and hydraulic shovel lips. Some simple welding is required to initially attach the mounting base to the lip. The shrouds are mechanically attached to the base making installation, removal and replacement as easy as turning a socket. Mechanically attached shrouds are made from a hard alloy, achieving greater wear and abrasion resistance than weld-on shrouds.

protection of the adapter WC115HX Adapter HL443XS145 PC2000 adapter 120xS145CC Crown XS145RC Rockless Clip XS145PC Protecting adapter WC145HX adapter 443XS152 adapter 475XS152CR XS152RC rock bit KOMATSU PC2000 XS252RC rock bit KOMATSU PC3000 XS390RC rock bit KOMATSU PC4000 Adapter protection WC152HX Protection 475WS152 Inter-tooth protection HL-LS475-1400J Inter-tooth protection HL-LS475-1400JL Inter- tooth protection HL-LS475-1400JR Bolt HL-SFA125J6 Inter- tooth protection LS2001350J Inter-tooth protection LS2001350JL Protection between teeth LS2001350JR Protection between teeth LS2501500JL Protection between teeth LS2501500J Protection between teeth LS2501500JR Protection between teeth LS3001000J Protection between teeth LS3001000JL Protection between teeth LS3001000JR Protection intertooth LS3001600J Intertooth protection LS4751950J Komatsu Center Lip Protection Lip Blunt 40mm

LS3001600JL Intertooth protection LS3001600JR Intertooth protection LS3001700J Intertooth protection LS3001700JL Intertooth protection LS3001700JR Intertooth protection LS350925J Intertooth protection LS350925JL Intertooth protection intertooth LS350925JR Protection intertooth LS3501250J Intertooth protection LS3501250JL Intertooth protection LS3501250JR Intertooth protection LS3501750J Intertooth protection LS3501750JL Intertooth protection LS3501750JR Intertooth protection LS4751700J Intertooth protection LS4751700 JL Intertooth protection LS4751700JR Intertooth protection

LS4751950J Intertooth protection LS4751950JL Intertooth protection LS4751950JR Intertooth protection LS5501750J Intertooth protection LS5501750JL Intertooth protection LS5501750JR Intertooth protection LS5502 200J Inter-tooth protection LS5502200JL Intertooth protection LS5502200JR Intertooth protection LS6251800J Intertooth protection LS6251800JL Intertooth protection LS6251800JR Intertooth protection LS6252200J Intertooth protection LS6252200JL Intertooth protection LS6252200JR Intertooth protection LS62524 00J Inter- tooth protection LS5502400JL  Komatsu Bucket Shrouds Center Lip Blunt 45mm LS5501600J

426-15-05310 KIT 561-07-61031 KIT 561-15-05440 KIT 561-15-05461 KIT 6741-21-1290 KIT 706-88-05020 KIT 707- 99-11050 KIT 1304902H91 KIT 154-15-05170 KIT 195-15-05142 KIT 426-15-05110 K IT 426-15-05310 KIT 561-15-05440 KIT 6741-21-1290 KIT 707-98-40020 KIT 13049 02H91 KIT 1432134H91 KIT 195-15-05142 KIT 195-15-05151 KIT 226-20-11110 KIT 234-27-32671 KIT 3EC-55-36710 KIT 561-15-05421 KIT 561-15-05440 KIT 561-15-0 5450 KIT 561-15-05461 KIT 561-32-05210 KIT 566-13-05211 J Bolt Lip Shroud 581-35-05031 KIT 581-43-05080 KIT 6216-34-2160 KIT 6560-01-1210 KIT 6560-01-1220 KIT 6742-01 -5577 KIT 706-88-05020 KIT 707-98-12211 KIT 707-98-40020 KIT 707-99-11050 KI T 707-99-43505 KIT 7826-31-2419 KIT 799-201-2202 KIT 843200618 KIT 844200459 KIT 878040230 KIT CA0066606 KIT CA0066616 KIT CA0066748 KIT CA0133443 KIT K B3045A-00007 KIT KBB591A-10003 KIT 561-15-05440 KIT 707-99-11050 KIT 707-99- 67015 KIT 707-99-67015 KIT 6743-01-1220 KIT CYLINDER 827020113 KIT GASKET 844200419 KIT GASKET Komatsu Interdental Protection J-bolt Central LS5502200J

