Part No.    61QA-31310, 61QA31310
Weight   12.7 – 13.4  Kg
Replacement Brand  Hyundai



R360 LC-7A/9 MODEL 61QA-31310 STANDARD DIGGING TIP, Sand Casting Hyundai HCE style R360, R370, R380 Standard Long Bucket Tooth, Forging & Casting digger corner teeth Pick Point STD Side Pin Teeth Replacement Hyundai HEAVY DUTY LONG TOOTH POINT, Digging Bucket Tips, Replaced Hyundai DRP TOOTH POINT System, China Factory GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Supplier

R360 LC-7A/9 MODEL 61QA-31310 STANDARD DIGGING TIP, Replacement Aftermarket OEM Parts61QA-31310, 61QA31310 Bucket Tooth Tip Point Suitable for Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Dozer, Bulldozer. Buy Bucket Teeth & Adapters Hyundai genuine, new parts with delivery, aftermarket, replacement and not original Hyundai .

HYUNDAI OEM R360 LC-7A/9 MODEL 61-QA-31310 PICK 94mm
Original Part Number: 61-QA-31310
Compatible Brand: HYUNDAI
SCF Number: 11312
Condition: NEW
Item Weight: 12.50kg
Machine Model: R360 LC-7A/9
Material Alloy: CASTING STEEL
Cat. room: 61QA-31310
Applicability: HX380L, R360LC7A, R360LC9, R370LC7, R380LC9A, R380LC9SH, R390LC9, R430LC9, R430LC9A, R430LC9SH
Add. inf.: POINT-TOOTH

Hyundai Bucket Teeth and Adapters

Model piece number Description
R140-7 61N4-31210 bucket teeth
61N4-31210RC bucket teeth
R140 61N4-31200 bucket adapters
R210 E161-3027/1171-00041 bucket teeth
E161-3027RC bucket teeth
61N6-31310RC bucket teeth
61N6DA-0020 bucket teeth
61N6DA-0020RC bucket teeth
Y200/E161-3017 bucket adapters
R210-9 61Q6-31310 bucket teeth
R210-9 61Q6-31310RC bucket teeth
R210-9 61Q6-31310TL bucket teeth
R210-9 61Q6-31320 bucket adapters
R220-7 61N6-31310 bucket teeth
R220-7 61N6-31320 bucket adapters
R290 E262-3046/2713-9038 bucket teeth
R290 E262-3046RC / 2713-9038RC bucket teeth
R290 E262-3027/2713-9037 bucket adapters
R290 61N8-31310RC bucket teeth
R290 61N8-31310 bucket teeth
R290 61N8-31320 bucket adapters
R360-380 61QA-3 bucket teeth
R360-380 61QA-31310RC bucket teeth
R360-380 61QA-31310TL bucket teeth
R360-380 61QA-3 bucket adapters
R450/500/R360-7 61NA-31310 bucket teeth
R450/500/R360-7 61NA-31310RC bucket teeth
R450/500 61NA-31320 bucket adapters
R450/500 61NB-31310 bucket teeth
R450/500 61NB-31320 bucket adapters
R450/500 66NB-31310 bucket teeth
R450/500 66NB-31310TL bucket teeth
R450/500 66NB-31320 bucket adapters
R450 61E7-0101 bucket teeth
R450 61E7-0101RC bucket teeth
R450 61E7-0100 bucket adapters

176-5459 SWITCH
176-9273 PISTON
177-7083 CONVERTER
179-3044 CYLINDER   61Z2-00501 Hyundai Bucket Side Tooth LH
179-3045 PISTON
179-3185 YOKE
179-3646 CORE
183-2823 PUMP
183-4265 RIM A
183-4624 RIM A   201-70-24140TL Komatsu style PC60TL Pick Pointed Tooth
184-2309 RIM A
184-6580 CYLINDER
185-3630 WRENCH
186-4118 GEAR
187-0424 ACTUATOR
188-3126 CORE
188-7475 CORE
188-7680 CORE
190-3593 SHAFT
190-5935 HUB   20X-70-14160TL Tiger Tooth Tip Suitable for Komatsu Backhoe
190-5936 CARRIER
190-5937 SHAFT
190-8609 VALVE
191-1830 YOKE
191-5973 SHAFT   Komatsu Miniexcavator PC60TL Bucket Tooth Tip
191-7941 LINE
191-7942 LINE
191-7943 LINE   HYUNDAI 61QA-31310 R360-380 Standard Digging Teeth
191-7944 LINE
191-7945 LINE
191-7946 LINE
191-8720 PLATE
193-2839 PIPE
194-9370 RIM G
194-9372 RIM G   BUCKET TIP HYUNDAI 61QA-31310, 61QA31310
194-9373 RIM G
195-6345 WHEEL
195-6348 WHEEL
197-3132 CAP
197-9377 TUBE

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