844200632 KIT GASKET 844200699 KIT GASKET 878000388 KIT GASKET 878000416 KIT GASKET 878000486 KIT GASKET 878000487 KIT GASKET 878000488 KIT GASKET 878000492 KIT WA600 Lip Shroud 878000493 KIT Lip Shroudcontrol 878000494 KIT GASKET 878000495 KIT GASKET 878000542 KIT GASKET 878010240 KIT GASKET 878010241 KIT GASKET 880100069 KIT GASKET 880100084 KIT GASKET CA0049210 KIT GASKET 816214407 KIT SOUND PROOFING 816214558 KIT SOUND PROOFING 42N-06-13510 KIT WIRING 20Y-43-22381 KNOB 20Y-43-22390 KNOB 22U-06-22470 KNOB 421-43-26480 KN OB 208-06-71760 KNOB 20Y-43-22390 KNOB 22U-06-22470 KNOB 41F-43-18200 KNOB 4 21-43-26480 KNOB 113-43-23420 KNOB 14X-911-1540 KNOB 208-06-71760 KNOB 20Y-4 3-22390 KNOB 20Y-43-31611 KNOB 22U-06-22470 KNOB 421-43-26480 KNOB 113-43-23 420 KNOB 14X-43-14171 KNOB 208-06-71760 KNOB 20Y-43-21231 J Bolt Lip Shroud 20Y-43-21241 KNOB 20Y-43-22241 KNOB 20Y-43-22381 KNOB 20Y-43-22390 KNOB 20Y-43-22630 KNOB 20Y-43-31611 KNOB 3EB-50-31420 KNOB 3EB-61-41170 Lip Shroudcontrol 3EB-61-41180 KNOB 3EB -61-41190 KNOB 421-06-25511 KNOB 421-43-26480 KNOB 421-43-28410 KNOB 425-S33 -2341 KNOB 42N-06-12310 KNOB 42N-07-11980 KNOB 42N-54-13540 KNOB 51529940 KN OB 23S-43-51212 KNOB ASS’ Y LS6251400J Komatsu Interdental Protection J-bolt Lip Shroudcontrol

23S-43-51212 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EA-71-00300 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EB-33-31260 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EB-71-33803 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EB-72-53800 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EC-71-33800 KNOB ASS’ Y 3FD-71-33800 KNOB ASS’ Y MY891-6010-00 KNOB ASS’ Y 3EA-24-31220 KNUCKLE 3EA-24-52222 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-32210 KNUCKLE 3EB-24- 32220 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-51212 WA600 Lip Shroud 3EB-24-51222 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-53211 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-53212 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-53221 KNUCKLE 3EB-24-53222 KNUCKLE 3EC-24-31711 LS2001350JR 421-20-H0P01 KNUCKLE JOINT 421-20-H0P02 KNUCKLE JOINT 21N-54-32490 LADDER 561-54-8A981 LADDER 21N-54-32490 LADDER 79433173 LEVEL-CONTROL 203-43-61120 LE VER 21N-43-37271 LEVER 21N-43-37311 LEVER 21N-43-37321 5420-0140 LIMITER ND095420-0150 LIMITER ND095420-0140 LIMITER ND095420-0150 LIMITER ND095400-0240 LIMITER ND095400-0310 LIMITER ND095420-0140 LIMITER ND 095400-0240 Lip Shroudcontrol ND095420-0140 LIMITER ND095400-0240 LIMITER ND095420-014 0 LIMITER ND095420-0150 LIMITER 49408640 LINE DIVIDER EFD 6151-22-2220 LINER 6154-21-2220 LINER 6162-25-2210 LINER 6207-21-2111 LI NER  J Bolt Lip Shroud LS6251600J INTER-TOOTH SEGMENT

6211-22-2220 LS2001350JR  6218-21-2210 LINER 6240-21-2220 LINER 6151-22-2220 LI NER 6154-21-2220 LINER 6162-25-2210 LINER 6207-21-2111 LINER 6240-21-2220 LI NER 6151-22-2220 J Bolt Lip Shroud 6154-21-2220 LINER 6162-25-2210 LINER 6211-22-2220 LI NER 6240-21-2220 LINER 6151-22-2220 LINER 6154-21-2220 LINER 6162-25-2210 LI NER 6211-22-2220 Lip Shroudcontrol 6240-21-2220 LINER 6810-21-1150 LINER 6211-22-2220 LI NER 6742-01-5159 LINER KIT 6742-01-1500 LINER KIT 6742-01-5159 LINER KIT 6742-01-5159 LINER KIT 6742-01-5159 LINER KIT 175-33-29310 LINING 175-33-29320 LINING 195-33-12710 LINING Etc KOMATSU Center Lip Shroud LS6251800J

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